Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: Oregon State

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. Getting caught doing wrong by your restaurant employees isn’t the wisest financial move either.

Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: Seattle

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. At its peak, Seattle boasted an impressive 3,000 restaurant locations.

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Will Predictive Scheduling Laws Affect Your Restaurant?

Modern Restaurant Management

In the current labor market, restaurant owners have to deal with a host of issues that make it increasingly difficult to schedule employees. In an attempt to address these tensions, several jurisdictions have passed predictive or “fair” scheduling laws. These laws can have a big impact on the way that restaurants manage their employees. What Are Predictive Scheduling Laws? The Development of Predictive Scheduling Laws.

Employment Law Considerations as Restaurants Reopen

Modern Restaurant Management

For restaurants, this means dine-in service will begin again — or will be soon — and more employees will be returning to work. This is great news for an industry that has seen countless restaurants limited to takeout or delivery orders, if they were even able to remain open at all during the COVID-19 crisis. Still, restaurants are reopening in a different environment than a few months ago. Paid Leave Law Still in Play.

Fair Workweek Law: An Overview

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Cities and states across the US are responding to a movement known as “ fair workweek ,” with many enacting new laws to shield restaurant employees’ personal lives and finances from the notoriously unpredictable world of restaurant scheduling. Even though fair workweek has already been established law in cities like New York and states like Oregon, many restaurants affected by these laws don’t know the full extent of them (or are ignoring them altogether).

Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: New York State

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. 7shifts disclaims all liability (except for any liability which by law cannot be excluded) for any error, inaccuracy, or omission from the information contained in this article and any loss or damage suffered by any person directly or indirectly through relying on the information contained in this article.

Upcoming Compliance Labor Laws in Chicago

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Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. 7shifts disclaims all liability (except for any liability which by law cannot be excluded) for any error, inaccuracy, or omission from the information contained in this article and any loss or damage suffered by any person directly or indirectly through relying on the information contained in this article.

How to Prevent Predictive Scheduling Violations and Achieve Labor Law Compliance in All Your Restaurants


Between the introduction of new regulations and penalties imposed on restaurant brands that violated current regulations, there were a lot of headlines about labor laws this year.

Fair Workweek Laws Gain More Ground In Restaurants


State and Local “Fair Workweek” Laws: The Common Threads. The movement for worker schedule flexibility continues to grow across America – more states and cities have joined together to shield workers from disruptive restaurant scheduling practices. The “Fair Workweek” ordinance has recently added Chicago to the cause. Chicago joins with New York City, Seattle, San Jose, and the state of Oregon. labor operations management

Man Killed by Law Enforcement in Louisville on Monday Was Restaurant Owner David McAtee


David McAtee, who ran a barbecue business in western Louisville, was killed by law enforcement early Monday morning in what officials claim was an exchange of fire between a large group of civilians and the Louisville Metro Police and Kentucky National Guard sent to disperse them.

Ohio Taco Chain Employees Walked Out When Asked to Fill Mass Order for Law Enforcement


Condado Tacos is an Ohio-based Mexican restaurant chain with nearly 20 locations across the Rust Belt. All agreed that the culture at their individual restaurants was supportive of actions being taken by demonstrators, with one employee stating that managers had offered time-off to protest and committed to bail employees out of jail if they were arrested. All of our other restaurant management were not on the same page with [the district manager],” Widdowson says. “So

Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws

Hot Schedules

Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws. Predictive Scheduling laws are designed to help your employees, but the burden falls on managers. Predictive Scheduling Laws: Penalties, Fees, and Fines, Oh My. Arranging childcare, scheduling transportation, attending school or second jobs, or caring for family members…there are many things hourly restaurant employees juggle outside of work. Predictive scheduling laws are designed to help combat this.

Is Contact Tracing Required at Restaurants? Laws Change By the Day

Restaurant Engine

Are restaurant owners required to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing? On April 30, Mayor Quinton Lucas in Missouri signed an order for restaurant owners to follow his 10/10/10 rule : no more than 10% of building occupancy, no more than 10 customers at a time, and customer visits no longer than 10 minutes unless logging customers’ contact information. On May 8, officials added a requirement for restaurant owners to log customers.

Bankruptcy Guide for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

In February 2020, the National Restaurant Association announced projections that restaurant industry sales would reach $899 billion this year, experiencing four-percent growth “mirroring general economic conditions.” What Happens When a Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy?

Is Your Restaurant or Hotel in Compliance with New York’s Spread of Hours Law?

Restaurant Law

What is the Spread of Hours Law? is a law that requires employers to pay any employee an extra hour of pay, at the basic minimum hourly rate, for any day on which the employee’s “spread of hours” exceeds 10. Essentially, if an employee’s “punch in” and “punch out” time exceeds 10 hours on any given day, even if that employee left the restaurant or hotel for a 6-hour lunch and only actually worked 5 hours that day, the employer must pay them for an extra hour.

Dram Shop Laws Vary by State

Hospitality Insurance Group

It is a law in more than three dozen states, including all of New England, that holds businesses liable if an intoxicated patron injures anyone inside or outside of the establishment. While laws may vary from state by state, Hospitality Insurance Group aims to shed light on what business owners should know about Dram Shop laws. More than 40 states currently have Dram Shop laws, and the primary differences between states could be significant.

Navigating Legal Challenges in the Restaurant Industry (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

For those starting or running a restaurant, the principle goal and motivation is to serve delicious food and satisfy customers. Law Operations legal challenges MarketScale the Main Course Barbara Castiglia Pooja S.

Restaurant Trends for 2020 (and Beyond)

Modern Restaurant Management

2019 was the year of convenience in the restaurant business. Online ordering, curbside to-go, self-ordering kiosks, and third-party delivery services dominated the restaurant landscape; these trends were so predominant that you'd now be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that doesn't offer at least one of these services. Here's what you can expect in the restaurant industry in 2020. The number of different systems in restaurants has been rapidly increasing.

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Face Pay Network, Restaurant of the Future and The Main Course

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature a webinar that looks into the future of restaurants, face pay, delivery robots, drone delivery and a new venture for MRM. Restaurant of the Future Panel. Brad Duea – CEO, Restaurant REVOLUTION Technologies.

Safety First: Welcoming Restaurant Employees Back

Modern Restaurant Management

Over the past few months, many restaurants made difficult decisions to reduce their workforce and apply a strict delivery and takeout format or pause operations entirely due to COVID-19. As the fight against COVID-19 continues, more of those same restaurants have started considering—and even implementing—new plans for welcoming employees and customers back for in-person dining. Equipment Law Operations sentry restaurant employee post COVID HR Staffing

What Now? COVID-19 Survival Guide for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak effect on the restaurant industry, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine is compiling a list of resources available for restaurant owners, operators and managers. The National Restaurant Association has provided a list of best practices to ensure business continuity. A team of restaurant industry veterans led by HP-PR and Hall PR have set into motion a nationwide initiative to help get funds into the hands of restaurants now.

Digital Dining and ‘Restaurant Recovery’ Show

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature help for small business owners and products for the 'new normal' for restaurants as they reopen. Wally Sadat, CMO of The Kebab Shop, a chain of restaurants in California and Texas, has been using On-Demand Delivery for Square Online Store during our beta test and said it helped him manage costs and retain customers during recent months. ” 'Restaurant Recovery' Docuseries.

Coronavirus: Restaurants Respond

Modern Restaurant Management

And how are other restaurants and industry insiders responding to this growing health concern? The National Restaurant Association remains on top of the issue providing updates and resources including a fact sheet and a webpage with an FAQ, industry guidance, and food safety guidelines provided by ServeSafe to address increasing questions about COVID-19. As the world braces for a pandemic, Lavu leadership recognizes the potential for restaurant closures.

The Employment Landscape is Messy: How Restaurants Can Ensure Compliance with Limited Resources

Modern Restaurant Management

Let’s start with an uncontroversial premise: California’s complex, ever-changing gauntlet of employment laws is difficult for any company to navigate. Yet you may still be wondering why, aside from the headache, does it matter for my restaurant?


Culinary Cues

OK, so here we are: restaurants are beginning to re-open (maybe prematurely, maybe not) and we are all scared to death. We are fearful that 25% or 50% capacity in our restaurants will not allow us to survive – so, what’s the point? It’s interesting how last month everyone was proclaiming that everything will be different when restaurants open again, that what we knew will not suffice in the near future. Change is the law of life. Restaurant Consulting.

Pandemic Hangover Coming for Restaurants and Municipalities

Modern Restaurant Management

As though an existential crisis of biblical proportions were not enough, if past is prologue, the aftermath of COVID-19 may be as challenging for the restaurant industry as the pandemic itself. Impact to Philadelphia Restaurant Scene. Post-COVID-19 Lessons tor the Restaurant Industry.

Restaurant Wage and Hour Disputes Are on the Rise

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants nationwide are facing costly wage and hour lawsuits for failure to comply with federal and state employment laws. In these types of cases, employers run the risk of serious financial penalties, whether their actions are due to ignorance or a willful disregard of the law.

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Second Wave of Restaurant Chain Bankruptcy Filings Could Offer New Opportunities  

Modern Restaurant Management

Anyone who has worked the back of the house at a popular restaurant knows how chaotic the kitchen can feel during a restaurant “rush” hour—knives, spoons, and spatulas being swung around, glassware flying, line cooks and sous chefs furiously plating food and sending it out. The same intensity will also mark what the restaurant bankruptcy “industry” as a whole will experience in the second half of 2020, through at least, the middle of 2021.

As Your Restaurant Rolls with the Punches of COVID-19, Keep These Tips in Sight 

Modern Restaurant Management

As much as complete closures and stay-at-home orders have harmed the restaurant industry, reopening has come with fits and starts, presenting a new litany of obstacles for dining establishments to overcome. These are tough times, and restaurants must be strategic.

How to Trademark Your Restaurant Name

Modern Restaurant Management

The name you give your restaurant plays an important role in the brand’s overall perception and growth: it’s the first element to represent your business in front of new customers. Law Marketing Operations Trademark trademarking restaurant name

Don’t Let Your Restaurant Become a Victim of Cybercrime

Modern Restaurant Management

The business of running a restaurant is no longer limited to exceptional recipes, gorgeous plating, and advertisements. In an age of online ordering, customers demanding Wi-Fi, and the need for websites to dazzle just as much as the food, countering cybercrime has to be a factor in the day-to-day work of restaurant management. Recent data breaches in the restaurant industry targeted customer data through POS systems. How Can Restaurants Arm Themselves Against Cyber Threats?

COVID-19 Resources for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

For additional resources, click COVID-19 Survival Guide for Restaurants and MRM Restaurant Survival Guide, Second Course and MRM Restaurant Survival Guide, Part Three and What’s Next?: MRM Restaurant Survival Guide Updates.

10 Common Pitfalls in Restaurant Build-Outs

Modern Restaurant Management

Opening a new restaurant is exciting. Your restaurant lease is one of the most important contracts needed to start your business. Before signing anything, you must make sure you can get the restaurant build-out you want. These attempts to save money can lead to unnecessary expenses to repair or replace items on a shortened timeframe before the restaurant’s opening. Does your restaurant need floor drains? Pitfall #8: Ignoring immigration laws.

Three Changes for Restaurants as they Adjust their Business Model

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants are facing a major shift in the way they conduct business during this COVID-19 era. Typically an on-premise industry, restaurants must now adapt to ways of doing business that are off-premise, yet meet the high demands of being essential (or essential adjacent). The challenges the restaurant industry faces are multilayered. Here are three solutions to the challenges that restaurants might face when changing their business model during COVID-19: Symptom Screening.

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For Restaurant Owners, Cybersecurity is a People Problem 

Modern Restaurant Management

With every online order, millions of customers are entrusting restaurant owner/operators with their most essential information. While beneficial in many ways, housing mass amounts of data leaves restaurants wide open to potential breaches — and hackers aren’t always the culprit. Thanks to the advent of chipped credit cards, virtually all restaurants have at least some cybersecurity safeguards.

Protecting Restaurants from Botnet Manipulation of Online Reviews

Modern Restaurant Management

In the Internet economy, restaurateurs, especially owners and operators of non-chain restaurants, are often at the mercy of users of review websites and applications such as Yelp and TripAdvisor and social media platforms such as Facebook.

First Robotic Mobile Restaurant and DoorDash’s Commissary Kitchen

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature Ono Food Co, DoorDash, Parts Town and Heritage Foodservice, Rouxbe, Presto, Burger King and Uber Eats, Pared, Tork, Restaurant Technologies, Willie Degel, Bolay, Ritual, Preoday and TISSL, AdTheorent and Voodoo Doughnut. World’s First Mobile Restaurant Powered by Advanced Robotics. unveiled the world’s first mobile restaurant powered by robotic technology, top video and photo.

ADA Title III Compliance for Restaurant Websites and Apps

Modern Restaurant Management

By now, most restaurants have become familiar with Title III compliance when it comes to modifying facilities and procedures – enabling disabled patrons to have equal access to goods and services. Law Marketing Operations dominos website restaurant websites ADA Compliance

Tough Topic: Making Restaurants Safer

Modern Restaurant Management

In recent years, the restaurant and bar industry has undergone major education from law enforcement officials on how to respond to active shooters, with a consensus forming around the basic idea of “Run, Hide & Fight.” What the guidance can’t do, however, is speed up the crucial step of delivering accurate and complete information on the active shooter situation to local law enforcement and emergency responders.

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The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Rick Camac, Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management at the Institute of Culinary Education. Occupancy cost may be 60-70 percent less than a traditional restaurant and payroll could be 33-50% less. US Foods’ Top Restaurant Trend Predictions.

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