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How to Improve Restaurant Purchasing for Higher Profit Margins

Sculpture Hospitality

It’s rare for restaurateurs to get to the next ordering day with no leftovers, no spoilage, and no last-minute menu changes. Even the best restaurant managers struggle with food purchasing and forecasting. Restaurant Operations

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Speed in Restaurant Staffing Wins Top Talent


Restaurant staffing is currently top of mind for every operator. It’s a candidate’s market, so competing with other restaurants goes beyond offering higher wages and providing benefits to hourly workers.

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Inflation is Changing the Ways Restaurants Operate

Goliath Consulting

As everything gets more expensive, consumers are panicking, and business owners are in a predicament. To cover supply chain costs, restaurant owners need to raise their prices. However, will raising these prices cause them to lose some loyal customers who cannot afford it anymore?


Culinary Cues

I get it, profit in restaurants is sometimes hard to come by. We deal with highly perishable goods, unpredictable customer behavior, swinging door staffing, and constantly escalating cost of goods.

Investing in Customer Experience Pays––Really Well

Discover why great customer experience is your restaurant's ultimate ROI. Download this free guide to learn how customer experience drives repeat business and profits, and how employee satisfaction affects customer satisfaction.

Managing Inventory with Quality Data and Automation

Modern Restaurant Management

Accurate inventory management is crucial to running a successful business because it directly impacts a company’s bottom line and is key to maximizing profits.

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Podcast 16: Digital Innovation & Leadership in Hospitality Management

Ken Burgin

Michael Tinsager has a unique position in hospitality – as an industry adviser and podcaster with the Hospitality Mavericks Podcast , he has access to the experience and wisdom of hundreds of operators and experts. He is based in the UK and has a great perspective on the industry there, in Europe, North America and worldwide. Ken Burgin interviewed Michael to find out what he’s learned during the pandemic about Innovation & Leadership in Hospitality Management.


Culinary Cues

Weekend work continued through the Fall and Winter when I turned 16. I already made plans to work full time at the diner during the summer months. Millie was beginning to involve me in some of her breakfast prep when things were slow.

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How to Add Products to Your Restaurant’s Sales Mix

Modern Restaurant Management

The outlook is improving for many restaurants as COVID-19 restrictions loosen and guests make their way back to their favorite establishments.

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Exploring the language of specialty coffee

Perfect Daily Grind

When you’re buying beans or visiting specialty coffee shops, you might come across terms like third wave, single origin, micro lot, or artisan. For those who are new to the specialty coffee sector, this language can be confusing.

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Think You're a Restaurant Customer Experience Expert?

Can investing in customer experience earn your restaurant higher revenue and repeat business? Test your know-how with HungerRush's quick, five-question quiz.

[Guide] Conquer Swing Shift Scheduling for Restaurants

7 Shifts

The 9 to 5 workday is common in many industries—but not in restaurants. The hospitality industry calls for early mornings and late nights, which means a normal scheduling approach doesn't exactly fit in a restaurant.

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Culinary Cues

When I was 15 years old the furthest thing from my mind was planning my future. This was the beginning of that age when aside from finding a way to be independent and seeking a girlfriend, there was very little planning going on. Ah, but getting a part-time job with a paycheck was a good start.

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What Can I Do to Reduce My Restaurant Supply and Labor Costs?

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from Buyers Edge Platform. Please send questions to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia at

9 Necessary Skills for Restaurant Employees


This article by Katie Fairchild, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Restaurant365 and featured in FSR. The labor shortage is motivating an increasing number of employers to shift from educational-based hiring to skills-based hiring.

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Don't Let Delivery Apps Dash Your Restaurant's Revenue

Get our free, must-read guide to optimizing your restaurant's online ordering capabilities to maximize revenue.

Career progression for specialty coffee baristas

Perfect Daily Grind

For many baristas, a passion for high-quality coffee is one of the main reasons they work in the specialty coffee industry.

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Poor Customer Service: Lack of Staff is a Poor Excuse

Gecko Hospitality

A recent survey revealed that 55% of the workforce in the US have left their former jobs. Because of this, the term Great Resignation has become a part of our common language today. It is is currently impacting all aspects of peoples’ personal lives and business performances.

QSRs are Tapping New Out of Home Innovations for Full Funnel Growth

Modern Restaurant Management

Quick-serve restaurants (QSR) — a highly localized business — have long been using Out of Home (OOH) advertising as a prevailing channel for its historical effectiveness in brand building.

2022 122

9 Necessary Skills for Restaurant Employees


This article by Katie Fairchild, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Restaurant365 and featured in FSR. The labor shortage is motivating an increasing number of employers to shift from educational-based hiring to skills-based hiring.

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Want Your Restaurant to Make More Cheddar?

A smarter POS system can help you drive revenue and increase profits—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Download this free eBook to find out more.

Exploring the micro mill model in the coffee sector

Perfect Daily Grind

Milling is one of the most important post-harvest steps in coffee production. It involves removing the various layers of the cherry to remove the seeds. Wet milling is carried out after harvesting, while dry milling happens once the green coffee reaches the optimal moisture content for export.

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142. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 142 – Chups

Restaurant Technology Guys

First Online Marketplace Connecting Culinary Creators With Restaurants to Launch Menus in New Markets. A conversation with Irfan Mohammed, Co-Founder of Chups.

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What Restaurants Can Learn From Vegan-Related Google Searches

Modern Restaurant Management

Is the popularity of veganism slowing? According to a new report from the team at Chef’s Pencil , the answer could be yes, but there is a bright spot for restaurants. The team utilized a variety of data sets including Google search trends, Google Adwords and sales information for the research.

2022 131

How Much Does a Self-Order Kiosk Cost? Pricing & Considerations


If you run a fast casual or quick service restaurant, you have the option of improving the customer experience by using self-order kiosks. Self-ordering kiosks … How Much Does a Self-Order Kiosk Cost? Pricing & Considerations Read More ». The post How Much Does a Self-Order Kiosk Cost? Pricing & Considerations appeared first on iPad Point of Sale System for Restaurants, Bars & More. Restaurant Tech restaurant pos system

A Bigger Piece of Pie: Lessons on Going from Small Pizzeria to City Favorite

With the lessons in this eBook, your pizzeria can reach its full potential and create a path for long-term continued growth.

Exploring the nutraceutical properties of coffee

Perfect Daily Grind

Coffee has long been renowned for its health benefits. For decades, research has shown that coffee can help to reduce the risk of developing major diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Franchise Owner Spotlight: Brian Blum

Gecko Hospitality

Franchise Owner Spotlight: Brian Blum. Recruiting Franchisee. The world of recruiting is ripe for someone who wants to venture into a successful franchise business. And Gecko Hospitality has a proven methodology for gaining entry into the recruiting field.

Consumers Are Trading Down. Here’s How to Prevent Trade-Out

Modern Restaurant Management

What’s the saying? You can’t get blood from a turnip? Today’s restaurant guests are certainly an example. There’s only so much wiggle room in their discretionary incomes and it’s showing up in decreasing basket size and check.

2022 121

4 Current Restaurant Human Resources Trends

Black Box Intelligence

It’s no secret that restaurant hiring has become increasingly difficult. In almost every town and city it seems that there’s several restaurants with signs in front advertising that they are hiring. The reasoning? The Great Resignation has made restaurant staffing incredibly difficult.

2022 52

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

Coffee News Recap, 13 May: Peru’s 2022/23 coffee production to exceed 4 million bags, Vietnam to replant 107,000ha of coffee trees by 2025 & other stories

Perfect Daily Grind

Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories. Mon, 9 May. Voyage Foods secures US $36 million in Series A funding round.

2025 102

[Podcast] The state of the QSR and FSR industries with Danny Klein, Editor at Food News Media

7 Shifts

Episode Summary. As editor at Food News Media , Danny Klein has a 30,000-foot view of everything that's going on in our industry. So from curbside pickup to QR codes, to the labor shortage to loyalty, Danny has a ton of thoughts to share.

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Ninth Circuit Narrowly Upholds Foie Gras Ban

Modern Restaurant Management

On May 6, 2022, a panel of three judges in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit considered a challenge to California’s ban on foie gras. The law has been heavily litigated for nine years, including three sets of appeals.