Best Practices for Launching Online Ordering

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Some of those challenges, particularly for smaller, local restaurants, include implementing online ordering, creating a digital presence, and offering delivery for the first time. Meaning, people are always online, and they’re ordering food that way too.

What are Online Ordering Considerations During COVID-19?

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If you’re selling grocery or paper items via your restaurant, make sure you make those items available through your online ordering channel. Operations Mo Sloan Covid-19 MRM ask the expert online ordering

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Boost Restaurant Customer Satisfaction With Online Ordering


You monitor and respond to your online comments, and you don’t skimp on the small touches, like offering free bread and greeting regulars by name. When that’s the case, they want the convenience of ordering online. Here’s why customers love online ordering so much.

How Your Pizzeria Can Fight Back Against Unfair Online Ordering Fees


It’s not surprising that in the age of online ordering, pizzerias are uniquely poised to profit. Online ordering grows order volume and size , increases revenue, boosts efficiency , and fosters customer loyalty. The Facts About Third-Party Online Ordering Fees.

Bytes to Eat: Online Ordering Solutions for Pizzerias

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More and more customers are regularly using online ordering platforms to get restaurant food delivered to their home or office. online delivery orders of all kinds have risen 380% in the last three years alone. POS Online Ordering Thr!ve

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The Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery


A Look into the Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery. Customers can now easily order food online and have it delivered to their homes within the shortest time possible. Under this model, a customer walks into a restaurant and places their order.

The Best Online Ordering Platforms to Keep Your Restaurant Running

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Commission fees: SkipTheDishes charges 20-25% commission on orders ?? Commission fees: DoorDash charges 10-20% commission on orders ?? Foodora is a German-based online platform that delivers food worldwide. ?? Conclusion Which online ordering platform is right for you?

The Importance of Online Ordering and Delivery for Restaurants


In fact, the demand for online restaurant ordering continues to grow among restaurant consumers. Restaurant owners and managers consistently look for solutions that allow customers to place orders online and have food delivered fast. How Online Ordering and Delivery Works.

Online Ordering is the Lifeblood of Restaurants During Coronavirus Shutdowns


It is on the top of everyone’s mind and unavoidable online – the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. This is why having an online ordering system for takeout and delivery is more important now than ever.

The Positives and Pitfalls of Third-Party Ordering 

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DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats are among the most popular third-party ordering (“TPO”) platform services on the market, which tout online ordering and delivery solutions to restaurant owners across the country. In 2018, Grubhub reported $5.1

The Truth About Free Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants


But, while signing up for a free online ordering system might sound like a good idea, unfortunately, you’ll get what you pay for. What do you get with a free online ordering system? Want a custom mobile ordering app? How to Set Up a Free Online Ordering System.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales With Online Ordering


That said, if you haven’t yet considered online ordering for your restaurant, you could be ignoring a lucrative sales channel. The online ordering market is growing quickly, and orders placed online are, on average, 20% larger than in-restaurant purchases.

7 Benefits of Online Ordering

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You heard about a great new spot a few blocks away from a coworker, and now that the craving has hit, you’re ready to order. The post 7 Benefits of Online Ordering appeared first on Restaurant Den. Picture this: You’re craving sushi.

Grow Restaurant Holiday Sales & Get Ready for the New Year With Online Ordering


Saturdays in December are statistically the busiest days for all types of independent restaurants across the country, and pizzerias see their largest order sizes on key dates between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Online ordering transforms your restaurant’s operations.

How to Set Up Contactless Dining With ChowNow’s Online Ordering


Since March of this year, countless restaurateurs have had to immediately close their dining rooms, lay off staff, quickly adopt online ordering, and overhaul their menus. If you use ChowNow for online ordering, it’s surprisingly simple to set up a process for contactless dining.

How to Find the Best Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant


If you haven’t started offering online ordering yet, you’re not alone. If you have online ordering at your restaurant but you’re still trying to figure out how to give your customers a superior experience without breaking the bank—well, you’re not alone there either.

5 Ways Restaurants Can Ensure Safe Online Food Delivery During COVID-19


While the government has given a clean chit to online food delivery partners to resume their operations, some misinformation regarding the safety of these services has made people consider it unsafe for health. Can corona spread through food ordered online.

Why Restaurant Online Ordering is Crucial for Business Right Now

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There always were advantages to restaurants offering online ordering. Many people prefer to order online and have their food ready for them by the time they pick it up. Plus, with the pandemic, it is also safer to order online. Makes Complicated Orders Easy.

Why Restaurant Online Ordering is Crucial for Business Right Now

MBB Hospitality

There always were advantages to restaurants offering online ordering. Many people prefer to order online and have their food ready for them by the time they pick it up. Plus, with the pandemic, it is also safer to order online. Makes Complicated Orders Easy.

5 Big Advantages of Your Own Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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Now, more than ever, having an online presence is an absolute must for all restaurants. Most have turned to Online Ordering and a steady digital presence to make for the lack of foot traffic. In this article, we give you 5 big advantages of having your own online ordering system.

Escaping the Hefty Commissions of Restaurant Online Ordering Platforms

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When the telephone became something everyone had access to, restaurants updated and began taking delivery and take-out orders by phone. Everyone Else Finally, there's the fact that online ordering has simply become a part of the modern lifestyle. Online Ordering Commission Free

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Why Restaurants Pay Ultimate Price in Online Delivery Marketplace

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When COVID-19 erupted earlier this year, scores of restaurants relied on online delivery marketplaces to deliver meals to their customers. Fast-forward to today, in the middle of a global pandemic, delivery orders now make up 60, 70 or 80 percent of business revenue for restaurants.

Online Ordering Trends That Are Transforming The Food Service Industry

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The ability to order meals from different vendors on mobile phones is one of the inventions that continues to impact the lives of most customers positively. Therefore, those operating eateries are losing a lot if they are not online. Online Ordering Trends

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How An Online Ordering System Can Multiply Restaurant Sales In Saudi Arabia

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The number of food delivery orders placed online has seen a staggering increase in Saudi Arabia in recent years. Online ordering is not only favorable for customers but it also an excellent way for restaurants to increase the overall sales volume and provide better customer support.

How we reached 2,000,000 processed orders


In August '19, Deliverect reached the 1 million processed orders milestone, after having been in business for only 10 months. We're super excited that now, just 4 months later, we’ve just hit 2 million processed orders! We live in the era of online food delivery.

6 reasons why our online ordering is best for Thai Restaurants

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Admittedly, this is easier done in a restaurant than an online setting, but it is definitely not impossible. The market for Thai food is ever-growing, as is the online delivery market, so why not combine the two? Online Ordering

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GloriaFood Review: The Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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One of the most effective ways to boost your revenue is through online ordering. Even if you don’t offer delivery, accepting pickup orders online through your restaurant’s website can boost your takeout orders by up to 30%.

Frequently Asked Questions: Food Ordering with Google, Powered by ChowNow


As the most visited website in the world, we recognize the significant opportunity to monetize these Google searches and turn them into orders at your restaurant — in an instant. That’s why we’re excited to share ChowNow’s newest ordering channel in partnership with Google.

How to get your regular customers to order online

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Once you have your online ordering system is in place, the challenge can be to get regular customers to order online. Ordering online is convenient in a world where everyone is busy. Online ordering is a win win situation for everyone.

Protecting Restaurants from Botnet Manipulation of Online Reviews

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In 2018, a flight price comparison website reportedly received an email threatening to use Botnets to instantaneously spam online review websites with disparaging posts about its services if it did not pay the sender approximately $10,500 worth of Bitcoin.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Pizza Ordering System for Your Restaurant


Does your restaurant have a pizza ordering system? After all, 43% of pizza customers want their local pizzerias to use online ordering technology , and more and more eateries are adapting to meet this demand. . Pizza ordering systems boost revenue.

How to Maximize Profits with Online Ordering & Delivery Services

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As a restaurant operator in 2019, you’re probably being bombarded with the latest and greatest online ordering and delivery platforms. The ubiquity of smartphones and plethora of apps has created a seismic shift in how consumers discover restaurants and order food.

Operating Efficiency of Domino’s Pizza Tantamount to Google

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” Fifth, Maze says that Domino’s technology, especially web and mobile ordering, helped to maximize customer checkouts. So they were very early adopters of ordering on the web. “They marketed the idea that their ordering process was easy.

How we reached 1,000,000 processed orders


We’re super excited to announce that we’ve just hit a MILLION processed orders! We live in the era of online food delivery. All kinds of restaurants are making use of delivery platforms to drive order volume and increase revenue.

Here's Why Takeaway Solutions is The Best Online Ordering For Thai Restaurants

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Best online ordering system for Thai restaurants and why Takeaway is one of the best benefits you can offer your customers. People love ordering their food from the convenience of their home and having it delivered to the door.

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Ohio Taco Chain Employees Walked Out When Asked to Fill Mass Order for Law Enforcement


A Condado Tacos location in Columbus, Ohio, is facing public scrutiny for filling an order for Bud Boxes placed by Ohio Highway Patrol. On Monday, at least four employees were allegedly fired by a district manager for refusing to fill the order and choosing to walkout during a shift.

10 essential reasons to offer consumers access to your food online

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Online ordering is more popular than ever with millions of people ordering online when hungry. More and more people turn to food outlets with online facilities. Are you offering online options to local consumers? Online Ordering

Online Ordering Trends: The Delivery Commission Issue

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One of the biggest challenges restaurants have had to deal with in a rapidly evolving digital world is online ordering. An increasingly popular option among a multitude of demographics, online ordering can be a great source of revenue for restaurants regardless of their size.

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10 Reasons Why Takeaway Solutions is the Best Restaurant Ordering System Software

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"Last year, restaurants crossed a digital milestone: The percentage of orders booked online or using a smartphone or tablet app—now 6.6% Electronic orders have been a boon to the industry. Why is online ordering a must for today's restaurant? "If

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5 Ways Self Order Kiosks Increase Restaurant Profits

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Self order kiosks have slowly been revolutionizing the way many industries do business. It’s no surprise—self order kiosks have been instrumental in helping restaurants meet customer expectations and demands while growing their bottom lines. Order Customization.

Organically Grow an Online Presence for Your Restaurant

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If you own one of these enterprises, you have probably spent a lot of time wondering how you can outshine your competitors, especially online. But that's enough about food; let's talk more about this word "organic" and how it plays into your online marketing outcomes.

How Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Trend Impacts $200B Online Food Delivery Space

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Consumer demand has majorly fueled food delivery, and traditional restaurants which used to see barely five-to-ten percent of their total revenue being driven by online orders as recently as three years ago, now see over 30 percent of their revenue come from delivery platforms.

How To Grow Your Restaurant’s Online Presence Using Influencer Marketing

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Getting the right recommendation from an established influencer can propel your business into online stardom, following a rush of foot traffic from their followers who simply have to check out the latest hotspot in town.