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EzCater hires former Lyft exec Ashwin Raj as CEO

Restaurant Business

She co-founded the online catering marketplace in 2007. Raj will replace Stefania Mallett, who is stepping down.

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Toasting the New Year like a Pro

Goliath Consulting

The “Saying Goodbye to 2020 is Priceless” Domaine Carneros Le Rêve Blanc De Blancs 2007 ($$$) For a sparkling wine to carry a vintage (most are combinations of multiple years’ crops to preserve consistency), the region must have an exceptional year for grapes.

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Why Cali BBQ is a Digital-First Restaurant

7 Shifts

I remember teasing San Diego Charger Lew Bush at a catering event in 2007 because he told me he was going to stand in line for the first iPhone. moment, I was digitally naive. I would make fun of friends and others who talked about QR codes or using Facebook in college. I thought, “Why would anyone do that for a phone?”

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Why Do All Chefs Cross Their Arms in Photos?


Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a master of the crossed arms look, in 2007. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images A completely serious investigation of the most popular pose on restaurant websites, TV cooking shows, and photo ops Jamie Oliver does it. David Chang and Christina Tosi do it.

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Now’s the time to ask your Member of Parliament for financial help…

Ken Burgin

I believe that now is the time for direct financial support for small business operators in Australia – on the scale of what was done after the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in 2007-9.

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How to: Getting Likes on Instagram Hashtags

App Institute

Since its introduction to the media space in 2007, it has become an effective marketing instrument. Instagram hashtags are essential, especially if you want to broaden your reach and interact with more people in your target demographic. Many have shifted from the.

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Viral Cinn-sation: How Shuckin’ Shack Crunched an LTO

Modern Restaurant Management

" Shuckin' Shack started as a 900-square-foot shack in Carolina Beach, North Carolina in 2007 and began franchising seven years later. It piqued everyone's interest, while following a social media trend that everyone was talking about. The response overwhelmingly is one of straight curiosity and fun."