Food Safety Never Takes a Holiday 

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With the season of food and Thanksgiving when holiday food is at the forefront, what are defined standards and procedures that restaurants should keep top-of-mind to set the expectations regarding food handling and preparation during the holiday rush? With an influx of customers at peak dining times and an increase in the volume of prep work, some employees may feel pressure to sacrifice food safety for speed.

Food Delivery Safety & Your Restaurant


Food Delivery Safety for Restaurants. Delivery may not be the right option for every business – curbside pick-up and carryout meals are also popular ways to get your food into customers’ homes – but it is one way to expand your audience and increase your potential earnings without having to add more seating. Not only is there significant cost associated with starting delivery, the quality of food can vary wildly between delivery and dine-in options.

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Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Everyone, from the server to the busboy to the line cook, has to know basic food handling procedures. . Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. . Wash hands thoroughly and store food properly. Eliminate food stains and reduce the risk of contamination. . Take special care of storing ingredients and cooked food.

Safety First: Hygiene & Food Preparation


But they also need to be vigilant about the two sides of food safety: employee hygiene and food preparation. food operations managementIn the face of COVID-19, both restaurants and convenience stores have shifted their operations to support order and delivery services.

Protect the Package: Ensuring Food Safety in Shift to Takeout and Delivery

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Food safety discussions have taken on a new level of urgency, as restaurants face the enormity of consequences of COVID-19. Restaurants that spent the first weeks of the pandemic reassuring customers that they had expanded cleaning protocols are now shutting their doors and shifting to takeout and delivery models that have their own safety challenges. Discourage drivers from touching food items. Design Equipment food label food product safety Food Safety

Measuring KPIs for Food Safety Success in Holiday Menu Items, Off-Premise Catering, LTOs, and Beyond

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Why Measure Food Safety Performance? Achieving food safety excellence should be a continual goal. Therefore, a restaurant's food safety goals should evolve along with these changes. Prioritize the most critical food safety items on your scorecard.

Electrical Hazards and Safety Checklist for Restaurants

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Even minor issues can become very expensive, so restaurants of all sizes should take electrical safety very seriously. Having malfunctioning equipment can be a major fire and safety hazard and should be taken very seriously. Electrical Safety Checklist for Restaurants and Food Establishments. Electrical safety is extremely important and giving it due priority can save you from some pretty bad situations. Restaurant fire safety.

Exceeding Restaurant Health and Safety Protocols to Instill Customer Confidence


How can we gain their confidence in our health and safety protocols? For a review of COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, read the blog post, Restaurant Reopening Checklist: Tips for Thriving. Food service employees need constant reminders. Hold store managers accountable for ensuring that health and safety protocols at their restaurants are enforced. Your employees should be ambassadors in communicating your health and safety protocols to your customers.

Essential Tips for Restaurant Safety and Food Sanitation


All good restaurant managers and owners care deeply about food safety and sanitation, but there is a spectrum to how serious different people take it, what knowledge they have, and how closely their staff actually follows it. Restaurant Management

7 Food Safety Mistakes You Might be Making


Food safety is something we all strive for in our restaurants. However, no two restaurants are identical and far too often, managers fall for classic traps and pitfalls when it comes to food safety. Restaurant Management

Food Safety Practices in the Time of COVID-19

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Maybe the absolute last thing any restaurant wants to focus on are food safety regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). If you do not currently have a written food safety plan in place, or if your plan needs to be updated, use this time to do so.

COVID-19 Food Safety Standards Vol. 4: Chowly


Listen to "COVID-19 Food Safety Standards Vol. At the onset of the virus outbreak, Chowly quickly assessed their team to ensure safety and financial support in order to effectively operate and provide solutions to restauranteurs during this massive interruption. “I Click the link for more recovery and relief information for restaurant, hospitality and food service operators. 4: Chowly" on Spreaker.

Health & Safety Requirements for Restaurants [COVID-19]

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In the following post, we’ll be covering the state and provincial requirements for health and safety among restaurant workers—follow your jurisdiction’s laws to keep your team safe and healthy. Notes: All employees handling food should wear gloves. Employers may only ask for information that would directly affect the health and safety of the workplace—such as if they are displaying symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Keeping the Food Chain Safe with Master Data Management

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Add cybersecurity risks, mix in consumer desire for transparency, then layer in the collection of consumer data collection and you’ve got a perfect storm of data management challenges across the food supply chain. Equipment Operations Big Data and food safety Data Food Safety

The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks


The food delivery trend has exploded over the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down. But getting started with food delivery for your restaurant isn’t just as simple as taking orders […]. The post The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog. Restaurant Management Customer Data Customer Privacy Delivery Risks Food Delivery food safety Restaurant Delivery Risks

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The Ultimate Food Safety Dictionary


Most people have a basic understanding of what food safety means (and what rules to follow), but if you work in the foodservice business you need more than a simple layman’s understanding. . You need to know everything there is to know about food safety, from how to store food to who is responsible to who to call for help. . Food Safety Dictionary of Terminologies. Chafing Dish – A kind of stove that uses indirect heat to warm food.

COVID-19 Food Safety Standards Vol. 3: Vromo


One is the operators that have a large staff and considerable payroll, now looking for ways to utilize employees by having them deliver food out the door, and the second is operators that needed that final push to shift into a delivery and off-premise model. Click the link for more recovery and relief information for restaurant, hospitality and food service operators. Listen to "New Means of Operating Amid Coronavirus Part 3: Vromo" on Spreaker.

What to Do When Staff Test Positive for COVID19

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Despite your best efforts to adhere to CDC’s safety guidelines and to make your guests feel safe and comfortable dining in your restaurant, you may face an unavoidable situation where your employee tests positive for the novel coronavirus. Most restaurants do not have any form of a safety net left and closing can be devastating. A restaurant’s commitment to extra safety precautions is a cornerstone to showing guests you are providing as safe as possible dining experience.


Culinary Cues

We also know that the health and safety regulations for restaurants will change significantly as we make every attempt to keep the public and our staff safe and at ease. Let me be clear that there is NO INDICATION at this time that the virus can be spread through food.

Food delivery in the COVID-19 climate


With the closure of restaurant dine-in services to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, online food ordering has become a crucial business model overnight. Online food delivery has been skyrocketing in the past few years, so many restaurants already have a solid delivery model in place.

Food Costing Tips for Delivery

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There are many, many considerations for delivery (safety, preparation, logistics, POS, etc.). We are focusing here one essential piece: food costing. Notice we’re not saying food cost percentage. That means essentially ignoring the food cost percentage of delivery items. We’ll use screen shots of a user’s data from reciProfity, our food costing app. Regardless of your food costing tool, the steps are the same. Food cost is $2.69.

AI Food Intelligence and Now Serving Democracy

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Tastewise, an AI-powered food intelligence solution, launched in the UK. With real-time data into consumer behavior data, the solution offers immediate, location-specific food and beverage insights into an industry that is changing faster than ever before.

Which Grocery Chain Has the Best Health and Safety Policies for Its Workers?


Whole Foods photo, Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images; illustrations, zuperia /Shutterstock. Breaking down hazard pay, sick leave, and general safety at Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and more As the global pandemic drags on, grocery store employees have become frontline workers, and two months into the crisis, they’re still putting their own health at risk to keep America fed — and keep food on their own tables.

Implementing Public Safety as the New Corporate Social Responsibility in the Restaurant Industry 

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Safety in the restaurant industry has always been a priority. However, over the past few years other unconventional safety problems have begun to arise within the food and restaurant business. Evaluating Public Safety Concerns.

COVID-19 Fuels Growth in Organic Food Options

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This has dramatically impacted the core of the food and restaurant industries, specifically healthy and organic food. Eating organic is by no means a new concept brought on by the pandemic, but the shift in mindsets has thrust this niche food sector into overdrive.

When It Comes to Pandemic Safety, My Food Co-op Does What Big Grocery Stores Can?t


When I joined the 4th Street Food Co-op in 2005, I wasn’t just joining a progressive grocery store in Manhattan’s East Village; I was joining a community built on shared principles. On the other end of the scale, some shoppers have taken their own safety precautions to the extreme.

The Relative Safety of Outdoor Dining


From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week This post originally appeared on August 1, 2020 in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. The struggle for BIPOC food writers to be considered generalists. Chef Omar Tate is raising money to open a multifaceted community center in West Philly anchored around food and feeding the neighborhood. —

New FDA Safety Blueprint and Cyclospora Warnings for Fresh Express Salads

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The Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are investigating the same Cyclospora outbreak in Canada, also linked to Fresh Express products. FDA Food Safety Blueprint. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its 10-year blueprint called New Era of Smarter Food Safety. “Rapidly trace a contaminated food to its source. ” Food Safety Culture.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe Requires a Different Training Approach

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Everyone agrees that with COVID-19, the public has a heightened safety awareness. The public is watching operators very closely to see if they are doing all the things to make safety your #1 priority. Safety is Priority #1.

5 Food Safety Dangers That Really Aren’t


With all this talk about food safety myths and hidden dangers and health inspections , I can forgive you for getting a little paranoid. Some common food safety beliefs are actually safer than we think they are. Not only is there a risk of you getting glass particles into your food (although it’s a small risk), you’re also damaging your knives every time they’re used. . There are two dates that normally apply to food: best before dates and expiration dates.

Food Safety Myths That Will Get Your Customers Sick


There are a lot of food safety myths and misinformation that get passed along as gospel. But it’s one of the worst things you can do safety-wise. Golden brown” and “toasty” and “bright pink” are adjectives that describe how the food looks, not whether it’s safe to eat. Never rely on color to judge whether food has been properly cooked. It’s misleading as some parts of the food may still be raw and will cause food illness if consumed.

Open for Business: Expert Recommendations For Restaurant Safety In The COVID-19 Era.

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Along with offering quality in food and service, safety and hygiene will be of paramount importance. Right from the kitchen to the front-of-house operations, restaurant operators must strictly follow the guidelines set by the government and institute safety practices to ensure a safe and hygienic dining environment for their customers. . Reopening In The Covid World: Restaurant Safety Practices To Follow. Some of the safety measures that restaurateurs can adopt are; .

Managing Risk and Protecting Your Brand

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While everything feels overwhelming in the world, focus on these five solvable challenges: Prioritize a Food Safety Culture. With or without a pandemic, food safety culture is what you do when no one is looking.

MRM Plant-Based: Good Food Scorecard and Healthier Hospital Food

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Good Food Restaurant Scorecard. Despite skyrocketing demand for plant-based food across the U.S., 42 of the country’s favorite fast food and restaurant chains still don’t offer a plant-based entrée, according to a report released today by The Good Food Institute (GFI).

Safety and Health Guidelines for Restaurants

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Due to the current global situation, it is important that restaurants follow strict safety and health guidelines in their establishment. This is to ensure that they will be able to deliver their customers the food… Read more. Photo Source: Restaurant System Pro.

Food Service Manager Career – Ultimate Guide


Pop culture likes to tell us that working in food service is a dead-end job. In a job market where most companies don’t even consider current employees forpromotion , the food service industry is one of the few places in America where you can start at the bottom and end up at the top. Below, we’ll take a close look at what Food Service Managers do, where they do it, how to become one, and just how far the job can take you if you’re ambitious.

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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Adding food to your menu could help here, but will require you to consider various factors including regional differences, and whether you’d like to produce your food in-house, or outsource it. . Exploring the relationship between specialty coffee shops and food is your first step to creating a menu that best suits your particular establishment. You may also like How to Create a Coffee Shop Food Menu That Minimises Waste. Look Out For Food Trends.

5 Ways Restaurants Can Ensure Safe Online Food Delivery During COVID-19


While the government has given a clean chit to online food delivery partners to resume their operations, some misinformation regarding the safety of these services has made people consider it unsafe for health. Can corona spread through food ordered online.

Restaurants Reopen: What Are They Doing?

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Bar servers will take orders and deliver drinks and food but will not linger across from guests. Petersburg, Florida and even invested in a full-time expert dedicated to overseeing safety practices for both customers and employees. The training will cover updated brand safety protocols and standards: Closely monitoring daily updates and recommendations from the CDC. Coronavirus-specific training for cleaning, food handling and hand hygiene.

Handling Health Inspections


The name in some circles is spoken in a quiet hush, but this person assigned by the organization regulating food safety in your state is no one to fear. Don’t offer food or drink - Offering an inspector food or drink can appear to be a stall tactic, or even worse a bribe.