Five Steps for Commercial Fryer Safety

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However, with deep-fat frying comes risk as the oil can easily reach near 400 degrees Fahrenheit and is extremely flammable, causing kitchen fires, scalds and more. Kitchens can be a stressful place to work, especially when the orders start piling up during a busy time.

Is More Delivery/Takeout on Your Menu? Remove Food Safety Risks—Digitally

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a multi-site restaurant operator with more than 200 locations that was shifting to takeout only decided to evaluate its already robust food safety system. Enabling the Agile Kitchen and More. Design Equipment Operations food safety for takeout takeout delivery


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We also know that the health and safety regulations for restaurants will change significantly as we make every attempt to keep the public and our staff safe and at ease. Let me be clear that there is NO INDICATION at this time that the virus can be spread through food.

Technology that Enables Automation Can Ensure Safety and Success

Modern Restaurant Management

Technology will be vital in the months – and years – ahead as the pandemic continues to change the conversation about food safety. Restaurants now must prioritize the overall safety of the restaurant environment, in addition to addressing food safety itself.

Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Everyone, from the server to the busboy to the line cook, has to know basic food handling procedures. . Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. . Wash hands thoroughly and store food properly. Eliminate food stains and reduce the risk of contamination. . Take special care of storing ingredients and cooked food.

How to Improve Food Safety Culture


As you can see, it’s more important than ever for anyone who works with food to practice safe food handling techniques. The best way to encourage safe food handling in your restaurant is to create a culture that prioritizes food safety. Food & Beverage

Weaving a Stronger Safety Net


At just 9 years old, Jacob Bindman got his first food job: volunteering for CUESA, the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, a San Francisco nonprofit that runs the city’s famed Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Eater: How are you making change in the food world?

From Ghost Kitchens to Living Kitchens: A New Vision for Food Service’s Next Great Space

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Ghost kitchens, you’ve got spirit, but not much soul. Dark kitchens or virtual kitchens––real places staffed with non-ectoplasmic people—bring efficiencies to running a restaurant by providing off-site commissary services for delivery orders.

Pizza is Essential: Employee Safety and Company Survival During the COVID Pandemic

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Surviving as a business was still a challenge, it came at a significant financial cost, and the potential costs of employee health and safety had to take a back seat to the health of the business. After a food order was handed off to a customer, new gloves were put on.

Five Ways to Create a Safer Dining Experience and Workplace

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At Buffalo Wings & Rings, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. Orders can be pre-paid so guests can pick up their food with limited interactions — we’ll even place them directly in drivers’ trunks or backseats if requested.

The Ultimate Food Safety Dictionary


Most people have a basic understanding of what food safety means (and what rules to follow), but if you work in the foodservice business you need more than a simple layman’s understanding. . You need to know everything there is to know about food safety, from how to store food to who is responsible to who to call for help. . Food Safety Dictionary of Terminologies. Blast Chiller – A refrigerator used in commercial kitchens.

Saving Money with Cloud Kitchens

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Cloud kitchens are a cost-saving hack you want to be aware of. Technology, competition, customer needs, and evolving conditions today have led to the development of cloud kitchens. They want convenience and safety. The Cloud Kitchen Model. Why Open a Cloud Kitchen?

Restaurant Kitchen Staff is Key to Food Cost Savings


As a restaurant owner or operator, keeping your food costs low is a continual challenge. Food cost is one of the largest expenses for your restaurant, and because it is a controllable cost, you can influence how it impacts your bottom line. Train Kitchen Staff on Proper Storage.

Why it is Critical for Restaurants to Implement the Right Restaurant Food Safety System   

The Restaurant Times

With the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers have become more aware of the importance of health, hygiene, and food safety which will play a huge role in how restaurants operate in the new normal. Tips on How To Implement the Right Restaurant Food Safety System .

This week in restaurant news: off-premise hospitality, ghost kitchens, restaurant safety awards


Rise of the Ghost Kitchens: How Virtual Restaurants Are Reshaping L.A.’s Emerging ghost kitchens may prepare food for dozens of delivery-only brands simultaneously, all out of the same space, reporter Garrett Snyder writes – think fish and chips alongside quinoa salads and spicy wings.

The Relative Safety of Outdoor Dining


From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week This post originally appeared on August 1, 2020 in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. California Pizza Kitchen filed for bankruptcy.

Open for Business: Expert Recommendations For Restaurant Safety In The COVID-19 Era.

The Restaurant Times

Along with offering quality in food and service, safety and hygiene will be of paramount importance. Reopening In The Covid World: Restaurant Safety Practices To Follow. Some of the safety measures that restaurateurs can adopt are; .

Top 5 Factors To Consider When Creating Your Restaurant Checklist For Safety And Hygiene

The Restaurant Times

Following local health & safety standards has always been crucial for the restaurant industry. In the post-pandemic environment, cities of the UAE have been reviewing the health and safety measures adopted by the restaurants. Follow The Safety Norms.

8 Food Safety Regulations for Restaurants

Restaurant Smart

With more restaurants going back to their usual routine, it is still important not to be complacent when it comes to food safety. The coronavirus is still present, and as food industry workers, it is our obligation to make sure… Read more. The post 8 Food Safety Regulations for Restaurants appeared first on Restaurant Smart Blog.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe Requires a Different Training Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

Everyone agrees that with COVID-19, the public has a heightened safety awareness. The public is watching operators very closely to see if they are doing all the things to make safety your #1 priority. Safety is Priority #1.

Why Is Good Kitchen Layout Important For Restaurants?

The Restaurant Times

A good kitchen layout holds great importance for restaurants. While it’s true that a restaurant’s success comes from the quality of the chef’s cooking, a lot also depends on a functional kitchen, efficient management, and streamlined operations. An Ordered Kitchen.

Fryer Safety Checklist

The Back Burner

What follows is a list of things to consider (please see our disclaimer at the end) if your commercial kitchen prepares deep-fried food. When it comes to preventing fryer burns, the right footwear is quite possibly the most important safety precaution. Personal Safety Equipment. Kitchen Layout and Storage. Lay out kitchen without tight or blind corners to avoid collisions; provide enough work space to avoid collisions near fryer.

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Food Safety Myths That Will Get Your Customers Sick


There are a lot of food safety myths and misinformation that get passed along as gospel. But it’s one of the worst things you can do safety-wise. Golden brown” and “toasty” and “bright pink” are adjectives that describe how the food looks, not whether it’s safe to eat. Never rely on color to judge whether food has been properly cooked. It’s misleading as some parts of the food may still be raw and will cause food illness if consumed.

The Autonomous Foodservice Revolution


With innovations outside of BOH kitchen operations, new kiosk-style robotics are popping up everywhere, is tech able to preserve quality and experience? In a time of heightened awareness on safety, kiosk-style operations create new standards on sanitation. ”

Robotics in the Food Industry

Goliath Consulting

Artificial intelligence robots are taking over the food industry and the world. 2 As artificial intelligence advances, so does the automation of food services. 4 Food robots are even being used on campuses, apartments, and hotels for food delivery. Robots in fast-food.

Your Guide To Transitioning From Physical Restaurant To Ghost Kitchen Business Model

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchens have become increasingly popular in the UAE over the years. Cloud kitchens have many advantages to offer over physical restaurants. With numerous restaurants shutting down, entrepreneurs are desperately shifting to ghost kitchen business model.

List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


Are you planning to start a cloud kitchen in India ? however starting a new business is not a piece of cake for everyone, you must have a clear mindset on the concept of the cloud kitchen business model. Here’s a list of important license required to open cloud kitchen – 1.

Why are Security and Access so Important for Your Shared Kitchen Facility?

The Food Corridor

Shared kitchens are the perfect melting pots for collaboration and offer a host of shared benefits to their members. You should already have an Operations Manual in place, which details your security arrangements to protect your tenants’ belongings and ensure their safety.

Upcoming Restaurant Tech Trends of the Post-COVID-19 World

Goliath Consulting

But even after the pandemic, sanitation and safety concerns are expected to remain, and the restaurant business model may have to evolve in a way that utilizes more tech-driven service systems. 5) “Future of Food Delivery” [link]. (6)

7 Reasons Why Cloud Kitchen Business Model Is A More Profitable Idea In 2021

The Restaurant Times

However, in the UAE, cloud kitchens continued to grow despite the slowdown in other sectors. The reluctance of the customers to dine-in at restaurants has worked out well for the delivery-only outlets or cloud kitchens. What Are Cloud Kitchen Business Model? Customer Safety.

Automated Kitchens: What to Know About This New Trend

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The future is here, and automated kitchens are trending. The newly imagined restaurant of today might find itself looking to automated kitchens. What is an Automated Kitchen? In the restaurant kitchen, you’ll find many types of automation. Automated Kitchens Save Time.

Federal Grants Programs for Shared Use Commercial Kitchens Supporting Local Food Systems

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Bootstrapping a shared commercial kitchen is never easy. Especially if you are looking to make a difference in your local community, support small food businesses, or run educational programs. Inspirational Shared Kitchen Projects Already Funded. Fork Food Lab 2.0,

Cloud Kitchen 101: How To Start And Scale Your Cloud Kitchen Business In 2021

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A cloud kitchen, also known as a ghost kitchen, virtual restaurant, or dark kitchen, is a delivery-only restaurant format that doesn’t offer dine-in service. Setting up a cloud kitchen business is significantly cheaper as compared to a traditional restaurant. .

Handling Health Inspections


The name in some circles is spoken in a quiet hush, but this person assigned by the organization regulating food safety in your state is no one to fear. Don’t offer food or drink - Offering an inspector food or drink can appear to be a stall tactic, or even worse a bribe.

From Bricks to Clicks – What to Think About When Building a Ghost Kitchen

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A FOOD CORRIDOR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH NICK AVEDESIAN, FORMER DOORDASH GHOST KITCHEN DEVELOPER & OPERATOR. . The exciting trend of ghost kitchens is getting a lot of attention. Kinda sounds like fast food 2.0! . But there’s a darker side to dark kitchens. .

3 Types of Ghost Kitchens and Which One Is the Best Business to Start


Check out the last chapter in our Ghost Kitchen 101 series! In our last chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 Series, we learned that cloud kitchens are commercial kitchen spaces that provide food businesses the facilities and services needed to prepare delivery-optimized menu items.

What You Should Not Be Delivering: 5 Common Delivery Mistakes to Avoid

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Mathew Green – Director of Culinary Operations, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting Whether you have been doing delivery since you opened, or you have recently launched a delivery program due to a global pandemic, there are five incredibly common mistakes we Read More.

4 Safety Measures UAE Restaurants Must Take To Deal With The Pandemic

The Restaurant Times

Malls and restaurants in Dubai are partially reopening, but food outlets have been advised to operate with reduced occupancy of only 30 percent. Whether it is your kitchen staff, delivery executives, or restaurant suppliers, encourage the practice of wearing masks and gloves.

How AI Can Work for You

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For your restaurant, communications are limited to the closed circuit of your business, from the front-of-house to the kitchen. A common complaint among 66 percent of guests is inconsistent temperatures in their food. Reduce Food Waste. Food Safety.

Back to the ?Grind? ? Restaurant Reopening Guidelines and PPP Update

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US Foods Holding Corp. launched its COVID-19 online operator resource, the US Foods Restaurant Reopening Blueprint. The Restaurant Reopening Blueprint is informed by interviews with key stakeholders such as diners, restaurant staff and US Foods consultants and chefs.

What Restaurant Should You Build in 2021?

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Michael Maxwell – Partner, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting Everyone has said for a year now that restaurants will not be the same when we come out of The Pandemic; that evolution is inevitable. Well, spring is here, shots are in arms, and restrictions are being lifted.

2021 52

How To Invest in the Perfect Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

When you’re starting a new commercial food business, you’ll need a range of equipment depending on the nature and type of your business. Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment for your establishment is essential. Tips for investing in The Perfect Kitchen Equipment.

6 Secrets To Ace Restaurant Health Inspections

The Restaurant Times

Ever wondered how restaurants ensure that their food is healthy enough to consume? If yes, then the answer is by passing regular restaurant health inspections conducted by municipal authorities to ensure public safety. It is crucial to train your employees before the food inspection.