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Consider this – the menu is the most important component of a successful restaurant and once designed it can, and should, impact every other aspect of the business. YES – the menu is that important! This menu energy is attractive to chefs while at the same time it is risky.

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How Does the Seasonal Transition Affect Produce Price and Availability?

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Have you ever wondered how, despite changing climates and seasons, the same leafy greens you use in your menu items are available year-round? Transitions occur in almost all produce categories, as growing seasons are dictated by weather.

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Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods

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During seasonal holidays, most coffee shops are inundated with customers. Here are some practical tips for helping your business manage its festive season staffing challenges. Coffee shops usually see their biggest sales increases take place during the summer and winter months, which often coincides with festive seasons around the world. When advertising for temporary seasonal workers, it’s important that you don’t rush into hiring anyone.

How to Prepare Your Café For The Festive Season

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Here are a few elements worth paying attention to in order to prepare your café for the festive season. You may also like Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods. Offering customers seasonal items such as mince pies, panettone, bibingka, and rugelach is also a good idea – whether it’s on your menu or available to take home. Fika Coffee in Toronto, Canada, during the festive season.

Menu Refresh: Good or Bad Idea?


Feel like your menu is a bit lackluster? Many restaurants choose to update their menu constantly, and although this can be a successful practice, it must be done with care. So, what type of menu changes can be positive on your ROI? Seasonal Changes for Restaurant Menu Updates. Want to capitalize on this year’s tomato season with a fresh gazpacho? But just because an ingredient is seasonal doesn’t mean the menu item should be ditched.

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

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From screen to plate, the menu is expected to feature signature dishes and recipes that have been prepared on the show. With the addition of automatic menu updates, customers will be able to order from the most up-to-date menu, minimizing the risk of order cancelation.

Restaurant Reopening Guide II: Menu & Service Analysis


As we inch closer to dining rooms opening to the public, menu planning is a critical step towards the great comeback. Some restaurant menu concepts have done better than others during the pandemic. But, a vast majority of restaurants have their menu to serve dining rooms filled with people. With no dining rooms to fill, it’s probably time to reconsider your menu and the service style. Simplifying your menu requires fewer employees and fewer ingredients.

Wildflower Bread Company's Menu Innovation | Fast Casual Restaurants


This upscale fast casual restaurant is much acclaimed for its menu innovation and creative plating techniques. “We’ll Sometimes we’ll take it to test, but most of the time—because these are seasonal menu offerings—we’re very comfortable going right to market.”

12 Menu Items & Ingredients You May Be Mispronouncing


How to Pronounce These 12 Menu Items. Whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying the United States’ melting pot food culture, you’re bound to happen across menu items you can’t even recognize, much less pronounce. Instead of stumbling through your order and hoping the wait staff is too polite to cringe, take a moment to brush up on the proper pronunciation for these popular menu items. How To culinary lingo menu pronunciation

Restaurant Sustainability: Is Your Waste a Waste?

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appeared first on Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Design, Business Plans, Menu Development, Food Service Consultants. Restaurant Sustainability. Can you imagine adding up all the food wasted at your favorite restaurant in one day? Multiply that by seven days. And now by 30 days. Could that not be donated to your local charity to help the starving? Maybe multiple charities?

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Winter is coming: 5 winter menu ideas for your restaurant


Cold weather is quickly approaching - is your restaurant ready to change with the season? Winter is the perfect time to flip your menu and bring in delicious, heart-warming dishes to your restaurant to attract new diners and keep your sales up through the cold months. Not sure why or how to give your menu a seasonal makeover? As the temperatures fall, consumers’ dining habits change. They crave different flavors and dine out less in favor of staying cozy at home.

Keeping Things Fresh with a Changing Menu


An Interesting Menu Keeps Customers Coming Back Starting a restaurant is no mean feat. Don’t Go Overboard While mixing things up now and then is a great way to keep people curious about your restaurant, constantly changing the entire menu is likely to put customers off. Especially don’t take your signature dishes off the menu, it is most likely your crowd favourite. If you’re not up to changing the entire menu every season, try small changes.

Six Menu Engineering Tips and Tricks to Impact Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line


Every customer who orders from your restaurant takes a look at your menu, making it one of the most important pieces of your restaurant marketing. With this visibility, restaurant menu engineering provides a huge opportunity to grow your profits and ensure a great customer experience. A profitable menu doesn’t happen by accident. The art and science of menu engineering helps you ensure guests are picking the most profitable items on your menu.

Staying on Top of Food Trends

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As the economy continues to recover from the financial recession, restaurants should consider the price of menu items more than ever. Despite this, serving primarily cheap, healthy, or specialized menu items is not the only key to meeting consumer demands. The post Staying on Top of Food Trends appeared first on Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Design, Business Plans, Menu Development, Food Service Consultants. Food Trends. Going out to eat is more popular than ever.

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Update Your Summer Menu Online Before You Miss Out on More Business

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This includes both local dining and eating out while traveling on seasonal vacations. Knowing the importance of menu information to your customer’s journey, we examined 1.2 million menu views from more than 950,000 unique locations across all of 2017 and 2018. From that study, we discovered that June into July represents the last increase in menu views until October. Need to up update your Summer menu on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more?

Menu Optimization: 3 Real-Life Restaurant Success Stories


Here on the ChowNow blog, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of digital menus and tactics for menu optimization lately. A well-designed digital menu makes a huge difference when it comes to bringing customers in the door , and it’s absolutely critical for your restaurant’s online ordering system. We’re sharing some real-life examples of how digital menu optimization has brought value to three of our restaurant partners.

3 Reasons Why Your Online Menu Is Essential to Your Success


The value of technology includes restaurant menus: Although traditional physical menus are still an important part of a customer’s dine-in experience, you can no longer afford to ignore your restaurant’s online menu—and the significant impact it can have on your business. There are numerous ways to get your restaurant menu online and in front of customers. Let’s take a look at how and why your online menu affects your restaurant’s success.

Menu Fresh: Google Now Allows Restaurant Owners to Edit Menus That Display in Search Results


Google has announced that it will allow restaurant owners who use the Google My Business service to edit their own menu listing. This is huge for restaurants that update their menus frequently or feature things like seasonal specials. The post Menu Fresh: Google Now Allows Restaurant Owners to Edit Menus That Display in Search Results appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog. Restaurant Management google menu seo

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Tips Saudi Restaurants Can Use to Get their Menu Pricing and Food Costs Right

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Pricing menu items for your restaurant business is one of the most challenging yet essential tasks. There are multiple ways of pricing the restaurant menu correctly. However, these are not the most appropriate ways of pricing your restaurant menu.

Measuring KPIs for Food Safety Success in Holiday Menu Items, Off-Premise Catering, LTOs, and Beyond

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The holiday season offers opportunities for catering orders, off-site catering, in-store limited-time offers of holiday favorites, and all of the increased revenue that comes with them. It's the most wonderful time of the year…and for many restaurant operators, one of the busiest. As we approach the new year, many restaurants will revise their menus to introduce new year-round items. Why Measure Food Safety Performance?

Catering for Restaurants

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Aside from boosting revenue, catering can boost business during slow performing times, reduce excess food waste, allow for menu changes, and helps to increase employee retention as they gain new skills and varied tasks that challenges and keeps them busy (1). The hybrid approach also works well for brands that handle large catering volumes, see seasonal fluctuations, or have VIP clients that prefer one delivery channel over another” (15).

The Impact and Importance of a Restaurant’s Font and Color Choices

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As far as menu and website fonts are concerned, these choices can stray from the original logo option. Because many restaurants have had a slow season, they may want to check out reimagining their overall images before reopening.

4 Ways to Grow Restaurant Revenue Using Your Online Menu


Seventy-seven percent of your customers will visit your website before deciding to dine in or order out, and the most important factor in their decision is your menu. When your guests order online , they principally interact with your menu, effectively making it your salesperson. Because of this, you need to ensure that your menu is strategically organized and worded to both communicate what makes your restaurant unique and maximize revenue.

Pairing Farmers Market Fare

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To further emphasize creativity in the kitchen, Ocean Prime encouraged its associates to compose a seasonal pairing menu through an immersive leadership development program. “Our goal was to showcase the whole process, and the menu was the main vehicle.

How to Create a Successful Visual Brand for Your Restaurant in 2020

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But, if you have a playful style that could be embodied by a mascot character, consider developing a fun mascot figurehead to speak directly to your customers from your social media posts, signage, menu, website, and maybe even merchandise. Make it easy to find important things like your menu, location, phone number and hours of operation. Your Menu. A unique, on-brand menu is an excellent tool for reinforcing your brand in guests’ minds.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for Restaurant Inventory Management

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Managers should evaluate whether or not to set up recipes, which could become time-consuming or pointless for restaurants that frequently change their menu. Menu changes are commonplace for fine-dining and seasonal restaurants, for example.

MRM Plant-Based: Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Sales (Without Cauliflower Pizza)

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While it makes sense not to leave money on the table, it can be overwhelming, to have to come up with a whole new menu in an attempt to increase revenue and take advantage of this trend. Review your menu carefully and add a symbol that denotes all your plant-based/vegan dishes already available. You might be surprised how many plant-based dishes are already on the menu. Don’t add a random veggie burger if burgers are not a part of your menu already. Seasonality.

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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Adding food to your menu could help here, but will require you to consider various factors including regional differences, and whether you’d like to produce your food in-house, or outsource it. . Exploring the relationship between specialty coffee shops and food is your first step to creating a menu that best suits your particular establishment. You may also like How to Create a Coffee Shop Food Menu That Minimises Waste.

Ditch Your Hyper-Specific Menu Plan. You Won’t Regret It.


Finding the happy medium between overplanning and underplanning involves a… new kind of plan When the pandemic started, I made a weekly menu and stuck to it with religious fervor. By the end of the month, I had a new kind of “menu,” one that left room for creativity.

LTOs and Classics: Changing Appetites | Restaurant H.E.L.P. Podcast


You have to be cognizant of the classics on your menu when you’re promoting an LTO.” Maintaining a schedule—preferably seasonal—is key. The schedule is dictated by your brand, and what your menu is built around,” notes Luaders. “Be Coronavirus Impact Menu TrendsListen to "LTOs and Classics - Changing Appetites | Restaurant H.E.L.P. Podcast" on Spreaker. The Restaurant H.E.L.P. podcast is a dedicated resource for industry operators working to prepare for the future.

Our Most Anticipated 2020 Food Trends List

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Veggies are being incorporated into the menu in creative ways (think jackfruit pulled “pork”, veggie rice and pasta), vegan entrees and sandwiches will keep rolling and “gut-friendly” fermented foods such as kimchi and kombucha are making its way into more restaurant menus 3. LTOs can be a new flavor or a simple addition—for example, think Starbuck’s seasonal frappe or KFC’s faux chicken nuggets that was sold out in just 5 hours 4. 2019 has been fun.

Tasting Menus At Home and 3 Important Things To Consider


But that doesn’t mean we should give up on the delicious and elegant experience of a tasting menu. When dining out, there’s nothing that tops a tasting menu. But with the right menu, ingredients and attitude, a tasting menu could make for a real restaurant-like experience.

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5 Hauntingly Tasty Halloween Cocktails


From a spooky twist on your favorite cocktails to entirely new ones, the list below is bound to spice up your cocktail menu. This cocktail is perfect for the Halloween season with a name to match. Below is the recipe for the cocktail itself and click here for advice on how to add fog to any cocktail on your menu. Cocktails Restaurant Marketing bar and restaurant cocktail Cocktail menu cocktails fall drinks Halloween

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20 Best Breweries in Indiana: A Hoosier’s Taproom Guide


46268 Type: Nanobrewery Food Menu: No Dog Friendly: No. Untapped Rating: 4.0/5 Website: Location: 2121 Gettler St, Dyer, IN 46311 Type: Microbrewery Food Menu: Yes, Powered by 2ndKitchen Dog Friendly: No. View the entire menu here. #3. Food Menu: Yes.

Creating a sustainable restaurant in 3 easy steps


By working towards less (food) waste and a more seasonal and locally-sourced menu, you’ll quickly be able to get on the right track. #1 3 PUT SUSTAINABILITY ON THE MENU. A sustainable menu starts with seasonality. Changing your menu according to what’s in season is easy and offers many benefits: not only will your guests be tempted with limited-available, fresh and seasonal dishes, it will also help you cut costs.

Restaurant Business Trends to Follow in 2021

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This flexibility will key as the cold season approaches (6). A big part of the trend of automation for customers will revolve around new payment and menu alternatives. 2020 has been quite a learning experience.

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40 Photo Ideas for Your Restaurant’s Christmas Social Media

Ken Burgin

Social media posts thrive on visual content, and there are dozens of opportunities to take all sorts of photos during the Christmas season – food, decorations, people and local scenes.


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They are pointed to their table and reminded to wear their mask until fully seated, told that the menu is on line (no more physical menus here), and that the server will take their order shortly. The server approaches the table to determine if guests need any assistance with finding the menu on-line, he explains that there are no specials tonight and that the menu is limited during the pandemic. They say we’re back.

What are Some Additional Ways to Build Revenue Streams and Prepare for the Winter Months?

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However, for many states and cities in climates that experience a full four seasons of weather, cooler weather is fast approaching and with it, another chance to make operational changes. And if you don’t offer dinner for four, consider adding it to your menu mix.


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Should restaurant chefs re-think the menu model that has survived for generations? -Do Do we need that much choice, should there be more reliance on simple process with exceptional, seasonal ingredients and far less mise en place requiring many hands?

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