Seasonality Wins ‘Share of Stomach’

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The food service segment is facing countless obstacles on the road to post-COVID recovery, and prioritizing menu innovation is a key component to remaining top of mind with guests as restaurants compete for “share of stomach.” Seasonal menus can be introduced similarly to the LTO.


Culinary Cues

Consider this – the menu is the most important component of a successful restaurant and once designed it can, and should, impact every other aspect of the business. YES – the menu is that important! This menu energy is attractive to chefs while at the same time it is risky.

Menu 318

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Managing Diner Expectations this Holiday Season

Modern Restaurant Management

These challenges are impacting menu availability, raising the prices of menu items, leading to short staffs, increasing wait times for diners, and changing operating hours and offerings.

How Does the Seasonal Transition Affect Produce Price and Availability?

Modern Restaurant Management

Have you ever wondered how, despite changing climates and seasons, the same leafy greens you use in your menu items are available year-round? Transitions occur in almost all produce categories, as growing seasons are dictated by weather.

How To Boost Your Revenues With The Right Menu Pricing Strategies

The Restaurant Times

You need to carefully price your restaurant menu to make it to the top and earn as much as possible. While it’s understandable that you want to make a profit, being overly aggressive with your menu pricing can drive the customer away. 4 Stellar Ideas For Efficient Menu Pricing .

Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods

Perfect Daily Grind

During seasonal holidays, most coffee shops are inundated with customers. Here are some practical tips for helping your business manage its festive season staffing challenges. When advertising for temporary seasonal workers, it’s important that you don’t rush into hiring anyone.

Embrace Summer & the Cocktail for Every Season


The post Embrace Summer & the Cocktail for Every Season appeared first on Evergreen. Attracting Customers Drink Menu Suggestions Events & Promotions Menu Tips Operations & Management Social Media & Marketing

12 Tips to Increase Catering Profits This Busy Season


The busy season is underway, and for caterers and restaurants it is the biggest opportunity in the past two years to boost sales and make a hefty profit. Most travel and social distancing restrictions have been lifted and supplier indications point to a record breaking catering season.

Restaurant Menu Engineering Matrix: The Know How

The Restaurant Times

Menu engineering is the study of how profitable and popular your menu items are. It helps you decide which items to retain or take off from your menu. The main goal of menu engineering is simple: to increase profits for the company. Importance of Menu Engineering.

11 Panera Menu Items Ranked

Restaurant Clicks

The menu is extensive, full of tempting treats and toasty sandwiches you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Some people would say that Panera’s menu is “overwhelming,” but to that, I say “Nay.” Which menu item from Panera is your favorite?

How to Raise Restaurant Menu Prices without Negative Pushback

Ken Burgin

When Should You Increase Menu Prices? What to Consider When Deciding to Raise Menu Prices. So adjust your menu with a range of better quality and higher-priced items that would not appeal to locals at other times of the year. The Process of Raising Menu Prices.

What Hotel Menu Trends Will Define 2022?

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What Hotel Menu Trends Will Define 2022? For these travelers, the dining experience will be back on the menu. Plant-based options are a must on any menu from bed and breakfasts to five-star resorts. Don’t forget menu labeling! What Hotel Menu Trends Will Define 2022?

2022 109

11 Arby’s Menu Items Ranked

Restaurant Clicks

Arby’s started as a restaurant focused on roast beef, and that’s still a considerable part of the menu. With such an expansive menu, you might find yourself pulling up to the drive-thru and asking, “What’s the best food at Arby’s?” Best Arby’s Menu Items.

Simple Menu Ideas for Restaurants to Add Today

Restaurant Engine

It’s always a good idea to refine your menu for your patrons. This is a perfect chance for your restaurant to really refine your menu to provide your customers just what they want. Let’s look at simple menu ideas for restaurants to add today. Add Local Menu Items.

What to Order on Wawa’s Secret Menu

Restaurant Clicks

There is also a Wawa secret menu with specials that come around a few times a year. For those loyal to Wawa, it might not come as a surprise that the extensive menu is even more significant with the addition of tasty secret menu items. Wawa Secret Menu Items.

7 Dunkin’ Holiday Drinks to Order This Season

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These days, it seems like every restaurant has specials for the holiday season. Dunkin’s holiday drink menu is one of the best around, year after year. This warm, sweet and refreshing drink has been a staple on the menu since it was introduced in the mid-2010s.

13 Most Popular Items on Wawa’s Menu

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The best Wawa menu items may be your old favorite or your new go-to order! Most locations have a full deli with touch-screen self-serve menu listing sandwiches, hot sides, and deli meats. Best Wawa Menu Items. Looking for something off the usual menu?

Menu Refresh: Good or Bad Idea?


Feel like your menu is a bit lackluster? Many restaurants choose to update their menu constantly, and although this can be a successful practice, it must be done with care. So, what type of menu changes can be positive on your ROI? Seasonal Changes for Restaurant Menu Updates.

Restaurant Menu Ideas That Maximize Your Profit Margin


Simple adjustments to your restaurant menu can help increase profits during the pandemic. Your menu plays a bigger role in this than you’d think. As a restaurant owner, how often do you audit your menu to maximize profits? MAKE YOUR MENU WORK FOR CURRENT TIMES.

Five Ways to Use QR Codes at Your Restaurant this Holiday Season

Modern Restaurant Management

With the holiday season here, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy. During the holiday season, people look for places to spend time with their friends and family. During the winter season, there are many opportunities for events.

12 Menu Items & Ingredients You May Be Mispronouncing


How to Pronounce These 12 Menu Items. Whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying the United States’ melting pot food culture, you’re bound to happen across menu items you can’t even recognize, much less pronounce. How To culinary lingo menu pronunciation

5 Must-Have Reports To Optimize Profitability This Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us. Cooler weather, festive celebrations and delicious seasonal menus have traditionally solidified November and December as lucrative months for the restaurant industry. With the pandemic limiting social gatherings for the past 18 months, many consumers are especially eager to get back to “normal” this holiday season. This leaves many restaurant owners and operators asking, “How are we going to navigate this holiday season?”.

Our Favorite Items on the Panera Menu

Restaurant Clicks

The menu is extensive, full of tempting treats and toasty sandwiches you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Some people would say that Panera’s menu is “overwhelming,” but to that, I say “Nay.” Which menu item from Panera is your favorite?

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold: How Tech Can Help Boost Customer Loyalty This Holiday Season

Modern Restaurant Management

By leveraging advanced tech solutions that enhance guest experiences and deepen customer relationships, operators can increase guest loyalty to lock in key customers as spending habits change and the holiday season ramps up.

What Can Restaurants Do to Survive the Winter Season?

Modern Restaurant Management

The Google local business profile should be fully populated with information, images and menu content, if not already done. The end is now in sight. The vaccine rollout has begun and, perhaps by the second quarter of next year, life can start to “return to normal.”

Restaurant Innovation: LTO & Seasonal Menus | CrunchTime


Menu innovations can bump store sales and help maintain brand freshness, but your LTO success requires tremendous operational preparedness. LTO menu innovation is always a hot trend in our industry - even during a pandemic.

Our Favorite Menu Items to Order from Olive Garden

Restaurant Clicks

Olive Garden is continually adding to its menu, creating new twists on old classics, and at the same time maintaining crowd favorites like their signature breadsticks, house salad, and the Tour of Italy sampler. 11 Best Menu Items at Olive Garden.

What's Your Plan for LTO Menu Innovations?


Menu innovations can bump store sales and help maintain brand freshness, but your LTO success requires tremendous operational preparedness. LTO menu innovation is always a hot trend in our industry - even during a pandemic.

Menu Makers© – Jay Buchsbaum – Royal Wine Corp./Kedem Wines


Though another Passover season is almost over, Jay Buchsbaum, VP of marketing and director of wine education for the Royal Continue Reading.

3 Creative Ways to Bring Your Restaurant into the Fall Season


The post 3 Creative Ways to Bring Your Restaurant into the Fall Season appeared first on Evergreen. Attracting Customers Drink Menu Suggestions Events & Promotions Social Media & Marketing Technology for Bars & Restaurants

Top Restaurant Menu Trends in the UAE for 2021

The Restaurant Times

Restaurant menu trends in the UAE keep on evolving year after year. Some of them are seasonal while some maintain their place on the menus’ for an indefinite period. All of these menu trends go hand in hand with the consumer’s eating habits and preferences. .

Take These 3 Steps to Survive An Unusual Hospitality Holiday Season

Xtra Chef

The holiday season is usually full of family, friends, and fun—and a lot of profitability for the restaurant industry. All restaurants are different, and so are the circumstances those businesses may find themselves in this holiday season.

As Pandemic Lingers, Adding Good Communication to the Menu Can Reduce Customer Concerns

Modern Restaurant Management

Your Response Menu. However, a good gauge for frequency can be communicating your COVID-19 safety and prevention efforts at least as frequently as you communicate your special menu additions.

Restaurant Menu Pricing: How to Price Menu Items and Maximize Profits

Touch Bistro

Running a restaurant is no different, and if you want to be profitable and succeed over the long term, your restaurant menu pricing needs to be accurate. But, how do you accurately price your menu items? 18 Free Restaurant Menu Templates. Step 3: Determine Your Menu Price.

Restaurant Reopening Guide II: Menu & Service Analysis


As we inch closer to dining rooms opening to the public, menu planning is a critical step towards the great comeback. Some restaurant menu concepts have done better than others during the pandemic. Simplifying your menu requires fewer employees and fewer ingredients.

Fall Menu Trends: It’s All About the Comfort

Goliath Consulting

Fall themed menus seem to crop up earlier each year¹, what with Dunkin’s launching their pumpkin and apple cider flavors on August 21, and Starbucks heralding the start of Fall with its pumpkin spice latte and other array of seasonal desserts on August 27th, weeks before the official start of the season. So, what inspires a fall menu? Here are a few fall menu ideas to include in your menu: Savory Pumpkin dishes.

Restaurant Sustainability: Is Your Waste a Waste?

The Restaurant Group

appeared first on Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Design, Business Plans, Menu Development, Food Service Consultants. Restaurant Sustainability. Can you imagine adding up all the food wasted at your favorite restaurant in one day? Multiply that by seven days. And now by 30 days. Could that not be donated to your local charity to help the starving? Maybe multiple charities?

Waste 60

How Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Cold Weather Lull

Modern Restaurant Management

As a seasonal business, we must manage a budget that includes almost all revenue during those busy months and very little or no cash flow during the slow months. With slow seasons also comes the need to navigate seasonal layoffs and the task of hiring all the best people back the next season.

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

Modern Restaurant Management

From screen to plate, the menu is expected to feature signature dishes and recipes that have been prepared on the show. With the addition of automatic menu updates, customers will be able to order from the most up-to-date menu, minimizing the risk of order cancelation.

Winter is coming: 5 winter menu ideas for your restaurant


Cold weather is quickly approaching - is your restaurant ready to change with the season? Winter is the perfect time to flip your menu and bring in delicious, heart-warming dishes to your restaurant to attract new diners and keep your sales up through the cold months. Not sure why or how to give your menu a seasonal makeover? As the temperatures fall, consumers’ dining habits change. They crave different flavors and dine out less in favor of staying cozy at home.

What Is a Prix Fixe Menu and When to Use It?

Restaurant Clicks

You may not be familiar with the term “prix fixe menu,” but you’re more than likely familiar with the concept, which has been a staple of both fine-dining and casual restaurants for decades. The History of the Prix Fixe Menu. Putting Together a Prix Fixe Menu for Your Restaurant.

The Tasting Menu at the End of the World


Myriad cover crops — favas, peas, mustard greens — end up together as a course on the SingleThread menu. “It In return, her painstaking approach serves as a quality check on the ingredients that go into SingleThread’s prix fixe menu.

Offsetting Rising Labor Costs Through Effective Menu Engineering

Hot Schedules

Menu Engineering Helps Hospitality Teams to Manage Costs in 2021. Menu engineering is the study of the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of those items on a menu.