8 Tips for Selling Merchandise at Your Coffee Shop


Coffee shops have a unique customer base that stands and waits patiently (we hope) for their lattes—and not selling merchandise is a lost business opportunity. Those minutes could be spent checking out your café’s merchandise instead of idly scrolling through Instagram feeds.

6 Benefits Of Learning How To Master Affiliate Marketing

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Claire has just returned from studying abroad at the London College of Fashion and will finish her senior year studying retail merchandising back at her home university – University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). Claire Erickson is currently a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger.com.

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How to keep your food business going during the COVID-19 / corona crisis


A creative way to do more business would be to sell recipes, ingredients and/or merchandise online. You could even provide ingredients or branded merchandise to be used with the recipe.

Reopening Your Restaurant? Here’s Your Digital To-Do List


In fact, it seems common now for eateries to have pantry items, take-and-bake bread, and merchandise on their menus. Don’t count out merchandise either—it just sends more revenue to your restaurant. It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for restaurants.

Restaurant Weighing Scales Guide: Why You Need Them in Your Restaurant  

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A receiving scale is used to weigh merchandise when it arrives. Restaurant weighing scales are essential as they maintain consistent portion size, provide accuracy when measuring for recipes, ensure you get your money’s worth of merchandise, and help you bill your customer accurately.

Five Ways for Restaurants to Thrive When Offices Reopen

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Merchandise new take-out procedures that will make customers feel more secure — such as curbside pickup and mask and glove requirements. Many states have eased restrictions and some businesses are starting to reopen and bring their teams back to the office.

Point Of Sale System Cost: Why It Shouldn’t Matter

BNG Point of Sale

It generates merchandise pricing and offers a secure way to accept payment, making it ideal for portable businesses, outside sales teams, and businesses with frequent sales such as restaurants and bars. Easily price and manage inventory as a merchant, making it easy to update and change out merchandise. Point of System Cost / Our 2020 Guide to the Benefits of Today’s Merchant Software.

All You Need to Know About Restaurant Branding in 2019

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Merchandise. Every restaurant has a unique history and story that you can portray by retailing merchandises. All You Need to Know About Restaurant Branding. A restaurant business is exciting, albeit challenging. How will you stand out amongst others?

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How the Tech Industry is Shaping the Future of Dining


Commerce platform for the selling and tracking of items such as merchandise. The words “restaurant management system” rarely cause excitement. Food is fascinating, and dining out often leads to cherished memories, but a restaurant’s transaction system does not make it into those memories.

How Restaurant & Cafe Owners Can Learn from Sports Fans and Violin Players

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He even has merchandise for sale. What can sporting clubs and a classical violinist teach us about staying in touch with our customers? And not just ‘don’t forget me’ messages, but spending this time of enforced separation to build their love, enthusiasm and loyalty?

Restaurant Reopening Checklist: Tips for Thriving


If you haven’t set up takeout, delivery, gift cards, alcohol sales, grocery sales, merchandise sales, etc., Merch4relief.com is a great resource for restaurants that are new to merchandise sales.

Eating with Your Eyes – Food, Design and Social Media

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Maximise your operational standards including beautiful food presentation, clear product display and ticketing, maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness and stay on-brand with all signage, promotions and visual merchandising. Speedos Cafe serving up aesthetically desirable and instagrammable Pitaya Chia Pot (Image via @speedoscafe via Instagram). Eating with your eyes – Food, Design and Social Media. We live in a digital era where we are all critics.

How food and hospitality can flourish in the next normal

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Ben Shewry has turned Attica into a take-home emporium with dining kits and merchandise sales. How food and hospitality can flourish in the next normal Retail Relationships Rewarding Foodies.

Restaurant Branding: How To Build Your Restaurant Brand

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Merchandise. This includes fonts, colors, logos, merchandise, and any other visual elements you want to remain consistent throughout your restaurant brand. In an industry as passionate as the restaurant business it can be hard to stand out amongst competitors.

Cuisine Solutions Collaborates with Taffer’s Tavern Founder and CEO Jon Taffer for New Restaurant Venture


” His broad areas of expertise include product and brand recognition, merchandising promotions, customer acquisition, product marketing, go-to-market strategy, television, and public speaking.

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How to Prepare Your Café For The Festive Season

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It’s the perfect opportunity for you to sell gifts such as specialty roasted coffee, brewing gear, and other related merchandise. . If your café doesn’t stock much merchandise or wants to avoid the risk that comes with having excess stock that will date quickly, gift cards are a great option.

How to Promote Customer Retention & Loyalty with Restaurant Marketing

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Personalized merchandise — like coasters, badges or mugs — also go a long way in creating a recall for your restaurant, reminding customers to come back often. The core of any marketing strategy begins with establishing an objective.

How to Create a Successful Visual Brand for Your Restaurant in 2020

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But, if you have a playful style that could be embodied by a mascot character, consider developing a fun mascot figurehead to speak directly to your customers from your social media posts, signage, menu, website, and maybe even merchandise.

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Pivoting From an Economic Downturn

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Restaurant swag – you can sell your brand; if you have merchandise with your restaurant's logo, it can serve as another avenue of income. Restaurants are in a scary and uncertain place.

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Leveraging Relationships to Build a Better Bar Program

Goliath Consulting

These range from the traditional promotional models handing out merchandise and samples to more personalized events. With an estimated $100 billion in annual sales, alcohol is a staple of the hospitality industry. Almost every restaurant with liquor on the menu has their share of creatively named house cocktails and luring drink specials, but is your restaurant making the most of its beverage program? Are you utilizing every perk your distributors and suppliers can bring to the table?

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“This competition has been an incredible step-up for us”: on brewery point of sale and house yeast, we grab 5 minutes with Raise The Bar winners Vault City


Merchandise is a huge part of building a successful brand and by sending us this equipment we’re able to do this on a much bigger and more accessible scale. Fun, inventive and bold: that’s how Johnny, Steven and Adele of Vault City describe their approach to brewing.

How to use our menu builder as a marketing tool


Boost your menu with offerings other than food , like recipe books, special (homemade) ingredients, branded merchandise or kitchenware,… It’s your online shop and you make the call! The average food delivery platform user will look at several online shops before making their decision.

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L&L Puts Aloha Spirit into Practice

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They have sent out a number of merchandising and training tools to assist in our daily operations.

How to Manage Cash Flow During Restaurant Restrictions


For most restaurants, inflow is principally the cash from your food and drink sales, or related catering or merchandise. Tracking and understanding your restaurant’s cash flow is essential, whether business is booming, or times are tough. A healthy, positive cash flow is necessary to pay your bills and grow sales. Understanding your cash flow not only keeps your operation afloat, but it also prepares you to handle unexpected changes in sales and expenses.

Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

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It’s a joint venture with the Louis Dreyfus Company , a merchant and processor of agricultural goods, and one of the world’s largest green bean merchandisers.

Restaurant Profit Margins: A No-Brainer Guide to Maximizing Your Profits


You may wish to also offer delivery, take reservations, and/or sell merchandise. Sell Merchandise If you have a strong brand and/or lots of guest loyalty, consider selling merchandise. As an owner-operator, your restaurant likely sits at the center of your life.

Keep your customers coming back: Effective communication strategies for hospitality


All aspects of your food business will be a direct reflection of your brand voice – right down to menus, merchandise, furniture and music. Communicating in person.

The Future of Commercial Catering

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It is no longer acceptable to deliver poor quality products, service, culinary capability, food display and visual merchandising. Corporate Catering at Metropolis Function Centre Image via Event Birdie. The Future of Commercial Catering - Customer Satisfaction and the Moment of Truth.

[Case Study] How Shawn & Ed Brewing Simplified Scheduling and Event Management

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Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in the heart of Dundas, Ontario, producing delicious beers sold through a variety of liquor stores as well as their own taproom.

A Thank You Note and Gift Card Can Help You Turn Around Your Restaurant Business Despite COVID-19

The Restaurant Times

In an effort to find new income streams, restaurateurs have rediscovered the potential of gift cards and merchandise which are proving to be an excellent way to retain customers even during the coronavirus crisis. . The scourge of coronavirus is spreading across the globe.

Restaurant Innovation That Goes Beyond Menu Items

Modern Restaurant Management

We’ve seen examples of this with how staff greet customers, stunning brand art that everyone loves, merchandise a customer takes home, or the way service is carried out. We hear frequently how innovation is a mainstay for business survival and growth.

The Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants

MBB Hospitality

You can also create new revenue streams like food delivery, catering and merchandising. Is your restaurant doing well and you feel like you are ready to expand your business, but not sure how?

The Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants

MBB Hospitality

You can also create new revenue streams like food delivery, catering and merchandising. Is your restaurant doing well and you feel like you are ready to expand your business, but not sure how?

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-April 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Since then, gift card sales have declined, but online ordering and merchandise sales have both increased steadily: Online orders have increased 50 percent week-over-week for the last three weeks.

2020 147

How to Handle Temporary Restaurant Closure during COVID-19

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Consider things like merchandise sales, inventory sales, or private cooking lessons. Due to the volatile situation caused by COVID-19, restaurateurs across the globe are having to temporarily close their businesses to support social distancing.

“This competition has been an incredible step-up for us”: on brewery point of sale and house yeast


Merchandise is a huge part of building a successful brand and by sending us this equipment we’re able to do this on a much bigger and more accessible scale. Fun, inventive and bold: that’s how Johnny, Steven and Adele of Vault City describe their approach to brewing.

Ways to Build a Successful Fall Marketing Strategy

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This is partially because stores are working hard to clear excess merchandise with end-of-season sales and clearance deals. JJ Tyson Why is a Fall Seasonal Marketing Strategy Important? Seasonal marketing is more important than ever before.

The Uncertain Future of Pop-Up Restaurants


He’s just finished designing a line of merchandise, and completed edits on his first cookbook. “I Leigh-Ann Martin chats with guests at one of her pop-up dinners. Dahli Durley.

PepsiCo Is Investing Where It Counts

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John Ballard ​Investors have been very upbeat about PepsiCo's (NASDAQ:PEP) prospects this year, as the company invests in areas to accelerate sales growth and position itself for sustainable long-term returns.

Restaurant Revenue Management: Increasing Revenue With Traffic, Sales and Service


Selling merchandise at your location. Anyone who’s worked in the service industry knows that running a restaurant isn’t easy. The fact that there’s an overwhelming number of restaurants to compete with only adds to the challenge.

‘It’s a Window, Not a Life’


Her husband, TJ Douglas, who is Black, told Eater that the vandalization of a community-centered business like theirs felt “like a slap in the face,” especially after seeing in security camera footage that some of the looters picking through the merchandise were young Black men.

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Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Tickets for the national fundraiser include food, beverage, auction access, merchandise opportunities for autographs and photos, and access to the After Party with live celebrity entertainment. Event date: February 2, 2020 (All day).

Who Will Win The Restaurant Aggregator Race?

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Restaurants on the Digital Chopping Block Like retail, the restaurant industry is rethinking its product, merchandising and delivery model to balance the consumer’s desire for a great experience with their demand for efficiency and convenience.