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How to Market Your Restaurant During and After COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

With dining rooms having been shut down for the majority of 2020, the only option for people to visit their favorite restaurants has been through takeout or delivery.

How to Reduce Food Cost in Restaurant Management

Xtra Chef

Reducing food cost in restaurant management is as important as ever. In a time when dining restrictions remain uncertain, opportunities to make money are limited. Plus, the prices of ingredients are fluctuating frequently due to supply chain and logistical challenges.

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Food & Design: A Partnership For Success

Future Food

Food & Design: A Partnership For Success.


Culinary Cues

They say we’re back. The kitchen lights are back on, deliveries arrive, the battery of ranges is fired up, and cooks (some of us) are welcomed back. Somehow, it just doesn’t feel right.

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Three Ways Post-Pandemic Customers Will Permanently Change the Restaurant Industry 

Modern Restaurant Management

"COVID-19 has disrupted, and will likely continue to disrupt, business models and plans. But in some ways, it’s accelerated the adoption of trends that would have taken four to five years to become a reality."

Black Vintners and Wine Professionals in the Spotlight?


The wine world wakes up to Black wine personalities. Deborah Grossman. Sunny days are ahead for Black vintners. The interest and sales of Black-owned wineries are up. Wine professionals are also getting long-overdue attention in the industry. In 1940 John June Lewis Jr.

What’s the Best Way to Advertise Auto Shop Coupons?

Indoor Media

Auto shop coupons are powerful tools to increase traffic, and more importantly, profits. However, the actual ROI can vary greatly based on the offer and how they’re distributed.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Contactless Menus Can Help Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a computer to think and act like a human. It learns from data gathered it in its own environment to help businesses make better decisions to drive top and bottom line growth. AI has been around since the 1950s and its use has become mainstream in recent years.

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Restaurant Task Management: How to Communicate Tasks to Staff ??

7 Shifts

Now that guests are coming back into your restaurant, it means there are more tables to clean, more guests to attend to, and more side work to complete. The problem of restaurant task management is not a new one.

Can Dry Tokaji Win as the “New Sauvignon Blanc?”

A Wine Story

Can Dry Tokaji Win as the “New Sauvignon Blanc?”. Furmint white wine. Dry Tokaji from the Furmint grape is a delicious white wine grape from the Tokaj region of Hungary with very crisp acidity. Historically, Furmint and Hárslevel? grapes enjoyed harvest late in the season. Click to Tweet.

Intercompany Accounting Best Practices for Restaurant Businesses


Most multi-unit restaurant groups run each of their locations as a separate legal entity. Each entity and store has its own P&Ls and balance sheets. If all entities are held under a holding company, the GAAP financial statements can be consolidated to see the true picture of the overall business.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-July 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features Grubhub's State of the Plate 2020 trend report, the fragility of "open," di g ital resilience and brand intimacy. Financial Trends Insights.

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Managing Your Restaurant’s Maintenance & Sanitization During COVID-19

7 Shifts

The COVID-19 health crisis has created a new emphasis on sanitization, health, and social distancing in businesses of all types—and restaurants are no exception. Enhanced focus on sanitization and social distancing have become the minimum restaurant operating requirements during the pandemic.

Introducing the Square POS Integration for ChowNow


We’re excited to officially announce that ChowNow’s online ordering technology integrates with Square’s point of sale system, uniting our two platforms into a single, streamlined option for your restaurant. .

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xtraCHEF Recipe Card: Natalie Vittese

Xtra Chef

Explain your role at xtraCHEF. As People & Culture Manager, I’m responsible for managing all HR operations – from recruiting to payroll and benefits. Much of my focus over the last few months has been on fostering company culture and employee engagement while we are all working remotely.

Boost Your Restaurant Brand with Social Media

Modern Restaurant Management

Every day, more than 3.5 billion people sign onto social media to check what’s going on in the world. That’s about 45 percent of the global population, all tapping into the social sphere to see who’s going where and what businesses like yours have to offer.

Food Service Manager Career – Ultimate Guide


Pop culture likes to tell us that working in food service is a dead-end job. But if you’re ambitious, know that 9 out of 10 restaurant managers started their career in entry-level positions. . And the same is true for 8 out of 10 restaurant owners.

Why You Should Market Your Garage with Auto Shop Videos

Indoor Media

Given the competitive landscape today, if you have a website or use social media for your auto shop, including auto shop videos is a must if you want to engage your audience. As an auto shop owner, you understand how important it is to stand out from your competitor.

Sustainable Alentejo Wines


Author(s): Catherine Fallis. Teaser: Evan Goldstein MS and João Barroso, WASP Director of Sustainability hosted an informative “Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Webinar” last week, facilitated by Kate Morgan-Corcoran and Jane Kettlewell of Creative Palate Communications.

AI Flips into White Castle and Resetting America

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature robots in fast food, virtual education and chef-inspired, plant-based ice cream. White Castle Employs Flippy the Robot.

Restaurant Acquisitions: A Three-Bucket Thesis for Transactions in 2020 and Beyond

Aaron Allen & Associates

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there is going to be a spectrum of opportunity for restaurant acquisitions available for operators and investors alike. A myriad of distressed assets will lead to more consolidation and fewer, stronger players coming out the other side.

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Why It’s Important To Be On Multiple Social Media Sites As An Influencer

Lady Boss Blogger

As an influencer, you may have a primary social media platform that you use. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, you may want to consider having multiple social media platforms. Here’s why: 1.

Why Collecting Customer Data Is Vital To The Growth Of Restaurants

The Restaurant Times

Customer Data is vital for the long term sustainability of any business. However, for the restaurant business, customer data is also integral for growth and expansion.

How Are Tech Trends Shifting in a Post-COVID-19 World?

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from EZ-Chow Inc. Please send questions to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia at

Does a Staff Member have COVID? Be Prepared.

Sculpture Hospitality

Now that we are all slowly returning to some type of normalcy, it is crucial that we do our part to upkeep and maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers in hopes to reduce or even eliminate COVID cases in our regions. Restaurant Operations COVID Resources

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5 Bloggers That Grew With Rapid Success

Lady Boss Blogger

Do you ever wonder how bloggers grow their success so quickly? Blogging can sometimes feel like a difficult route as opposed to growing as an influencer on social media. The internet is becoming increasingly visual, and the blogging world is changing.

The Changing Face of Guest Service


Food Leaders blends virtual experiences with premium production and content to educate business operators worldwide. Each session provides best practices and essential steps for ensuring your business’s success in a post-pandemic industry as lockdowns ease.

Ready for Takeoff: The Promise and Challenges of Restaurant Drone Delivery

Modern Restaurant Management

Create More Reasons for Customers to Order Online with these Proven Tips

The Restaurant Times

Over the years, the online ordering culture has flourished and completely transformed the way restaurants deliver food. Customers are now seeking convenience and expecting timely and hygienic doorstep delivery options.

How to Open a Successful Liquor Store in 2020 (+Cost)


Alcohol sales in the United States is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. These types of businesses are highly regulated however.

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Confirmed: Taco Bell’s Potato Menu Items Will Live No Más


Potato dishes among those on the chopping block as part of Taco Bell’s menu streamlining efforts. Photos: Taco Bell.

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Research Can Be Key for Restaurants Reeling from COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

The restaurant industry is difficult in the best of times, let alone when a worldwide pandemic forces closures, customers are forced to stay in their homes, told to social distance for months, and state government regulation telling owners and managers when you reopen shops or when they can be at half capacity.

5 Leadership Skills Essential To Owning A Successful Business

Lady Boss Blogger

It goes without saying that a business cannot thrive without a good leader, and good leaders have distinct leadership skills that make them successful. We’ve all seen a manager who’s completely aloof to what’s really going on, or who just doesn’t get people.

Restaurant Employees Await Congressional Unemployment Decision

Restaurant Engine

Although many restaurant owners had trusted government indications that most of the country would be fully operational by now, 22 states have either reversed or paused reopenings altogether. As of July 13, California restaurants must cease sit-down dining service statewide.

Can Dry Furmint Win as the “New Sauvignon Blanc?”

A Wine Story

Can Dry Furmint Win as the “New Sauvignon Blanc?”. Furmint white wine. Furmint is a delicious white wine grape from the Tokaj region of Hungary with very crisp acidity. Historically, Furmint and Hárslevel? grapes enjoyed harvest late in the season. Click to Tweet.

Imperfect COVID-Era Takeout? One Star.


Casimiro PT/Shutterstock. As restaurants struggle during the pandemic, many owners wish Yelp would do more than appeal to its users to be “empathetic and patient” When Arsalun Tafazoli opened his first restaurant, each bad review felt like a punch to the gut. “I

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8 Influencers Over 40: Never Let Age Define What You Can And Can’t Do

Lady Boss Blogger

Within the world of social media influencing, there is a perception that influencers are all 20-something-year-olds, which is not true! This post is dedicated to killer influencers over 40.