Culinary Cues

Sometimes the change curve can be mapped out allowing ample time to gear up with new skills, new products, new methods of production, and a laser focused marketing strategy, while on occasion, something environmental takes place that forces a more immediate response.

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How Restaurants Can Remain Competitive in 2021

7 Shifts

million out of work, it was nothing short of devastating. We’re not talking about just surviving the pandemic—but thriving through 2021 and beyond, and setting new standards. If you’re not sure what your customers are looking for, don’t be afraid to take to social media and ask them.

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Restaurant Experts’ 2021 Outlook, Part Two

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry experts for their opinions on what we can expect in 2021. Delivery and take-out will continue to be the most popular way consumers will get their restaurant meals in a COVID and post-COVID world.

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Restaurant Experts’ 2021 Outlook, Part One

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry experts for their opinions on what we can expect in 2021. The battle for talent – Forced closures, layoffs and furloughs have driven a lot of workers out of the food and beverage industry.

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Restaurant Design Trends for 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

” In addition to the known changes the pandemic has brought, restaurants have also modified their take-out, pick up, and delivery options. Taking this concept one step further, there is also the “Hall Concept."

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Staying In Is Here to Stay. What Does that Mean for Restaurant Loyalty Programs? 

Modern Restaurant Management

According to Mastercard’s “ Recovery Insights: The Shift to Digital ,” 59 percent of consumers say that eating in more than going out is a change that’s here to stay.

5 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant App to Customers


Your restaurant app can stand out from the pack by offering an enticing promotion. Send out an email to announce either your app-only promotion or the launch of your new app. You can use a service like Mailchimp to send out promotional emails.

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5 Steps to Quickly Build Your Brand Online

Indoor Media

Whether you’re a restaurant that’s seen a surge in take-out orders or a salon wondering how to get in the game — it’s important to set yourself up for success online. Are other local companies making shout outs to members of your community?

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MRM EXCLUSIVE: Five CX Strategies Restaurants Can Use to Gain a Competitive Edge During Challenging Times

Modern Restaurant Management

As app-based delivery, drive-through and take-out services surpass indoor dining, not only does providing an excellent customer experience show customers you appreciate their business, but it also enables you to set the stage for customer loyalty that will continue to grow well beyond the pandemic.

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How to Build Your Nail Salon’s Menu

Indoor Media

Think back to the “take out” menus you’ve seen at restaurants. They’re usually light, print brochures that you can take with you when you leave. Whether they’re pinned to your fridge or taking up drawer space, they’re in your home.

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The Latest Restaurant Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The Restaurant Times

This article covers restaurant industry trends that restaurant owners must adopt in 2021 to sustain and strengthen their businesses. . Trends That Will Reshape The Restaurant Industry in 2021. Mentioned below are some of the top restaurant industry trends to watch out for in 2021. .

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Fair Workweek Laws: What Business Owners Need To Know


Let’s take a look at San Francisco’s Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances — the first fair workweek laws in the United States — for more details. To find out if your business is affected, visit your city government’s or Secretary of State’s website for more details.

12 Trends That Will Impact the Restaurant Industry in 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

In 2021, restaurant marketing strategy, restaurant design, and internal systems—for independents and chains alike—will evolve, and technology and robotics will become commonplace. New independents will arise out of the ashes.

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The 5 Biggest Restaurant Food Trends to Watch in 2021

Goliath Consulting

Now that 2021 is only weeks away, we are making predictions on what the new year will bring. Here are our top 5 food and restaurant trend predictions for 2021 and beyond. That is less likely to be the case in 2021, as shown in this study by Sense360 (17).

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For Restaurants, 2021 Budgeting Will Require a Three-Tiered Approach 

Modern Restaurant Management

The high levels of uncertainty surrounding the future of the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the importance for restaurants to rethink their approach to budgeting for 2021. Unfortunately, it could take as long as 6-12 months before the entire U.S.

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How Restaurants Can Protect Themselves During COVID-19

Next Restaurants

Furthermore, you may want to implement a testing system on-site, such as taking temperatures before an employee is permitted to start their shift. For many restaurants, this means closing in-person dining and providing take-out and delivery services instead.

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6 Tips for Restaurant Success in 2021

Restaurant Engine

It seems poised to continue at least for part of 2021. To help you, we look at six tips for restaurant success in 2021. #1: Restaurant customers in 2021 are going to be looking for contactless options when they frequent your restaurant. 4: Refine Take Out and Delivery.

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5 Strategies You Can Use to Rebrand Your Restaurant while Maintaining Market Recognition

The Restaurant Times

Rebranding is a great exercise to stimulate business growth while reaching out to a new set of customers. Ask them to fill out a survey or prompt them to respond to social media posts and polls. . Enhance the areas where your business excels by taking steps to strengthen them. .

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2020’s Marketing Lessons Hold Advice for 2021 and Beyond

Modern Restaurant Management

And when it comes to those marketing plans, 2020’s lessons will, at least, provide good advice for 2021 and the years to come. When it comes to those marketing plans, 2020’s lessons will, at least, provide good advice for 2021 and the years to come.

Spreading Southern Hospitality Through the Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

Services provided as part of our off-premise dining experience now include online ordering (pickup or curbside), drive through, traditional call-in take-out, third-party delivery, and catering. Looking Ahead to 2021.


Culinary Cues

So, as we close out on 2020 – here are some reflections and outcomes in the past that we might learn from. [] A DRAMATIC EVENT, BEYOND OUR CONTROL HAS SHUT THE DOOR ON RESTAURANT BUSINESS. HERE’S TO A VERY PROMISING 2021.

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Culinary Cues

None, however, are as devastatingly out of the operators control as this pandemic. When your favorite restaurant closes its doors it is disturbing and sad, but it is also part of a domino effect that can tumble out of control.

Tough Talk: What Restaurants Need to Know and How General Counsel Can Help

Modern Restaurant Management

As general counsel to over a dozen restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County, I have seen a lot of changes since the first shutdown orders came out in March. The end of 2021 is how far out restaurants that depend on indoor dining should plan for continued limited operations.

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Restaurant Insiders on 2020 Lessons Learned, Part Two

Modern Restaurant Management

That’s why we decided to donate 10 percent of sales of our off-premise take-out and delivery platform to No Kid Hungry. Intuit reports that by 2021, the gig economy will surge and add 9.2 This adoption was understandably sped up out of great necessity this year.

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Defining a Post-COVID19 Consumer: What Your Guests Will Look for When They Walk Through Your Doors

Goliath Consulting

First, we know that consumers will continue to regard safety and sanitation in high importance, possibly going towards 2021 (1). According to Philip Daus, partner with Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global strategy and marketing consulting firm, consumers are expected to “remain vigilant about staying safe and limiting potential exposure to COVID-19… (This) value driver will stick around for a long time, at least until mass vaccination has been rolled out” (1). by Bora Kang.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-December 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Consumers are looking towards pre-made/catered meals (15 percent), take-out (18 percent), and meal kits (15 percent) in place of meal prep for one of their holiday or New Year’s meals. When it came to ordering take-out, Gen Z led with 28 percent.

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Restaurant Insiders on 2020 Lessons Learned, Part One

Modern Restaurant Management

Yet at the same time, every marketer blasted out email updates “we’re in this together” filling consumer’s inboxes, rendering email virtually ineffective and driving down open rates from the pre-pandemic abysmal 20 percent.

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5 Best Restaurant Reservation Systems Compared: Resy, OpenTable, Yelp, Tock, Toast


Especially amid Covid-19 and the growing take-out and delivery trend, the right restaurant reservation system makes the online reservation process convenient and timely and increases customer satisfaction. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

Which Restaurant Reservation System Is Best for Me: Resy vs OpenTable vs Yelp vs Tock


Especially amid Covid-19 and the growing take-out and delivery trend, the right restaurant reservation system makes the online reservation process convenient and timely and increases customer satisfaction. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

The State of New York Restaurants in 2020

7 Shifts

I think it’s the one thing allowing people to say, Let’s just push through; let’s see what happens and where we come out of it.” — Fabián von Hauske Valtierra, Chef and co-owner, Contra , Wildair , Una Pizza Napoletana The issue is that, while it did help businesses get some breathing room from landlords for rent, the suspension was only meant to last through September. Now, the City Council of New York City has voted to extend local law 1932-A until March 31st, 2021.

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MRM Franchise Feed: Opportunity is Barking and the Spirit of BBQ

Modern Restaurant Management

1), Sonny's BBQ has named three deserving employees to their newly formed Sonny’s Kindness Crew (video at top, each of whom embodies the spirit of BBQ, is passionate about spreading kindness and loves helping out their local community.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-June 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Around one in six (16 percent) will avoid dine-in experiences altogether in favor of delivery or take-out. 30 percent of consumers have been out to eat in bars/restaurants to eat in the last two weeks. 12 percent of consumers have been out to drink in bars/restaurants in the last two weeks. Nielsen also consulted consumers on the impact recent protests have had on their decision to go out to the on-premise. 35 percent decided not to go out due to the protests.

2020 112

MRM Franchise Feed: Frictionless QDOBA and Crisp & Greens Goes National

Modern Restaurant Management

The program will begin accepting applications in the first quarter of 2021. Starting in 2021, select Burger King® restaurants in New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will be among the first to implement the model, with more cities expected to be added in the coming months.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-July 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Hot takeout summer: While 63 percent of respondents have canceled vacation travel due to COVID, 71 percent are still planning to take some vacation this summer. Frose is out, with only 2.1 Check out more favorites in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia below.

2020 118

AI Food Intelligence and Now Serving Democracy

Modern Restaurant Management

“During the period I was laid off due to COVID-19, there were several problems out of my control with my unemployment status leaving me in a difficult financial situation,” said Jessica Schiefele, long time Ruby Slipper bartender. “This is not the election to sit one out.”

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-October 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

People are dning out, according to a study by The Manifest, a B2B research firm. More than half of people (58 percent) feel uncomfortable eating at a restaurant during the pandemic, which means restaurants must invest in take-out and delivery options to stay open.

2020 132

Tyga Bites and Sushi with an Attitude

Modern Restaurant Management

The product will be rolled out in phases, with an introductory product available in the North American market in the coming weeks. “The bites are baked just right; choose a dip then take a sip! Tulkoff plans for the facility to be fully operational by early 2021.

Face Pay Network, Restaurant of the Future and The Main Course

Modern Restaurant Management

" Take a listen here to learn about Scott Patterson's entrepreneurial venture into the world of coffee and reach out to Castiglia with any topic or guest suggestions at

With France on Lockdown Again, Can Its Culinary Legacy Survive?


A chef cooks in the kitchen of a closed restaurant offering take away food and drinks as the French economy braces itself for the effects of a second national lockdown | Kiran Ridley / Getty Images. Frankly, I take the news as a liberation.”. Frankly, I take the news as a liberation.”.

Safe Distancing Tech and a Farewell to Foam

Modern Restaurant Management

We will build on our momentum and do our part to take care of the world around us because it matters to us, our franchisees, our guests, and our communities.” Contactless Order & Pay aims to ease consumer hesitation around dining out, putting the power of ordering and payments in guests’ pockets. Once the guest has selected their menu items, they can then use a credit card or digital wallet to check out.

White Castle Flips for Flippy and Burma Bites

Modern Restaurant Management

” Ordermark also operates Nextbite where, qualifying restaurants can offer popular delivery-only brands, including HotBox by Wiz, a partnership with Wiz Khalifa, out of their existing restaurant space. The announcement is part of a new initiative from DoorDash which sets out to help select local merchants who have shuttered operations to strategically reopen for delivery. ” Family-Style Made Easy: Take Home Items to Help Diners Celebrate the Holidays, Minus the Stress.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-April 2020-COVID-19 Effects Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Q1 Yelp Economic Average (YEA) , which takes a holistic look at the local economic changes since the start of 2020, focused on the economic impact of COVID-19. “We have a long way to full recovery, but brands can take heart that we are starting from a place of trust and confidence.” frequent users who dined out five or more times per week pre-COVID (35 percent of respondents) indicated minimal decline in takeout and drive-thru. January 2021 or after (24 percent).

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

Modern Restaurant Management

“We have officially rolled out SALIDO to support all of our flagship stores across the United States and Canada and are looking forward to continuing our partnership.” It comes in single-use, portion-controlled pouches for easy distribution to diners eating in or taking out.