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Culinary Cues

This is a day that must give us pause, a day of unthinkable horror that will always be remembered by anyone born before 2001. Nineteen years later – what does 9/11 continue to mean to America and the world? It is also a day that has and will continue to impact every person worldwide, regardless of his or her age and nationality.

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‘Martha Stewart’s Christmas’ Was a Book, a Fantasia, and a Target


What can you say about a woman who makes not a gingerbread house but a gingerbread mansion?” It’s entirely logical that as more women have less time to do anything around the house, Martha Stewart and her fellow sisters in sadism would become the nation’s household gurus,” complained the Salt Lake Tribune.

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A Taste Of The Douro With Quinta Do Crasto


The earliest written records mentioning Quinta do Crasto and its wine production date back to 1615. And in 2001, UNESCO sanctioned the Douro region as a World Heritage site. He was famous for his wine house dedicated to the production of port. Teaser: Exploring a few wines in the Douro wine region of Portugal.

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Experience Is the Best Teacher: Five Things My Father — and Hard Times — Have Taught Me About Leadership in the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

Here are five I’ve come back to again and again. He opened the first Ruth’s Chris franchise in 1975 and became one of the company’s largest U.S. franchisees. Never Take Advantage of the Guest. At Finally Restaurant Group, we take pride in becoming part of the community in exceptional small towns across the country.

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The Best Salad Chains In America

Restaurant Clicks

Chopt was founded in 2001 and has been serving the freshest, and spiciest, salads since its opening. I’m a big fan of salad. And when I want a good salad, I make sure I’m somewhere in the U.S. America has some of the best salad chains for several reasons. Best Salad Chains in America. Sweetgreen. choptsalad). Fresh & Co.

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The Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle Is Priceless


It took industrial designer Kenji Ekuan three years of development and 100 prototypes before he unveiled the final version, which premiered in 1961 — though the roots of the Kikkoman brand stretch back several centuries. The Kikkoman soy sauce bottle in its many iterations. Photos by Nippon & Co, lottaocean , modemedia , and irokk.

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Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Man Known as ‘Putin’s Chef,’ Explained


As head of the Kremlin-backed Wagner Group, Prigozhin is a cog in Putin’s war against Ukraine. Petersburg, back when it was still known as Leningrad. Yevgeny Prigozhin gives Vladimir Putin a tour of his school lunch factory in 2010. Alexey Druzhinin/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images. He’s also, inexplicably, a caterer.