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That’s why there is value in workshops. I think there are two basic types: occasional workshops to improve hospitality, and an ongoing educational series of workshops that are staff led. When I work with clients I facilitate the workshop , knowing the intention is shared.

Join us for The Shared Kitchen 101 Workshop!

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Here’s your invitation to join us for a day-long Shared Kitchen 101 Workshop in sunny San Diego on Sunday, March 5th, leading up to InTents: The Farmers Market Conference 2023. This workshop is designed to be a 101 introduction to the shared kitchen industry. .


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Developing and Promoting Online Events – my podcast interview with facilitation legend Leanne Hughes

Ken Burgin

I’ve known Leanne Hughes for almost a year, and her great work as a workshop designer and presenter has been a constant source of inspiration – from her First Time Facilitator Podcast , her Facebook Group and several in-depth workshops. It was an honour to have a conversation with her for the podcast, and talk about how I’ve built my workshop experience and developed digital presentations.


Culinary Cues

Join organizations, compete, attend workshops and conferences, publish your recipes, travel, build your library, and seek every opportunity to build your brand and reputation among peers and guests. The goal of every restaurant and every chef is to create memorable experiences for the guest.

Restaurant Conferences to Attend in 2022

7 Shifts

There are dozens of seminars, education sessions, workshops, keynotes, and competitions. The FAB Conference wants that number to be higher with its two-day workshop for women in the hospitality space. You've waited long enough.

2022 195


Culinary Cues

BEING A COOK IS MORE THAN THE PROCESS OF COOKING. If you are a cook who is happy working just for a paycheck – more power to you, but you can probably save some time and not read this article.

2022 313

Coffee News Recap, 11 Nov: Hawaiian coffee farmers facing “one of their worst years for production”, Brazilian coffee farmers default on contracts for second consecutive year & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The two-day online event will discuss solutions to logistical issues in the coffee supply chain, and will include a number of panels and workshops. The annual event will include a tradeshow exhibition, coffee tastings, workshops, live brewing demonstrations, and several competitions.

2022 116

The wine2wine Business Forum hosts first-ever Clubhouse wine marathon


The forum takes place over two days and features keynote sessions, seminars, and interactive workshops which aim to equip participants with practical tools to improve their business. The wine2wine Business Forum in Verona will host a six-hour Clubhouse marathon on Monday 18 October.

2021 145

Using Restaurant Negatives to Create Positive Improvement

Ken Burgin

A recent workshop I ran on ‘quality service’ was going nowhere fast: a group of strangers, a cold room and first topic in the morning.

2022 78

Coffee News Recap, 25 Nov: European dieticians believe coffee consumption has clear health benefits, PRF confirms multi-year sponsorship deals with MTPak Coffee and Ally Coffee & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

Taf Coffee and four-time World Barista Championship finalist Ben Put host espresso workshop. The origin trip will include a number of workshops and cuppings. Weber Workshops launches third generation EG-1 grinder.

2022 128


Culinary Cues

I have been asked to provide potential solutions for a generations long dilemma in the hospitality industry, a dilemma that has resulted in physical, mental, and emotional burnout and even a dependence on drugs and alcohol to serve as a band-aid for the wounds that are formed. “My

2021 336

Why Culinary Programs Fail

Culinary Cues

Volunteer for a stage at a great local restaurant, take an occasional sabbatical to re-enter the industry, attend conferences and workshops, take a class on a new method of preparation, and belong to professional organizations.

Volunteer applications for PRF El Salvador are now open

Perfect Daily Grind

As well as these talks, attendees will have the opportunity to experience workshops, panel discussions, cuppings, presentations, and more. Earlier this year, we announced that Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) will return to El Salvador in 2023.

2023 107

The Top 10 Shared Kitchens in Michigan

The Food Corridor

Can-Do Kalamazoo has provided commercial kitchen space, food business incubation, and workshops to entrepreneurs since 2008. In addition to their commercial facilities, Allen Market Place offers several free workshops relating to business development, food safety, and financial management.

The restaurant industry needs to step up for women. We asked four leaders how to do it.

7 Shifts

Consider attending workshops with your team. When I was 16, my 21-year-old coworker at a well-known fast-food chain asked for my phone number. He assured me he would only use it to trade shifts. Later that night, he texted me, asking what I was doing.

2022 195

The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

Going to workshops. I keep detailed coaching notes from every client I have had over the past 11 years as The Restaurant Coach™ Some of those stories make it into my books, speaking gigs, podcasts, or just as a solid warning to new clients about what not to do!

2020 278

Coffee News Recap, 21 Oct: World of Coffee Dubai to return in January 2023, Nestlé to acquire Seattle’s Best Coffee & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The event will be held at Expominas in Belo Horizonte from 16 to 18 November 2022, and will feature lectures, workshops, courses, and the national Coffee of the Year competition. Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week.

2023 132

Coffee News Recap, 8 Jul: PRF to be held in El Salvador in 2023, May coffee prices highest since February 2022 & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and Coffee Quality Institute pilot robusta training workshops in Uganda. The trial workshops took place at NKG’s Kaweri Coffee Plantation, with the course expected to fully launch by the end of 2022.

2022 111

City Hope Provides Food, Support, and Normalcy for the Under-Housed and Homeless in San Francisco’s Tenderloin


Volunteers offering workshops and anyone in need of a space to take a business meeting can come in there and feel totally at home. Reading Time: 3 minutes. I walked into City Hope with a job and walked out with a mission.

The Best Kept Secret of Restaurant Success

Embrace the Suck

Those that listen to podcasts, those that read books, those that go to workshops. Step Two: Attend our 2-day LIVE conference in November called The Restaurant Success Summit , where I have pulled together 10 world-class speakers that are going to help me deliver 22 hours of immersion learning in 16 workshops. ??????. I have taken the best elements from the hundreds of workshops and events I have attended and designed this mastermind group to get you all you want.

2019 191

The Top 5 Shared Kitchens in Austin

The Food Corridor

The Cook’s Nook team offers spreadsheet, business, and channel development feedback, workshops, and channel opportunities. . Looking for your shared kitchen home in Austin, TX? Below are our top five picks for Shared Kitchens in Austin.

Coffee News Recap, 23 Sep: Kenya reports 39% year-on-year increase in coffee earnings, on-the-go coffee consumption making a comeback & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

It will include hands-on workshops, lectures, and other activities. Fri, 16 Sep – Genio Roasters hosts existing and aspiring South African coffee professionals at workshop in Johannesburg. Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week.

2022 111

Coffee News Recap, 28 Oct: Flat whites could hit £4 in the UK, former Luckin Coffee CEO launches new Cotti Coffee chain in China & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The tenth edition of the event includes a tradeshow, workshops, coffee cuppings, and more – with thousands of people expected to attend across the three days. The annual event will include exhibitions, educational talks and workshops, and coffee competitions.

Coffee News Recap, 18 Nov: PRF El Salvador announces speaker line up, arabica futures drop to 16-month low & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The festival includes an extensive tradeshow, educational seminars and workshops, the annual Coffee of the Year competition, and the Brazilian Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup Championships. Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week.

2022 106

74: Owning a Bakery, WinniE's Bakery path

Food Business

Enjoy listening, and hope it helps spark ideas, that you can workshop… Owning a bakery is many people’s dream. Today’s episode is an exploration into one way to own a bakery. What does it mean to become a business owner and baker.

Food 130

Coffee News Recap, 2 Sep: Ethiopian government reports US $1.4 billion earnings from 2021/22 coffee exports, volumes of sustainably-sourced green coffee increased by 29% in 2021 & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The event includes seminars and workshops, as well as the Latte Art World Championship and the US Cold Brew Championship. Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories. Mon, 29 Aug.

Biz Tip: Quality vs Revenue in Restaurant Biz Model

Food Business

As usual, i’m hoping that an example will get you into a frame of mind to workshop it into existence at your business, whether you run, or on a team at a cafe, restaurant, food truck, cocktail bar or brewery. Can you have a healthy business where quality leads your success?

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Staff Health and Wellness Means More Speed and Productivity

Ken Burgin

At a recent management workshop, a restaurant owner asked in exasperation, “Just how much do we need to be ‘mother and father’ to our staff?”


Food Business

find a way to regularly invite people in for special gatherings—bookclubs, workshops, wine tasting, flights of beer specials on Monday, coffee tastings, teaching obscure crafts unique to your business. Living in fear of cashflow and volume can make any human crazy. But as an owner of a cafe or restaurant the reality of volume is real. Do you grapple with: how do you pay your vendors? how do you pay your (wonderful) staff? how do you know when it will end?

2019 109

44: Treehouse Cafe, so much more than a vegan cafe

Food Business

In this interview you'll hear her perspective, her experience and her philosophy that led her to turn this spot into a community space (think yoga, workshops and tarot readings) with the comfort of an artists studio, and the warmth of Kirsten's infectious laugh and conversation. Meet Kirsten Lapointe, who thought she'd open a vegan cafe.Well, that's what she thought she was doing. But life, the pandemic and her creativity took over.

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The 19 Deadly Mistakes Restaurants Make

Embrace the Suck

Attend workshops & seminars. Mistakes. We have all made them. Most likely you’ll make quite a few more while running a restaurant.

2021 276

Fred Sauceman on Writing


SFA hosts our 2019 nonfiction writing workshop August 8 – 11 in Taylor, MS. Vivian Howard, chef, television host, and author of Deep Run Roots, is a workshop graduate. Fred Sauceman’s Advice for Food Writers.

2020 94

Understanding the co-operative model in Kenya’s coffee sector

Perfect Daily Grind

What’s more, co-operatives can host seminars and workshops to educate their members on ways to upgrade their coffee farms, through digitalisation and more modern mechanisation.

How can coffee roasters design an appealing and efficient roasting space?

Perfect Daily Grind

For instance, some roasters may need to host workshops or cuppings for wholesale customers , so adequate space is necessary. For many roasters, designing a roasting space is one of the first steps to consider when getting started.

Design 119

The Top 10 Shared Kitchens in New Jersey

The Food Corridor

Hudson Kitchen also provides their community with mentorship, networking events, workshops, and training through their Food Business Bootcamp. Looking for your shared kitchen home in New Jersey? Here are our top 10 picks for Shared Kitchens in New Jersey.

Coffee News Recap, 26 Aug: PRF El Salvador to take place 16 & 17 March, Vietnam’s robusta stocks shrink & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

The event, which promotes Costa Rican coffee, will include exhibitions, seminars, panel discussions, and workshops. The festival will be held at Marx Hall and will include workshops and competitions.

How can the coffee industry help to rehabilitate ex-offenders?

Perfect Daily Grind

His passion for coffee set him apart; he often took out books from the prison’s library to study before and after workshop hours.”. Furthermore, every delivery and pick-up of roasted coffee or equipment must be searched before being escorted to the relevant workshop.

2022 119

Summer Food Festivals: Best Food Festivals In The US

Bottleneck Management

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival is a summer food festival that the whole family can enjoy, with lots of delicious bites, wine for the grown-ups, and “candy sushi” workshops for youngsters. Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not try a food festival? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer food festivals in the country—take a look and see what food festivals are happening in your city! Uptown Food Truck Festival: June 23rd.

2019 92

Will coffee consumers’ focus on education continue beyond Covid-19?

Perfect Daily Grind

He is also the founder of Brewing With Dani , an educational platform which focuses on home barista online workshops. Covid-19 undoubtedly had a major impact on the global coffee industry.

Assertiveness Training for the Hospitality Industry


Jamie Berry and Founder of MAP IT FORWARD Lee Safar have devised a full-day workshop to help hospitality workers develop their assertiveness skills, in order to produce better long-term mental health and happier workplaces. This workshop will enable and nurture attendees to be more confident: Distinguishing assertive behaviour from passive or aggressive behaviour. This workshop isn’t only for coffee gurus, if you work in or own a hospitality business, this is for you too!