4 Reasons Why Coupon Advertising Works

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If you’re wary of coupon advertising — don’t be. Coupon advertising is one of the easiest ways to get new customers in the door and promote brand familiarity. Coupons Generate a Profit…If You Do It Right. Read more about it in our post, 4 Steps to Evaluate Coupon Advertising.

The Best Direct Mail Companies for Auto Shop Coupon Advertising

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” Direct mail is an effective way for your auto shop coupons to be delivered to potential customers who may not see your digital presence. To succeed in the direct mail space, you need to find a reliable service that will deliver your auto shop coupons to customer mailboxes.


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The Oil Change Coupon: An Auto Shop’s Best Advertising Tool

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Simple, classic, effective – the oil change coupon is a slick way into your customer’s heart! Oil change coupons can be used in all kinds of coupon advertising – paid social media ads, direct mail postcards, and grocery store receipts. How to Calculate Coupon Profitability.

How to Make a Hair or Nail Salon Coupon

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More often than not, local businesses turn to coupon advertising, and salons are no different. After you select the sales promotion you want to run, it’s important to take full advantage of the advertising space your coupon offers. Uncategorized Coupon Advertising

The Best Platforms to Post Auto Repair Coupons Online

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Have you ever thought about posting your auto repair coupons online? If you’ve done even a little bit of research, you’ve probably noticed that few coupon sites accommodate small businesses. So, how do you post auto repair coupons online? What Makes a Great Online Coupon?

What’s the Best Way to Advertise Auto Shop Coupons?

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Auto shop coupons are powerful tools to increase traffic, and more importantly, profits. Obviously, the more potential customers who receive your ad (and actually look at it) plays a huge factor in how many coupons will eventually be redeemed. In this article, we are going to look at the best placement for your coupons. You need your coupons to be where your customers are and presented in a way that is obvious but not intrusive.

4 Steps to Create Effective Coupons for Auto Repair Service

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Coupons for auto repair service are a proven, profitable way to do just that. By offering a coupon discount on service, you can reach these consumers and generate big bucks for your shop. 4 Steps to Create Effective Coupons for Auto Repair Service. Create Your Coupon.

5 Car Wash Coupons That Attract Customers

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With the right car wash coupons, you can set yourself apart from that “other” car wash down the street. There are ways to get your coupon in the hands of those dirty car-owners in your community. But first, let’s take a look at some examples of coupons that can attract customers to YOUR car wash. This coupon offers significant savings for the customer with dollars-off of two of their best packages. How to Get Your Car Wash Coupon Distributed.

Direct Mail Coupons vs. Grocery Store Receipt Coupons: Which is Best for Your Restaurant?

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A coupon is a coupon is a coupon. There are some coupons that offer more than others. When your coupon is a great deal, it can be the difference between a prospect eating at your restaurant versus a competitor’s. But make no mistake, the way you get the coupon out to your potential customers is an important decision. Two of the most popular forms of coupon advertising for restaurants are direct mail and grocery store receipts. Valpak Coupons.

Why Your Restaurant Should Abandon Coupons and Embrace Loyalty Programs

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When business is slow, many restaurants turn to discounts and coupons in order to get more people through the door. CREDIBLY: What’s the main problem with a restaurant using coupons to attract customers? DONALD BURNS: I find that people who use coupons are loyal only to the coupon. ” I’m reminded of something Shawn Rafferty told me about coupons: “You’re fighting over a group of people that doesn’t actually want to spend money.”

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Do Coupons Really Work to Increase Profits at Auto Repair Shops?

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Car maintenance can be expensive, which is why many car owners shop around for the best deal. As a savvy auto repair shop owner, you want their business. But the question is: will they choose your auto repair shop? Automotive Advertising

How To Post Auto Shop Deals on Groupon – Plus 3 Things To Watch For

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The coupon giant boasts some significant benefits — targeted, local ads — but many users have seen its pitfalls. Groupon is a website that allows businesses to promote coupons through their website and email list. That’s the whole point of coupon advertising.

5 Customer Outreach Strategies for Dry Cleaners

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Combine these with a coupon or promotion, and customers will be all the more grateful. Plus, once you have that coupon design, you can distribute it in any print campaign you want. If you’re really feeling fancy, you can create a double-coupon campaign.

Best Advertising Practices for Dry Cleaners

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The trick is to offer an enticing but profitable coupon or promotion that drives the customer to action. Instead, it’s probably best to look into print or unconventional print advertising to distribute your great coupon. Uncategorized Coupon Advertising

How to Build Your Nail Salon’s Menu

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Many salons decide to run coupons to advertise specials, and the easiest way to maintain branding from one material to the next is to keep the same logo. Many salons will choose to run their coupon campaigns through grocery store advertising to guarantee the locals see their printed coupons.

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How to Start a Restaurant Blog

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Offer Readers Additional Value through Coupons Getting exposure by working with an influencer is great for your restaurant, but what will your readers get out of it? Often, restaurants will give the influencer or partner a coupon code to promote.

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The Best Way to Advertise Your Salon

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Coupons vs. Branding Branding campaigns can be helpful once you secure a strong customer base or when you are trying to implement a new vision of your business. A coupon for a free or discounted specialty service may have the best success. Uncategorized Coupon Advertising

Unconventional Print Advertising

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This careful exposure doesn’t grate on their nerves like a flier under their windshield or coupon book stuffed into their mailbox. Grocery Store Receipt Coupons This method is the first type of Unconventional Print Advertising in our plan.

Gain Customer Loyalty With Simple, Effective Auto Repair Receipts

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Offer Coupons. And custom printed receipts are the perfect place for coupon discounts that are eligible for returning customers only. Uncategorized Automotive Advertising Coupon AdvertisingAre you rewarding your current customers? If you aren’t, you should be!

4 Auto Repair Shop Ads Proven to Bring in New Customers

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Thousands of automotive businesses have generated customers, and more importantly profit, from coupon advertising. While you’ll still need to find the best way to distribute your coupons to local, potential customers , get a jump start on your next advertising campaign by modeling your coupon offer after these proven auto repair shop ads. Rather than giving a discount, this coupon sets a specific dollar amount for the oil change service.

Does Your Dry Cleaning Business Need a Website?

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Plus, by printing your coupon on the back of grocery store register tape, you save on advertising printing costs and can sit back and relax while your business is recommended to local, qualified consumers. Uncategorized Coupon Advertising Online Advertising

Pandemic Growth Hacks for Small Businesses

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Then, you can use these pages to share new promotions and even release digital coupons. Whether you’re interested in printing coupons on grocery store register tape or looking into shopping cart advertising , you’re guaranteed to reach thousands of people every week.

Groupon Reactivated an Eight-Year-Old Coupon Without This Pizzeria’s Consent


Now, the owners Benchmark Pizzeria in the East Bay say they have to deal with angry customers demanding half-price meals [link

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3 Ideas for Chemical Free Dry Cleaning to Give You a Competitive Advantage

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Invite customers to come try out your new technology with a coupon. An easy way to circulate your coupon will be to take out a supermarket advertisement. Uncategorized Coupon AdvertisingToday, the easiest way to stay ahead of the game is to be ahead in the game literally.

Advertising is Powerful, Despite Changes in Grocery Shopping Behavior

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Uncategorized Brand Advertising Coupon AdvertisingLooking back a few months ago, I can remember how my grocery shopping trip consisted of multiple store visits and abundantly stocked shelves accompanied by a sassy child begging for – well, everything. Now, social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders have changed the way I and millions of others do our grocery store shopping. Even though grocery shopping behavior has changed across the U.S.,

How to Reach Your Audience Without Breaking the Bank

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Some businesses decide to focus on one product and send out related coupons. This will make tracking the business you bring in a lot easier, as you can directly tie it to the number of coupons redeemed. For many, the major drawback of advertising is the cost.

3 Auto Repair In-Store Advertising Tactics to Try

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Promote Coupons with Front Desk Signs. If you’re already running a coupon advertising campaign , a simple sign on the exit door of your store or handed out with a receipt can be a great way to keep customers coming back. To combat this, he would offer a simple coupon to entice customers to add an extra visit for a Big Mac instead of venturing off to Burger King. Extend your coupon advertising campaign to your receipts!

3 Creative Holiday Restaurant Promotions

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Advertise your special on your website or social media , or consider planning a coupon around it. For all the “presents” you want to wrap up without the winning ticket, consider wrapping up a little coupon for your restaurant.

How to Advertise to Hungry Shoppers

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Setting bright, eye-catching in-store supermarket advertising lower to the ground is a way to reach kids who may tear off the coupon and hand it to their parents. Think about the BOGO coupons for sugary, chocolate-chip yogurt placed near the bottom of the cooler. Coupons.

5 Low-Budget Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

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You could even offer your customer’s a coupon if they review your restaurant. Give each table a business card with a percentage off coupon if they bring a friend for lunch. You can also ask customers if they would be willing to receive coupons in their email inbox, and if so, add their email to a simple Excel spreadsheet. Emailing patrons with a discount coupon will keep them coming back for more.

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RATE Your Advertising Campaign

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For direct-response ads, command action with a coupon offer! These simple messages are sufficient to connect with the audience and drive action (use the coupon). For example, the author highlights a specific product or service, like coupon advertising , within an educational piece. Display Ads: Full- color ad w/ coupon Depends on CPC and budget Search Ads: Appear directly in a user's search results. Great advertising can make you feel on top of the world!

Why Discounts Will Slowly Kill Your Restaurant

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The one with a coupon or discount that week. I like a good deal and I’m sure you do as well. I have a friend who is like a bloodhound when it came to finding deals! I mean she is obsessed with getting a better deal. I actually don’t think she has paid full retail once.

What’s the Best Way to Advertise a Small Business?

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To measure the success of your ad campaign, a simple formula to follow is: Average Sale X Total New Customers = Sales Revenue generated from promotions. – Cost of Goods Sold. – Discount Given to Consumer (if running a coupon ad). – Advertising Spend. For example, a coupon. This is the basis for a lot of digital and coupon advertising. Receipt Tape Coupons. Every small business is unique.

9 Important Hospitality Sales and Marketing Tips

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Offer time-sensitive deals and coupons. In a world driven by social media and online search, sales tactics are essential to generate revenue. According to the data from the 2019 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook by Deloitte , industry growth is consistent throughout the past decade. From 2009 to 2017, gross bookings in U.S. hotels grew to $185 billion from $116 billion. That’s not just because people are traveling more.

Tips for Keeping Restaurants Afloat as COVID Cases Spike

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Promo Codes and Coupons – Offering unique promo codes to new and returning customers or for special events like birthdays and anniversaries can be a great opportunity to get customers excited about their next order.

How Many Times Do Customers Have To See an Ad?

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Mail-out coupons, billboards, or even grocery store advertising can be an easy way to guarantee the right customers see your ad —and multiple times a day at that. When we think about this question, we think about how effective repetition is.

How to Appeal to Holiday Shoppers

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These companies scan through a ton of data every day to compile a homepage of coupons for shoppers to scroll through and links to apply when you’re shopping on another website. One way to do this is by printing new coupons directly on the receipt. Maybe you can combine this with a mail-out coupon that hits the homes of everyone within a few miles of your store or customers who submitted their information as part of your rewards program.

Maximize Takeout Profitability With These Six Steps

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With takeout, that might mean including the unexpected in their bags: a free appetizer, a sample of a new dessert, a coupon for their next meal, or a fun kid’s activity. You can even engage customers by incentivizing them with coupons and other deals if they post about their takeout.

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How a Customer Loyalty Program Helps Restaurants Keep in Touch with Customers

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They include special coupons, certain days where menu items are priced more affordably, and even tailored savings and offers specifically for individual customers. Operating a restaurant requires a certain degree of understanding when it comes to customers.

How to Use Auto Repair Email Marketing to Increase Your Shop’s Profits

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Keeping that in mind, here are some ways you can use email marketing to increase your ARO: Encourage Visits through Coupons. Emailing a coupon to your customers may be the incentive they need to visit YOUR auto shop vs. your competitors.

Texting Your Loyalty: Avoiding Potential TCPA Litigation

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In that case, after reading an ad to receive a 15-percent off coupon and texting “SAVE” to a five-digit code, the plaintiff received three text messages. The texts (1) welcomed the user to Kohl’s Mobile Sales Alerts; (2) provided the 15 percent off coupon and (3) almost a month later, provided another coupon. The plaintiff claimed the third text message was outside the scope of the limited consent she provided when she texted a request for a single coupon.

What is SMS Marketing? How Can I Use It For My Auto Shop?

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The redemption rate for mobile coupons can be as high as 25%. Some ways Auto Shops can use text marketing is: Send discount or coupon offers. No matter where you go, take a good look at the people around you.

Marketplace Collection Laws Present Unique Challenges for the Restaurant Industry

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Which party is the “seller” may also determine the tax base when dealing with sales coupons or other promotions. For a retailer’s discount or coupon, the tax base is generally the discounted price.