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Consider this – the menu is the most important component of a successful restaurant and once designed it can, and should, impact every other aspect of the business. YES – the menu is that important! This menu energy is attractive to chefs while at the same time it is risky.

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How Does the Seasonal Transition Affect Produce Price and Availability?

Modern Restaurant Management

Have you ever wondered how, despite changing climates and seasons, the same leafy greens you use in your menu items are available year-round? Transitions occur in almost all produce categories, as growing seasons are dictated by weather.


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Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods

Perfect Daily Grind

During seasonal holidays, most coffee shops are inundated with customers. Here are some practical tips for helping your business manage its festive season staffing challenges. When advertising for temporary seasonal workers, it’s important that you don’t rush into hiring anyone.

How to Prepare Your Café For The Festive Season

Perfect Daily Grind

Here are a few elements worth paying attention to in order to prepare your café for the festive season. You may also like Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods. Fika Coffee in Toronto, Canada, during the festive season.

What Can Restaurants Do to Survive the Winter Season?

Modern Restaurant Management

The Google local business profile should be fully populated with information, images and menu content, if not already done. The end is now in sight. The vaccine rollout has begun and, perhaps by the second quarter of next year, life can start to “return to normal.”

Restaurant Innovation: LTO & Seasonal Menus | CrunchTime


Menu innovations can bump store sales and help maintain brand freshness, but your LTO success requires tremendous operational preparedness. LTO menu innovation is always a hot trend in our industry - even during a pandemic.

Restaurant Menu Pricing: How to Price Menu Items and Maximize Profits

Touch Bistro

Running a restaurant is no different, and if you want to be profitable and succeed over the long term, your restaurant menu pricing needs to be accurate. But, how do you accurately price your menu items? 18 Free Restaurant Menu Templates. Step 3: Determine Your Menu Price.

Restaurant Menu Ideas That Maximize Your Profit Margin


Simple adjustments to your restaurant menu can help increase profits during the pandemic. Your menu plays a bigger role in this than you’d think. As a restaurant owner, how often do you audit your menu to maximize profits? MAKE YOUR MENU WORK FOR CURRENT TIMES.

Menu Refresh: Good or Bad Idea?


Feel like your menu is a bit lackluster? Many restaurants choose to update their menu constantly, and although this can be a successful practice, it must be done with care. So, what type of menu changes can be positive on your ROI? Seasonal Changes for Restaurant Menu Updates.

What's Your Plan for LTO Menu Innovations?


Menu innovations can bump store sales and help maintain brand freshness, but your LTO success requires tremendous operational preparedness. LTO menu innovation is always a hot trend in our industry - even during a pandemic.

Take These 3 Steps to Survive An Unusual Hospitality Holiday Season

Xtra Chef

The holiday season is usually full of family, friends, and fun—and a lot of profitability for the restaurant industry. All restaurants are different, and so are the circumstances those businesses may find themselves in this holiday season.

Investing In Your Digital Presence | Season 3, Vol. 11: 16 Handles®


Listen to "Investing In Your Digital Presence | Season 3, Vol. The chain prioritizes expansion, menu development, and meeting the needs of a millennial lifestyle. 11: 16 Handles®" on Spreaker.

12 Menu Items & Ingredients You May Be Mispronouncing


How to Pronounce These 12 Menu Items. Whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying the United States’ melting pot food culture, you’re bound to happen across menu items you can’t even recognize, much less pronounce. How To culinary lingo menu pronunciation

Menu Makers© – Jay Buchsbaum – Royal Wine Corp./Kedem Wines


Though another Passover season is almost over, Jay Buchsbaum, VP of marketing and director of wine education for the Royal Continue Reading.

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

Modern Restaurant Management

From screen to plate, the menu is expected to feature signature dishes and recipes that have been prepared on the show. With the addition of automatic menu updates, customers will be able to order from the most up-to-date menu, minimizing the risk of order cancelation.

Restaurant Reopening Guide II: Menu & Service Analysis


As we inch closer to dining rooms opening to the public, menu planning is a critical step towards the great comeback. Some restaurant menu concepts have done better than others during the pandemic. Simplifying your menu requires fewer employees and fewer ingredients.

Top Restaurant Menu Trends in the UAE for 2021

The Restaurant Times

Restaurant menu trends in the UAE keep on evolving year after year. Some of them are seasonal while some maintain their place on the menus’ for an indefinite period. All of these menu trends go hand in hand with the consumer’s eating habits and preferences. .

Fall Menu Trends: It’s All About the Comfort

Goliath Consulting

Fall themed menus seem to crop up earlier each year¹, what with Dunkin’s launching their pumpkin and apple cider flavors on August 21, and Starbucks heralding the start of Fall with its pumpkin spice latte and other array of seasonal desserts on August 27th, weeks before the official start of the season. So, what inspires a fall menu? Here are a few fall menu ideas to include in your menu: Savory Pumpkin dishes.

Restaurant Sustainability: Is Your Waste a Waste?

The Restaurant Group

appeared first on Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Design, Business Plans, Menu Development, Food Service Consultants. Restaurant Sustainability. Can you imagine adding up all the food wasted at your favorite restaurant in one day? Multiply that by seven days. And now by 30 days. Could that not be donated to your local charity to help the starving? Maybe multiple charities?

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Offsetting Rising Labor Costs Through Effective Menu Engineering

Hot Schedules

Menu Engineering Helps Hospitality Teams to Manage Costs in 2021. Menu engineering is the study of the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of those items on a menu.

How Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Cold Weather Lull

Modern Restaurant Management

As a seasonal business, we must manage a budget that includes almost all revenue during those busy months and very little or no cash flow during the slow months. With slow seasons also comes the need to navigate seasonal layoffs and the task of hiring all the best people back the next season.

The Tasting Menu at the End of the World


Myriad cover crops — favas, peas, mustard greens — end up together as a course on the SingleThread menu. “It In return, her painstaking approach serves as a quality check on the ingredients that go into SingleThread’s prix fixe menu.

Winter is coming: 5 winter menu ideas for your restaurant


Cold weather is quickly approaching - is your restaurant ready to change with the season? Winter is the perfect time to flip your menu and bring in delicious, heart-warming dishes to your restaurant to attract new diners and keep your sales up through the cold months. Not sure why or how to give your menu a seasonal makeover? As the temperatures fall, consumers’ dining habits change. They crave different flavors and dine out less in favor of staying cozy at home.

Wildflower Bread Company's Menu Innovation | Fast Casual Restaurants


This upscale fast casual restaurant is much acclaimed for its menu innovation and creative plating techniques. “We’ll Sometimes we’ll take it to test, but most of the time—because these are seasonal menu offerings—we’re very comfortable going right to market.”

Keeping Things Fresh with a Changing Menu


An Interesting Menu Keeps Customers Coming Back Starting a restaurant is no mean feat. Don’t Go Overboard While mixing things up now and then is a great way to keep people curious about your restaurant, constantly changing the entire menu is likely to put customers off. Especially don’t take your signature dishes off the menu, it is most likely your crowd favourite. If you’re not up to changing the entire menu every season, try small changes.

Six Menu Engineering Tips and Tricks to Impact Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line


Every customer who orders from your restaurant takes a look at your menu, making it one of the most important pieces of your restaurant marketing. With this visibility, restaurant menu engineering provides a huge opportunity to grow your profits and ensure a great customer experience. A profitable menu doesn’t happen by accident. The art and science of menu engineering helps you ensure guests are picking the most profitable items on your menu.

Staying on Top of Food Trends

The Restaurant Group

As the economy continues to recover from the financial recession, restaurants should consider the price of menu items more than ever. Despite this, serving primarily cheap, healthy, or specialized menu items is not the only key to meeting consumer demands. The post Staying on Top of Food Trends appeared first on Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Design, Business Plans, Menu Development, Food Service Consultants. Food Trends. Going out to eat is more popular than ever.

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Update Your Summer Menu Online Before You Miss Out on More Business

Single Platform

This includes both local dining and eating out while traveling on seasonal vacations. Knowing the importance of menu information to your customer’s journey, we examined 1.2 million menu views from more than 950,000 unique locations across all of 2017 and 2018. From that study, we discovered that June into July represents the last increase in menu views until October. Need to up update your Summer menu on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more?

4 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Restaurant Menu Needs an Upgrade

The Restaurant Times

One area of restaurant operations you must regularly check and monitor is your menu. An upgraded menu can bring in opportunities to generate more revenue and cut down costs. Thinking about whether your restaurant menu needs an upgrade? When POS Reports Show a Loss on Menu Items.

Menu Fresh: Google Now Allows Restaurant Owners to Edit Menus That Display in Search Results


Google has announced that it will allow restaurant owners who use the Google My Business service to edit their own menu listing. This is huge for restaurants that update their menus frequently or feature things like seasonal specials. The post Menu Fresh: Google Now Allows Restaurant Owners to Edit Menus That Display in Search Results appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog. Restaurant Management google menu seo

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Menu Optimization: 3 Real-Life Restaurant Success Stories


Here on the ChowNow blog, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of digital menus and tactics for menu optimization lately. A well-designed digital menu makes a huge difference when it comes to bringing customers in the door , and it’s absolutely critical for your restaurant’s online ordering system. We’re sharing some real-life examples of how digital menu optimization has brought value to three of our restaurant partners.

3 Reasons Why Your Online Menu Is Essential to Your Success


The value of technology includes restaurant menus: Although traditional physical menus are still an important part of a customer’s dine-in experience, you can no longer afford to ignore your restaurant’s online menu—and the significant impact it can have on your business. There are numerous ways to get your restaurant menu online and in front of customers. Let’s take a look at how and why your online menu affects your restaurant’s success.

Measuring KPIs for Food Safety Success in Holiday Menu Items, Off-Premise Catering, LTOs, and Beyond

Modern Restaurant Management

The holiday season offers opportunities for catering orders, off-site catering, in-store limited-time offers of holiday favorites, and all of the increased revenue that comes with them. It's the most wonderful time of the year…and for many restaurant operators, one of the busiest.

What Is The Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Perfect Daily Grind

For baristas and coffee shops, it means customers moving away from summer beverages like cold brew and iced coffee in favour of warming seasonal drinks like the pumpkin spice latte. Before the pumpkin spice latte, there was pumpkin pie: a seasonal dessert that’s been enjoyed in the USA for centuries as a Thanksgiving staple. A Seasonal Staple. Pumpkin has become associated with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the fun you can have during these seasons,” Brian tells me. “[I

Our Favorite Items on the Cracker Barrel Menu

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The restaurant is known for its extensive menu, consisting of traditional, Southern-inspired dishes guaranteed to hit the spot. But with dozens upon dozens of mains, sides, and desserts to choose from, narrowing the menu down to the best of the best can be a tricky task.

Catering for Restaurants

Goliath Consulting

Aside from boosting revenue, catering can boost business during slow performing times, reduce excess food waste, allow for menu changes, and helps to increase employee retention as they gain new skills and varied tasks that challenges and keeps them busy (1).

Navigating the Bar Business During the Holidays and into 2021

Goliath Consulting

Most bar managers are pulling out their gingerbread martini and hot spiced rum recipes to fill their seasonal drink menus. Look to flavors inspired by the season like spiced apple cider, sugar plum, cranberry maple. Consulting bar consulting bar menu beverage program hard seltzer

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The Best Menu Items to Try at Taco Bell

Restaurant Clicks

It is the perfect fast food to satiate your cravings, the options of crunchy or soft taco shells, the delicious and perfectly seasoned meat, the range of foods, from fries to tacos, to quesadillas, and more… not to mention their mouthwatering freezes.

Tips Saudi Restaurants Can Use to Get their Menu Pricing and Food Costs Right

The Restaurant Times

Pricing menu items for your restaurant business is one of the most challenging yet essential tasks. There are multiple ways of pricing the restaurant menu correctly. However, these are not the most appropriate ways of pricing your restaurant menu.

Our Biggest 5 Restaurant Flavor Trend Predictions

Goliath Consulting

Meanwhile, IFT listed Gochujang, Calabrian Chile, Shishito and Harissa as the top 4 trending foodservice seasonings. Globally inspired sauces and seasoning blends are trending right now,” said a report from FONA International, a global producer of food and beverage flavors (8).

Emerging from COVID With a More Sustainable Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

Growing your produce is an especially great way to: Choose fruits and vegetables you want to feature on a menu. Offer seasonal items. You can also cut back on waste by simplifying your menu.

Digital du Jour

Modern Restaurant Management

While there are clear benefits to an all-digital menu system, to get the most out them, you must first take a step back to re-examine what your menu means to you. Your menu: Part love letter, part manifesto, instructions for use and a bill of goods, all rolled into one.

4 Ways to Grow Restaurant Revenue Using Your Online Menu


Seventy-seven percent of your customers will visit your website before deciding to dine in or order out, and the most important factor in their decision is your menu. When your guests order online , they principally interact with your menu, effectively making it your salesperson. Because of this, you need to ensure that your menu is strategically organized and worded to both communicate what makes your restaurant unique and maximize revenue.