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Restaurant Recruiting During and After COVID-19

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Restaurant recruiting during the COVID-19 pandemic can be advantageous for restaurants because so much restaurant talent is looking for work. Here’s how to implement those restaurant recruitment changes to keep your current staff safe and give job candidates peace of mind. Will any of the hiring or training be conducted remotely?

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Staying on Top of FDD Requirements for Risk and Insurance

Modern Restaurant Management

What may be overlooked within it are risk and insurance issues. Many franchisors have dedicated staff in charge of maintaining the FDD, although tech solutions are increasingly available, offering efficient, integrated and customizable tools for managing insurance and compliance requirements. And there’s a lot of value to that.


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Health Insurance Requirements for Small and Medium Businesses

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Health Insurance Requirements for Small & Medium Businesses. How offering affordable health benefits to your employees can work wonders for recruiting and retention. H ealth insurance is one of the most important benefits an employer can offer, regardless of size. Are Small Businesses Required to Offer Health Insurance?

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Despite Improved 2024 Outlook, Labor, and Other Risks May Drag Restaurants Down

Modern Restaurant Management

Another growing risk: nuclear verdicts over dram shop law violations, driving up the costs of liquor liability insurance. Beyond recruiting, many employers are responding to the tight labor market by sharpening their focus on the kind of employee experience they’re providing. Here’s an overview.

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Recruiting Ideas for Low Wage Workers 

ExactHire - Restaurants

From the pre-pandemic issues surrounding low-wage workers to the effect COVID has had on our perception of them (and to the Great Resignation that’s fueling their exodus from essential jobs), companies are struggling to find innovative ways to recruit for these vital positions. Recruit Low Wage Workers. Creative Recruiting Ideas.

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How to hire the best staff for your restaurant

Open for Business

Here’s how to hire great employees, with tips for recruiting and retaining staff for a restaurant. Recruiting for restaurants works best when you can reach as many potential employees as possible. Forbes has some great tips for writing job descriptions, plus recommendations for job boards to help you recruit from diverse communities.

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How Restaurants Can Attract and Retain Workers Tempted by Retail Holiday Job Offers

Modern Restaurant Management

Highlighting benefits you provide for full-time workers – benefits likely unavailable to part-time holiday retail help, such as health insurance, tuition reimbursement and retirement accounts. Automating these parts of the recruiting process can save GMs many hours a week and lead to better hiring rates.

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