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How Restaurants Should Prepare for COVID-19


How restaurant sales will be impacted by the Coronavirus is still too early to tell. Chances are that all aspects of restaurant operations will be affected in one way or another.

2 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity


Your staff is hard-working and diligent—but tensions are high, and sales are lower than expected. Is it your staff? Or could it be the systems in place?

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Here’s How Drinking Red Wine Can Enhance Your Fitness Routine


mona-miller-EfUwk0C3RE8-unsplash.jpg. Author(s): Alicia Rennoll. Teaser: New findings confirm that a glass of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or any other type of red wine may even help to boost your workouts.

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How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

7 Shifts

So, you want to open a restaurant. You’ve probably thought about the challenges and risks that come with this venture, but do you know all of the costs that you’ll incur? Keeping a restaurant running is one thing, but investing in a new restaurant is a whole other undertaking.

Restaurant Survival Strategies Amidst Coronavirus Fears


micheile-henderson-Mh-qlBeXTy0-unsplashx72.png. Author(s): Emiliano De Laurentiis. Teaser: Some restaurant-specific suggestions to help restauranteurs and guests ride out the COVID-19 tsunami.

Restaurant Inventory Management System


Inventory management is at the heart of running a successful restaurant business. You need to ensure you have the right type and quantity of ingredients to meet the needs of the customers.

Service with a Smile: Mental Health in Catering Employees

Modern Restaurant Management

Catering is a demanding sector when it comes to employment, and staff are often under a lot of pressure to ensure that each customer has the best possible experience at a venue.

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What Is Kombucha?

Perfect Daily Grind

If you’ve visited a coffee shop recently or browsed the drinks aisle of your local supermarket, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen bottles of a chilled, tea-based drink for sale called kombucha.

Powerhouse Women in the Kitchen


Santé Staff. Barriers to the chef profession aside, female chefs continue to excel and prove their worth in the hospitality world. Despite the old adage, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen”, professional kitchens to this day continue to be male-dominated.

9 Tips to Help Your Restaurant Through the Coronavirus Pandemic


As a restaurant owner or operator, you’re no doubt feeling the effects of the coronavirus. Federal, state and local agencies, as well as public health experts, are urging people to avoid crowds and advising high-risk individuals to stay home altogether.

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Why Friendly Fraud Is on the Rise at Full-Service Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

It’s been nearly five years since the coalition comprised of Europay, MasterCard and VISA (EMVCo) shifted the liability for payment fraud from the banks to the merchant. In that time, chip cards have become ubiquitous.

Best Scheduling Software for Restaurants: Restaurant Scheduling Apps for 2020

Restaurant Clicks

Creating schedules is difficult, even at a small business. That’s why most restaurants use a scheduling app of some sort to create and maintain weekly staff schedules. Employee scheduling software is a piece of technology that can seriously streamline the scheduling process of your restaurants. .

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Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Management Software


Understanding Restaurant Management Software. The restaurant industry has been evolving consistently over the years. From the introduction of point of sale (POS) systems to accounting systems, technology is changing the ways restaurants operate today.

Why Manual Restaurant Inventory Management Is Eating Your Profits


When you think of your restaurant finances, do you think of your inventory? Your restaurant inventory management is an oft-forgotten component of your finances, but the amount of product you have on hand represents a large part of your budget.

What Does Social Distancing Mean for Social Businesses Like Restaurants?

Modern Restaurant Management

What are some ways restaurant owners and operators can be safe and welcome guests while maintaining social distance?

"The Soul of Lugana and the Heart of Valpolicella"


territorio3-6564cc73.jpeg. Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: It may not be a good time to travel to Italy, but it's the perfect time to pour a little "Italy" into your wine glass!

7 pro tips for writing a job-winning hospitality manager resume


One major benefit of the hospitality industry is that it’s rarely affected by recession. This means looking for work in the industry can always be fruitful – if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Why Manual Restaurant Inventory Management Is Eating Your Profits


When you think of your restaurant finances, do you think of your inventory? Your restaurant inventory management is an oft-forgotten component of your finances, but the amount of product you have on hand represents a large part of your budget.

Virtual Acceleration, Raising the Bar and Insult Monitor

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM News Bites features a double dose from US Foods, SpotOn Transact, DoorDash Kitchens, Virtual Restaurant Consulting, Tripleseat and Gather, wagamama, Toast, The Gluten Intolerance Group, Instawork and StaffMate Online, Procurant and Yellofin, Sift, 7shifts, ParTech, Revel Systems and Como, Kabbage, Bluecrew and Cuboh.

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Our newest feature explained: Deliveroo menu management


We are happy to announce that Deliveroo is now supporting the menu management! In other words, Deliverect customers will now be able to add products to their Deliveroo menu themselves, making it possible to easily and instantly adjust and publish menus on this platform. What has changed?

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Culinary Cues

As I find myself glued to the news that attacks everyone’s central nervous system, I am beginning to envision the chaos that the corona virus pandemic is about to inflict on the restaurant business.

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Being Proactive, in Practice: xtraCHEF’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Xtra Chef

This message is being posted on behalf of xtraCHEF CEO, Andy Schwartz. For the past couple of months, coronavirus news and updates have become part of our everyday lives.

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Coronavirus: Restaurants Respond

Modern Restaurant Management

In response to Coronavirus concerns: Danny Meyer tweeted that The Modern would be closed for a day and every inch sanitized after a guest tested positive for COVID-19, despite being told by the NYS Health Commissioner says no risk of transmission; “Team & guests come first,” the hospitality leader concluded.

What Is a Piccolo Latte & How Do I Make It?

Perfect Daily Grind

The piccolo latte is a mysterious drink. This little milk beverage can be hard to find and is commonly misunderstood. However, it can be a great addition to coffee shop menus, with its punchy espresso and smooth milk. For customers, it’s a delicious alternative to the classic coffee choices.

How Does A Point Of Sale System Work?

BNG Point of Sale

Chances are, if you’re starting a business in retail or restaurant, people in the industry will tell you to purchase a point of sale system.

Food Truck Business Plan: The Beginner’s Guide For Success


Do you want to give your new mobile eatery the best chance for success? Write a food truck business plan. In this article, the experts at Sling tell you why a business plan is vital for both new and existing businesses (of all kinds) and give you tips on how to perfect this important document.

Leadership in a Time of Coronavirus

Modern Restaurant Management

As the world watches and responds to the spread of COVID-19, leaders across the globe are being asked to step up and into their power. Some have done this well, while others have a few more miles to cross.

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

Perfect Daily Grind

Introducing new customers to specialty coffee or converting coffee enthusiasts to new origins and exotic varieties is one of the great things about operating a specialty coffee shop.

Prevent Cyber Theft Before It Starts


Technology’s role in the dining industry is more powerful than ever. This is mostly a good thing: streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and ultimately making it much easier to run a restaurant or bar. But with technology comes a disturbing modern problem: threats to cybersecurity.

133: The Coronavirus/Covid 19: Survival Guide For Your Restaurant


COVID 19 / Coronavirus Survival Guide For Your Restaurant. C OVID 19 / CORONAVIRUS is probably the worst thing to happen to the Restaurant industry in the last 50 years.

MRM People & Places: Azteca Foods Celebrates 50 Years and State Dish Showdown

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's People & Places column features news of company hires and promotions, charitable efforts and product introductions. Send news to Barbara Castiglia at

Celebrate Women Chefs

Culinary Cues

Today and everyday – women are making a difference in the restaurant world. A woman’s place is in the kitchen, but they are not women chefs – they are chefs.

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Elevate Your Food Cost Control Strategy with a Vendor Management System


When selecting a restaurant operations system, its vendor management features and functions should enhance your foodservice partnerships. Have you ever thought about how a restaurant is kind of like a three-legged stool? In this metaphor, each leg supports the operational success of the restaurant.

Staying smart, staying safe, during the coronavirus outbreak. BOHA! makes it possible.


When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus reality, pro active beats re active every time. The BOHA! suite of back-of-house apps can help you stay smart, stay safe, and regain control that’s all-too-easy to lose during times like this.

How Online Review Platforms Protect Your Business from Fake Reviews

Modern Restaurant Management

In the Internet economy, online consumer reviews are a powerful tool used in helping businesses drive growth and integrate crucial feedback to create a better customer experience.

Job Abandonment: What To Do Before Employees Disappear


Don’t let job abandonment become a problem in your business. Learn how to spot the signs and keep your employees from disappearing.


Culinary Cues

There exists a real dichotomy of enthusiasm towards working in the restaurant business. I realize that this may have always been present at some level, but in today’s kitchens there appears to be a polarization of those who love the business and those who are angry at their state of affairs.

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