8 Tips for Selling Merchandise at Your Coffee Shop


Coffee shops have a unique customer base that stands and waits patiently (we hope) for their lattes—and not selling merchandise is a lost business opportunity. Those minutes could be spent checking out your café’s merchandise instead of idly scrolling through Instagram feeds. Many coffee shops do offer merchandise, but many don’t seem to be selling it well (dusty wares being the primary indicator). How to Merchandise a Café. Make Money with Your Merchandise.

Here’s a look at Chick-fil-A’s first merchandise line

Restaurant Business

The “Chick-fil-A Originals,” feature a selection of apparel and other merchandise. They are not expected to last long. Marketing


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Why Restaurant Merch Is the Most Effective Marketing Tool


As restaurants continue to explore new revenue streams in an ever-changing environment, restaurant merchandise is stealing the limelight as an innovative, fun product that does wonders to your bottom line. Here are some fun and practical branded merchandise ideas for your restaurant.

The American Restaurant 2022 (Post Pandemic)

Culinary Cues

Renting shelf or cooler space for your product places the merchandising, collection of cash and credit, and facilities maintenance in the hands of the store.

2022 314

Three steps to maximize c-store sales


can help you thrive: Implement an automated labeling solution – Grab ‘N Go merchandising is key– the easier it is to notice and read your fresh-food labels, the stronger your in-store sales.

22 Restaurant Advertising Ideas Driving Guests To Tables In 2022

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Restaurant merchandise allows your brand to be given as a gift - either to or on behalf of some of your restaurant's biggest fans. For example, Cambridge Brewing Company often hosts giveaways for free beer and merchandise on Instagram.

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4th of July Specials for Restaurants: Promotions and Ideas for 2021

Touch Bistro

You could even partner with a business to offer a meal kit that includes merchandise like a handmade BBQ apron, or a local brewery to offer beer and food pairings. A meal kit that includes merchandise like a handmade apron. And speaking of merchandise… 9.

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Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Boost Revenues


What’s more, advertising deals about non-core products, like restaurant merchandise and swag , boost alternative revenue streams. Reading Time: 4 minutes. Restaurants, retailers and airlines have been using loyalty programs to drive revenue for nearly three centuries.

Toast Survey: Guests Are Dining In

Modern Restaurant Management

The top five performing cities in Q1 2022 were San Francisco (57 percent), San Diego (55 percent), Seattle (54.percent), New York (50 percent), and Los Angeles (46 percent) based on Q1 year-over-year gross merchandise value (GMV) or total sales growth on a same-store basis.

The Rise of Exclusivity: VIP vs Traditional Discounting

Modern Restaurant Management

In addition to special-access menu items, loyalty programs can offer events, merchandise, or experiences like cooking classes or cookbook signings as exclusive perks.

Prepare Now for a More Profitable Christmas

Ken Burgin

Merchandise and display the items with smart signage – these are great for last-minute giving. Don’t just reprint last year’s menus, plus the same decorations and corny music! Plan for this to be the busiest, most efficient and profitable time of the year.

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Top Tips to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Year

Modern Restaurant Management

Merchandise and Prizes. Some examples include the boss’ parking spot, coupons, wine or company merchandise. Q1 means another year of celebrating employees on a regular basis, and especially on their respective appreciation days.

Restaurant Menu: Where Every Great Turnaround Started

Aaron Allen & Associates

It’s about more than tactical design, merchandising techniques, promotional tactics, and pricing strategies though. to showcase and improve menu merchandising, resulting in an immediate impact for same-store sales growth and meaningful margin improvements.

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3 New Restaurant Marketing Opportunities in November

Ken Burgin

Move the merchandise – the t-shirts that haven’t sold, offered at a crazy price. Promote Christmas shopping from your merchandise and food box deals – delivery in December but you must pay today. With business turned upside down in the pandemic, we need every excuse for a party or promotion. There are three from the retail space that can easily be adapted for restaurants and cafes in November – just add imagination and stir!

Publish Your Website with These Best Restaurant Website Builders

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Shopify was built for e-commerce, so it's an optimal choice if you want to sell merchandise on your restaurant's website. Did you know that three in four customers will visit a restaurant's website before dining at that restaurant?

Be Damn Good


On this episode of the Takeout, Delivery, and Catering podcast series, hosts TJ Schier and Sam Stanovich sit down with Elizabeth Baxter , the chief people officer of Torchy’s Tacos , to explore the taco business, crafting products and merchandise, and building a culture of caring.

How to keep your food business going during the COVID-19 / corona crisis


A creative way to do more business would be to sell recipes, ingredients and/or merchandise online. You could even provide ingredients or branded merchandise to be used with the recipe.

MRM Research Roundup: Year-End 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

While restaurants looked after frontline workers, diners lended their own efforts to support restaurants and their staff in 2020, offering donations, gift cards, tickets towards online classes and merchandise purchases.

2020 139

The Top 5 Restaurant Inventory Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Employees that you designate as receivers should be able to not only recognize various quality levels of merchandise, but also be trained on how to handle the necessary paperwork and any digital recordkeeping. Train your receiver to rotate your merchandise as it is received.

Reopening Your Restaurant? Here’s Your Digital To-Do List


In fact, it seems common now for eateries to have pantry items, take-and-bake bread, and merchandise on their menus. Don’t count out merchandise either—it just sends more revenue to your restaurant. It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for restaurants.

Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Your Cafe or Restaurant

Ken Burgin

It could involve donations from customers on a certain day, a special fund-raising meal, or selling pink ribbon merchandise. It’s an important annual event in October, and might be forgotten with all the COVID issues on our mind.

2020 130

Cheetah Plus Offers Amazing Deals to Member Restaurants


We’re bringing more partners onboard constantly and so far we selected companies to help you with website design, online menu, merchandising, online reviews, etc. Reading Time: 2 minutes.

How to Open a Coffee Shop: The Ultimate Guide

7 Shifts

Shelving if you're selling merchandise like hats or t-shirts. So you want to open up your very own coffee shop. We're all here for it! Coffee shops can be so much more than a place to grab a cup of joe and a croissant.

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Ultimate Restaurant Website Design Guide for Beginners

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With these integrations, your website can take orders and reservations, sell merchandise, and capture visitor data so that you can market your business to website visitors and turn them into customers.

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Inflation is Changing the Ways Restaurants Operate

Goliath Consulting

This can be a free menu item, a side item, a discount, or merchandise. As everything gets more expensive, consumers are panicking, and business owners are in a predicament. To cover supply chain costs, restaurant owners need to raise their prices.

Takeaway.com 101: the essential guide for restaurants


Sales of merchandise and packaging. Founded in the Netherlands in the year 2000, Takeaway.com specializes in online food ordering and home delivery. In 2020, the company merged with Just Eat to form one of the leading global online food delivery companies, Just Eat Takeaway.com.

Spring Cleaning: Simple, Yet Effective Tips for All Operators


Properly maintained storage is the backbone of your food inventory management system because it prevents the loss of merchandise, particularly through spoilage. Spring is the season of renewal. A time when the world revives and reinvigorates itself. A time to try new things.

Enticing Restaurant Customers with Loyalty Programs and SMS

Modern Restaurant Management

Consider exclusive updates such as new merchandise and secret or upcoming menu items or VIP rewards such as targeted promotions or coupons. Marketers and business leaders have heard the saying, “It’s cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one.”

[Case Study] How Shawn & Ed Brewing Simplified Scheduling and Event Management

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Now, using 7shifts, everything is online and they can do it from their smartphone.” - Taryn, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co Start my free trial Employee-friendly scheduling and communication With a brewery, taproom, merchandise, and beer to coordinate, the Shawn & Ed team have their hands full of events to plan, beer to brew, and more—and communication among that chaos is key for smooth operation. Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

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Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas: How to Start

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Fashion retailer Simons has a FAQs page featuring their perks, alongside pictures of their merchandise to entice purchases. Restaurants have been pressured to make the move online to stay afloat amid the global pandemic and city-wide lockdowns.

All You Need to Know About Restaurant Branding in 2019

iTab POS

Merchandise. Every restaurant has a unique history and story that you can portray by retailing merchandises. All You Need to Know About Restaurant Branding. A restaurant business is exciting, albeit challenging. How will you stand out amongst others? Uniquely branding your restaurant is a way to attract and keep customers. Whether it’s the ambiance, decor, or (most importantly) the menu, make sure it’s something that gets everyone eagerly lining up at your door.

2019 43

5 Reasons NOT to Order Restaurant Supplies from Cheetah


That’s why we curate competitive deals and discounts on merchandise, digital menus, marketing and other complementary services for our customers. Reading Time: 4 minutes. COVID-19, supply chain issues and rising food prices have placed the future of major broadliners at risk.

12 Tips to Increase Catering Profits This Busy Season


As a BONUS, through Cheetah’s expanded business coalition , you get discounts on services like digital and nutritional menus, marketing, staffing and merchandise. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

6 Benefits Of Learning How To Master Affiliate Marketing

Lady Boss Blogger

Claire has just returned from studying abroad at the London College of Fashion and will finish her senior year studying retail merchandising back at her home university – University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). Claire Erickson is currently a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger.com.

How Restaurant & Cafe Owners Can Learn from Sports Fans and Violin Players

Ken Burgin

He even has merchandise for sale. What can sporting clubs and a classical violinist teach us about staying in touch with our customers? And not just ‘don’t forget me’ messages, but spending this time of enforced separation to build their love, enthusiasm and loyalty?

5 New Restaurant Trends That Will Boost Your Profitability


Instagrammable merchandise like T-shirts is a relatively simple way of reaching that lifestyle vibe and driving social media engagement. Reading Time: 3 minutes. Covid-19 has caused major disruptions throughout the foodservice industry while simultaneously sparking new restaurant trends.

10 Ways to Make it Easier for Customers to Spend Money – Remove the Friction in your Cafe or Restaurant

Ken Burgin

Make sure they are also available on your e-commerce site for merchandise and delivery orders. Nothing should interrupt a customer who’s keen to give you money! The sales term is ‘grease the slide’ – removing any friction that stops a customer completing a sale. Check for any bumps or roadblocks you may have created – here are some solutions: Take more Credit Cards: Do you accept the whole range?

The World of Hybrid Restaurants

Goliath Consulting

1 Some hybrid restaurants offer merchandise, cookbooks, and kitchen equipment as well. Over the past few years, restaurants from all over the world have been incorporating different types of technology and new changes.

2022 78

Five Ways for Restaurants to Thrive When Offices Reopen

Modern Restaurant Management

Merchandise new take-out procedures that will make customers feel more secure — such as curbside pickup and mask and glove requirements. Many states have eased restrictions and some businesses are starting to reopen and bring their teams back to the office.

Restaurant Weighing Scales Guide: Why You Need Them in Your Restaurant  

Modern Restaurant Management

A receiving scale is used to weigh merchandise when it arrives. Restaurant weighing scales are essential as they maintain consistent portion size, provide accuracy when measuring for recipes, ensure you get your money’s worth of merchandise, and help you bill your customer accurately. The importance of restaurant weighing scales cannot be underestimated.

2019 83