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How To Train New Restaurant Employees

7 Shifts

After months of quarantine, restaurants were allowed to reopen with new restrictions, and the way they hire, train, and onboard employees had to adjust accordingly. These actions called for creating different ways to train employees based on certain aspects of the job.

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Taste the Difference: 40 Flavour Training Activities for Restaurant Staff

Ken Burgin

Here are 40 training activities for chefs to run for waiters and front-of-house staff within a 15-minute session. General Food Tasting and Knowledge Training 1. Blind Ingredient Identification Activity: Present small dishes containing a single, pureed or finely chopped ingredient. Vegetable Tasting and Knowledge Training 1.


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Why Training is the Key to Accurate Messaging About Gluten-Free Foodservice

Modern Restaurant Management

Training your staff in best practices for serving gluten-free dishes is one of the best proactive measures you can take to avoid such conflicts, as well as to demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety of gluten-free diners. In terms of training format, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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Reduce Training Retirements & Manual Tasks With These Three Automation Best Practices

Modern Restaurant Management

More specifically, automation best practices can ease training requirements and reduce manual tasks, helping restaurants thrive in a challenging environment. Streamline Employee Onboarding and Training. Here are three best practices that can help restaurant operators deliver the best results now and in the months and years ahead.

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Culinary Cues

Employees must be properly trained and then given the responsibility and authority to make those decisions that fit their position. [] SERVE: Respect means that everyone involved in the restaurant is in the service business. That they are to present themselves as ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen (The Ritz Carlton Credo).

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Culinary Cues

It is a close-knit industry of wannabe perfectionists who feel every ounce of pressure that looming failure can present. This is why ownership of the menu is so important to the chef, this is why the exactness of each plate, the consistency of flavor, and the beauty of the presentation are so critical to the chef.

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Seasonal Staff Playbook: Hiring, Training & Retaining Great Teams

Hot Schedules

Seasonal Staff Playbook: Hiring, Training & Retaining Great Teams. PLAY 2: Onboard & Train Your Seasonal Staff. Without proper training and engagement opportunities, your seasonal staff can keep sales in the minor leagues. Train and prepare staff to serve guests in a high-speed, high-volume environment.

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