Fair Workweek Law: An Overview

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Cities and states across the US are responding to a movement known as “ fair workweek ,” with many enacting new laws to shield restaurant employees’ personal lives and finances from the notoriously unpredictable world of restaurant scheduling. Be aware of your state/city laws.

Will Predictive Scheduling Laws Affect Your Restaurant?

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In the current labor market, restaurant owners have to deal with a host of issues that make it increasingly difficult to schedule employees. In an attempt to address these tensions, several jurisdictions have passed predictive or “fair” scheduling laws.

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Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: Seattle

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. At its peak, Seattle boasted an impressive 3,000 restaurant locations.

Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: New York State

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. However, these oversights are rarely excused and can cost your restaurant big time.

Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: Oregon State

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. Getting caught doing wrong by your restaurant employees isn’t the wisest financial move either.

Upcoming Compliance Labor Laws in Chicago

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. When Does the Law Go into Effect? What Workers Does the Law Affect? What Does the Law Mandate?

Fair Workweek Laws Gain More Ground In Restaurants


State and Local “Fair Workweek” Laws: The Common Threads. The movement for worker schedule flexibility continues to grow across America – more states and cities have joined together to shield workers from disruptive restaurant scheduling practices.

Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws

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Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws. Predictive Scheduling laws are designed to help your employees, but the burden falls on managers. Predictive Scheduling Laws: Penalties, Fees, and Fines, Oh My. Predictive scheduling laws are designed to help combat this.

Is Your Restaurant or Hotel in Compliance with New York’s Spread of Hours Law?

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What is the Spread of Hours Law? is a law that requires employers to pay any employee an extra hour of pay, at the basic minimum hourly rate, for any day on which the employee’s “spread of hours” exceeds 10. Essentially, if an employee’s “punch in” and “punch out” time exceeds 10 hours on any given day, even if that employee left the restaurant or hotel for a 6-hour lunch and only actually worked 5 hours that day, the employer must pay them for an extra hour.

Dram Shop Laws Vary by State

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It is a law in more than three dozen states, including all of New England, that holds businesses liable if an intoxicated patron injures anyone inside or outside of the establishment. In those states, insurance experts recommend that restaurant owners hold on to evidence for longer.

Restaurant Trends for 2020 (and Beyond)

Modern Restaurant Management

2019 was the year of convenience in the restaurant business. Here's what you can expect in the restaurant industry in 2020. Many restaurants are starting to offer unique benefits to attract and retain employees. Find out what makes your restaurant great, and do it better.

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Coronavirus: Restaurants Respond

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And how are other restaurants and industry insiders responding to this growing health concern? ” The cashless multi-vendor open-air gastronomic market has two locations in Prague, and a total of 34 independently operated restaurants, bars and retailers.

What Now? COVID-19 Survival Guide for Restaurants

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak effect on the restaurant industry, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine is compiling a list of resources available for restaurant owners, operators and managers. We're encouraging everyone to put these bonds to work and save restaurants!"

First Robotic Mobile Restaurant and DoorDash’s Commissary Kitchen

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In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature Ono Food Co, DoorDash, Parts Town and Heritage Foodservice, Rouxbe, Presto, Burger King and Uber Eats, Pared, Tork, Restaurant Technologies, Willie Degel, Bolay, Ritual, Preoday and TISSL, AdTheorent and Voodoo Doughnut.

For Restaurant Owners, Cybersecurity is a People Problem 

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With every online order, millions of customers are entrusting restaurant owner/operators with their most essential information. While beneficial in many ways, housing mass amounts of data leaves restaurants wide open to potential breaches — and hackers aren’t always the culprit.

States, Cities Ordering Restaurant and Bar Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

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With the specter of a federal ban on restaurants and bars looming, states have started enacting emergency measures designed to combat the spread of COVID-19 such as ordering the closure of bars and nightclubs, curfews and reducing occupancy levels.

How to Trademark Your Restaurant Name

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The name you give your restaurant plays an important role in the brand’s overall perception and growth: it’s the first element to represent your business in front of new customers. Law Marketing Operations Trademark trademarking restaurant name

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The Risks of Form I-9 for Restaurants

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Particularly for operators in the restaurant industry, who face high-volume hiring as a result of toxic turnover, it’s critically important to be diligent regarding employment eligibility to avoid penalties. Incompletion and Errors Put Restaurants at Risk.

Restaurant Wage and Hour Disputes Are on the Rise

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Restaurants nationwide are facing costly wage and hour lawsuits for failure to comply with federal and state employment laws. In these types of cases, employers run the risk of serious financial penalties, whether their actions are due to ignorance or a willful disregard of the law.

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Avoid Getting Burnt: Tips for Updating Your Restaurant’s Employee Handbook

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Who has the time (or the money) to put together an employee handbook when you have a busy restaurant to run? Unfortunately, many restaurants skip this step, and doing so can be a legal risk. Just imagine your restaurant has been sued for race discrimination.

Assessing Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Risks for Restaurants

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Restaurant and business owners should always be prepared in the event of loss or damage to normal business operations. Finance Law Operations business interruption Business Interruption Insurance Covid-19

What the Stimulus Bill Means for Restaurants

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history, into law. The act provides some relief for restaurant owners in forgivable paycheck protection loans and tax relief. To qualify, the restaurant must have been in operation on January 31, 2020 and have 500 employees or less.

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2019’s AB 5 Battle of California

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Unfortunately, as AB 5 progresses, the restaurant industry may also find itself on a losing side. Several of my restaurant and food industry clients have asked me recently how AB 5 and the potential carve out will impact their businesses.

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The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In

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Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Rick Camac, Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management at the Institute of Culinary Education. Occupancy cost may be 60-70 percent less than a traditional restaurant and payroll could be 33-50% less. US Foods’ Top Restaurant Trend Predictions.

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Cybersecurity Advice for Restaurateurs

Modern Restaurant Management

How to Ensure Your Restaurant Survives and Thrives in the Era of Widespread Cybercrime and Strict Data Security Regulations. Equipment Law Operations cybersecurity Cybersecurity and restaurants

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ADA Title III Compliance for Restaurant Websites and Apps

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By now, most restaurants have become familiar with Title III compliance when it comes to modifying facilities and procedures – enabling disabled patrons to have equal access to goods and services. Law Marketing Operations dominos website restaurant websites ADA Compliance

Federal Official: Restaurant Ban Might Be on the Table

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In an appearance on "Face the Nation," Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who is on the government's COVID-19 task force, said a restaurant ban might be a possibility and has been discussed by the task force. "You

Protecting Restaurants from Botnet Manipulation of Online Reviews

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In the Internet economy, restaurateurs, especially owners and operators of non-chain restaurants, are often at the mercy of users of review websites and applications such as Yelp and TripAdvisor and social media platforms such as Facebook.

Best Scheduling Software for Restaurants: Restaurant Scheduling Apps for 2020

Restaurant Clicks

That’s why most restaurants use a scheduling app of some sort to create and maintain weekly staff schedules. Employee scheduling software is a piece of technology that can seriously streamline the scheduling process of your restaurants. . 7 Best Restaurant Scheduling Software and Apps.

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Effective Restaurant Accounting Tips


Preparing good meals and serving customers is always an exciting part of running a restaurant. When it comes to numbers, however, most restaurant owners do not know what is expected of them. Hire a Professional Specializing in Restaurant Accounting. Track Restaurant Inventory.


Culinary Cues

I have always been a believer in the reality of Murphy’s Law: “If something is left to go wrong – it will.” Here are some examples of scenarios to plan for: [] PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO BE IN A RESTAURANT WITH CROWDS. Restaurant Consulting.

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Restaurant Licensing: Licenses and Permits Needed To Open a Restaurant 

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Opening a restaurant isn’t just about creating menus and investing capital. There are various licenses and permits needed to open a new restaurant legally. Before you can open a new restaurant, you’ll need to apply for and receive an assortment of state licenses and local permits. .

Defining Healthy Menus – What Restaurants Need to Know

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Covered establishments, such as chains with 20+ restaurants using the same name and offering substantially similar food, have to follow specific FDA rules for nutrient content claims and menu labeling. Design Equipment Law Operations How to define healthy FDA healthy standards

When Should You Open Another Restaurant Location? (Flowchart)

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If you’ve built up a successful restaurant, then you definitely have reason to celebrate. Sure, your restaurant could benefit from another location. However, your restaurant could also suffer. And of course, you’re valuable as a restaurant owner!

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-February 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features the National Restaurant Association's State of the Indusrty Report, food industry pressures, foodservice opportunities, influencer marketing, foot traffic analysis and the dining-out dollar.

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Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Agreements: Protecting Your Restaurant Against Defamation

Modern Restaurant Management

Employers, especially restaurants, seem to be left with no way to police rogue employees who often post false information in a malicious attempt to stick it to their “awful, sadistic” former employer. Doesn’t The Law On Defamation Protect My Restaurant?

Restaurant Labor Management


Labor management is a critical part of running a successful restaurant business. However, juggling a weekly shift schedule can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process for a restaurant manager or operator. Why Restaurant Labor Management is Important.

How The New ‘Tipped Pool’ Rule May Impact Restaurant Employers

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Tips, tip credits and tip pools are staples in the restaurant industry. Restaurant employers utilize them daily. This long-standing law currently allows employers to credit $5.12 The proposed Rule would see certain changes that could affect how restaurant employers deploy scheduling and pay practices. In some restaurants, employees may hold the title of “supervisor” actively perform tipped duties and participate in a tip pooling arrangement.

January/February 2020 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. The law went into effect on January 1, 2020. Pooja S.

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Yikes, It’s Yelp! — Making User-Generated Review Sites Work for Your Restaurant

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Yelp and other user-generated review sites aren’t usually viewed favorably by restaurateurs and restaurant management. At my restaurant, we strive to respond to every single review – whether it be negative or positive. When appropriate, restaurants should also take the time to address any specific questions based on the review and emphasize to the guest that staff will continue to ensure they have the same great experience time after time.

NLRB Joint Employer Final Rule and America’s Classics

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As a result, the final rule provides clear guidance in this significant area of the law. With plans for national expansion, Condado’s growth goals include adding six to eight new restaurants annually. ” Design Equipment Law Marketing Operations new News Restaurant News

The Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants

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Is your restaurant doing well and you feel like you are ready to expand your business, but not sure how? Check out this Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself: Is My Restaurant Scalable?

Restaurant Leases In the Time of Quarantine – What are the Obligations Now?

Modern Restaurant Management

It is not surprising that under the current circumstances, restaurants are seeking help to understand their lease obligations. Can they close their restaurant? Each case is different, so it is important for restaurant owners to consult with a real estate attorney about their own particular situation. Additionally, applicable case law may also support your ability to close your business and/or stop paying rent.