Take a Byte Out of This: Emerging Restaurant Technology

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Modern technologies change the world as we know it. New restaurant technology changes the game for operators and consumers alike. IoT and bluetooth sensors, virtual reality training, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence improve restaurant operations and experiences in a variety of ways. For example, gone are the days where you have to wait for the server to bring your check. That’s still an option, but many restaurants now offer a smart payment system.

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Hiring Tips

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Getting the right people is always going to be a challenge. There are a few questions you need to ask your team. On every resume drop off is someone doing a 30 second screen with 3 important questions for them that matters to your operations. A thorough pre resume read, scanning points on education (They learn?) Sports (They are active?) job history (Loyalty, Experience?) At interview how is there confidence levels. That level of confidence may dictate their possible hiring position.

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5 Ways to Combat Employee Stress In Your Restaurant

Harbor Touch

Working in a restaurant is stressfull. Food servers know there’s more moving than standing around in their jobs, but they may question their standing in a culture that doesn’t show them great respect. Lack of respect has been widely cited as a cause of workplace stress for restaurant workers.

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Restaurant Instagram: Case Studies

Food Business

Restaurant owners don't have time to wander around dreamily imagining good social media. You don't know everything about social media, either. BUT, you need clarity, instruction and examples. Zeroing in on what makes good content on social media--that's what you need. So this month I am focusing on Instagram. I'm going to let my research speak for itself. Here are good example of amazing social media from a restaurant. Here's what I learned.

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Take Control of Profit Margins with AI-Powered Forecasting

Leaders in the restaurant industry are using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to reduce uncertainty, plan ahead with staff and resources, and increase their bottom line. Grab this white paper to learn how to take advantage of this emerging trend.

The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks


The food delivery trend has exploded over the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Even restaurants who never thought that they would be doing delivery have had to at least consider adding this service. But getting started with food delivery for your restaurant isn’t just as simple as taking orders […]. The post The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

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The Importance of LMS Software for Small Businesses


Running a small business is no small feat. A small business owner has many hats to wear, and they can be overwhelming. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of small businesses don’t make it past the fifth year. Those that do still face serious problems that threaten their viability and sustainability. One of the most serious issues, alongside lack of capital, is the lack of capable employees. Small business employees must multi-task, and that makes them all the more valued.

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Learn The History Behind Halloween With Easy Halloween Cocktails

Bottleneck Management

In the United States, October 31st is a time for candy, costumes, and Halloween cocktails. If you’re planning a Halloween party, we’ve got some ideas for special potions to serve. Learn the history of Halloween facts, and impress your guests with easy Halloween cocktails and spooky alcoholic Halloween drinks. A Short History of Halloween. The origins of Halloween begin across the ocean—specifically in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.

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Bytes to Eat: Online Ordering Solutions for Pizzerias

Thrive POS

As any good comedian will tell you, delivery is everything. And when it comes to food delivery apps and services, the same rules apply. More and more customers are regularly using online ordering platforms to get restaurant food delivered to their home or office. And it is not just traditionally delivered items such as pizza or Chinese food either. Customers not only want delivery - they want options. According to a survey by Cowen and Co.

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Future Food

“Food and hospitality has evolved into much more than just eating, it has become part of our customers’ lives and the communities in which we serve it” Francis Loughran, MD, Future Food As food, casual dining, bars and restaurant spending trends go, 2018 is looking to end much like its predecessor, at least in terms of industry growth and financial forecast. The consumer price index remains strong, with discretionary income stable, maybe even ticking up.

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Investing in Customer Experience Pays––Really Well

Discover why great customer experience is your restaurant's ultimate ROI. Download this free guide to learn how customer experience drives repeat business and profits, and how employee satisfaction affects customer satisfaction.

[eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide

Sculpture Hospitality

[eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide. With a few pricing adjustments, and a slight shift in pricing strategy, most bars and restaurants could add significant profits without selling more drinks. The good news is that there are immediate action items you can take to improve profits in your bar operation. The key is moving from an overly simplistic pricing model to a more strategic pricing model.

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5 Ways Instagram Can Help Boost Restaurant Marketing

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Restaurant marketing is forever changed by Instagram. When you walk into a bakery and order a Triple Cheese Cheesecake, what is the first thing you do when it arrives? If you belong to the Instagram generation, you likely take out your phone to take a picture. You don’t yet know what it tastes like, but taking a picture of this delicious-looking dessert is a must, isn’t it? You’re not alone.

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Are managers managing or are they leading?

Core Hospitality

Does the manager take enough time developing their people Are they rallying the staff pre revenue period with a shift meeting? Creating direction and synergy with the staff. Managing the staff to create the guest experience? Working the floor via the “Manager 500” operations model. Are the managers conducting any one on ones with staff that need it post shift? Are there section seminars scheduled for advance training monthly? Are the best staff on a development plan to potentially be leaders?

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Restaurant Taxes: Top 12 Tax Deductions and Tips For Restaurants

Harbor Touch

With Tax Day approaching, many people are getting the final touches done on their submittals. With restaurant taxes , you have some special tax considerations that are different from other business types. Before you sign off and file your return, consider these 12 restaurant tax deductions and tips for restaurant owners to maximize the amount of money you keep and can put back into creating delicious dishes for your happy customers. Sales Tax Requirements.

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The Ultimate Guide to Switching POS Providers

Change is good. Changing to a new POS system is even better. Goodbyes are never easy. But if your POS system isn't meeting your needs, then it's time to say sayonara. But before you officially switch POS providers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Download the guide to learn more.

Systems in a Restaurant

Food Business

THREE SYSTEMS FOR RESTAURANTS. This month I've find myself thinking, "the procedures in the restaurant arn't current!" Restaurants, cafes and breweries are ever changing, and hopefully ever growing. Adding technology is part of those changes. When a technological solution and system is working, then every day feels less chaotic. More like a train moving down the track. Ultimately if your not making money in your restaurant, chances are there is little to no structure.

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A Unique Experience Can Make Your Restaurant’s Food Taste Better


Experience matters for your restaurant. When there are so many dining choices and new restaurants seem to pop up daily, you need an edge to compete. How can you differentiate your restaurant? A new study from the Ohio State University and the University of Chicago might provide an answer. According to study authors Robert Smith […]. The post A Unique Experience Can Make Your Restaurant’s Food Taste Better appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

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How to Make Your First Advertising Your Best

Indoor Media

There is an awful lot of information out there about how to advertise your small business. But as Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , would ask, how do you put First Things First?

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Food Technology: Future of the Restaurant Industry


Today’s customers expect the best experience from their favorite restaurants and if they don’t get it, they are quick to turn to others. No, this does not mean you should pack up shop and open a food truck instead. You just have to work smarter. Restaurants that are successful today invest in the future by incorporating technology in their operations. The digital solutions they use take consumer participation to a whole new level.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurant POS Systems

No restaurant POS system is a one-size-fits-all solution. And with so many options out there, finding the best restaurant POS system for your venue can be a lot of work. Get the key details of the best restaurant POS systems here.

Technology Trends that will impact the Restaurant Industry in 2019


Technology in the restaurant industry is booming and within the next year its impact will be very apparent. The new tech trends that will surely shake up the restaurant industry in 2019, are augmented reality, mobile scheduling apps, and digital beverage management. The 2019 restaurant technology trends will impact almost every step of the dining and running restaurant operations. . A Step Into the Future: Augmented Reality. The future of restaurant menu interactions is here.

2018 50

Keeping Your Customers Happy with Food and Technology at Your Restaurant

iTab POS

The Importance of Social Media Technology and Imagery in Food Businesses. According to new research, people have started to look at purchases differently, with them valuing experience more than the physical products themselves. This is the rise of the “experience economy.” ” Studies say that people are more likely to spend money on something if it leaves them with a memorable experience. Supplying customers with just a product is the bare minimum you can do now.

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How to turn angry customers into fans


It doesn’t matter how awesome your food is – or that your friends think you’re a social genius. Facing angry customers is inevitable for anyone running a restaurant, food truck or food stand. Follow these five steps and transform difficult moments into positive customer experiences. All of a sudden you’re in front of an upset customer who just started yelling. In your face! Your pulse is rapidly increasing, in the heat of the moment, we advise you to …. Do listen, do not argue.

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How To Hire High Performing Hospitality Employees

Harver Hospitality

Hospitality industry is struggling with high turnover rates. You can fight this by hiring the right people! Take a look at the skills high performing hospitality employees must have and how to measure them. Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Data-Driven Recruitment Quality of Hire Recruitment

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Think You're a Restaurant Customer Experience Expert?

Can investing in customer experience earn your restaurant higher revenue and repeat business? Test your know-how with HungerRush's quick, five-question quiz.

Five Ways to Make Your Food More Instagram-Worthy

Social Hospitality

It’s no secret food is one of the most popular segments on Instagram. Restaurants are taking advantage of this trend by catering to Instagrammers. For example, many now use simple presentation and photography techniques to help make food images go viral. Making a dining experience more Instagram-worthy means paying attention not just to the appearance of the food itself, but also to the architectural aspects of the restaurant.

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Manager 5oo

Core Hospitality

Are the managers just holding the shift together? Are your employees inadvertently sabotaging your business due to lack of direction at busy times? The manager 5oo is the leadership training article that focuses on guest experience flow. A simple to use and extremely effective brief on where restaurant leaders need to be, when and why.

2018 70

Kitchen Equipment List That Every New Restaurant Needs

Harbor Touch

List of the Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Equipment for Restaurants. Opening a brand new restaurant can be confusing and stressful. With so many different things to keep track of, it can be easy to forget kitchen equipment and appliances that are essential to operating your business. To help you stay on top of your to-do list and ensure that your restaurant opening goes smoothly, we created this list of the top 10 pieces of restaurant equipment that every establishment needs. Refrigeration Equipment.

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Food Business

KEEP CURRENT As an owner of a food related business, you have people and responsibility pulling you in different directions. So, if bringing one more task to your attention is not what you want to read, stop now, come back later.Know that its not good to ignore the appearance of your business. It's easy to tell yourself “no one notices” or you don't care, or even “it doesn't really matter”, or wish them away. But it does make a difference.

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Don't Let Delivery Apps Dash Your Restaurant's Revenue

Get our free, must-read guide to optimizing your restaurant's online ordering capabilities to maximize revenue.

Restaurant Cleaning: 6 Neglected Areas You Should Clean ASAP!


Restaurant cleaning isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. But it is essential for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if you don’t keep up with your restaurant cleaning, you may run afoul of the Health Department. No one wants that. Especially now that services like Yelp are adding health inspection scores to online […]. The post Restaurant Cleaning: 6 Neglected Areas You Should Clean ASAP! appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

2018 85

Advertising Cliches Your Business Needs to Stop Using Immediately

Indoor Media

You’ve seen and heard them over and over and over. You may have used them yourself. Advertising clichés. No matter how much consumers—as well as businesses of all sizes—try, they are inescapable.

2018 78

Top 5 Benefits of Restaurant LMS


Managing a restaurant is a real test of your entrepreneurial, behavioral, and management skills. The day offers no time to rest for the owners, as they juggle multiple tasks from leading the human resources team to managing the finances, all while running a successful restaurant that attract customers on a daily basis. The toughness can be illustrated best by the fact that 60% of restaurants fail or change ownership within the first year of business.

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