May, 2021

Your Customers Are Part of the Team: How to Keep Them Involved

Modern Restaurant Management

A restaurant is only as good as the team behind the scenes. As an owner or manager, you’re already well aware that your team and your customers are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Considering your customers as part of your team may be an even more constructive approach.

Four Ways the Pandemic Changed the Restaurant Industry that Won’t Change Back


A 4-Part Weekly Series by Buyers Edge Platform: Part 3 Increased Focus on Food-Based Margins, Overall Spending and Accounting Operators Continue Reading. First Press May 2021 Accounting Food-Based Margins Inventory Pandemic Restaurants

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How CRM Can Help Restaurants Provide a Better Guest Experience

The Eat Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, maintaining good customer relationships is just as important as having a functioning kitchen. But between running a restaurant and managing its finances, restaurant management tends to forget to allocate the time to better understand their customers.


Culinary Cues

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Take Control of Profit Margins with AI-Powered Forecasting

Leaders in the restaurant industry are using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to reduce uncertainty, plan ahead with staff and resources, and increase their bottom line. Grab this white paper to learn how to take advantage of this emerging trend.

Content Marketing For Your Bar: Where To Start?

Next Restaurants

By Nancy Howard, Contributor. A bar is a treasure trove of aromatic dishes, drinks, and an extraordinary atmosphere. In real life, everything is exactly like that. But what impression do you make on the Internet? What do guests think about you when they look at your posts?

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3 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for the Restaurant Reopening


Reading Time: 5 minutes. Last August, we reported on the new color-coded reopening plan that assigns California’s counties to 4 tiers based on the risk of viral transmission within the population.

5 technology trends to consider for your restaurant


As your restaurant looks forward to offering in-person dining again, you may want to try innovative approaches to customer experience. With new safety regulations coming into force and new technologies becoming available, now is the time to adapt and change the way your venue operates.

How to Find and Retain Workers During the Restaurant Hiring Crisis

Modern Restaurant Management

The good news for restaurants is now that many state restrictions are lifted and dining hours are expanding, newly vaccinated patrons are venturing out, and the restaurants who survived are getting slammed with customers.

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Culinary Cues

History has demonstrated that people tend to have short memories. Even through the most challenging and tragic experiences, when the lessons are quite vivid – we quickly push aside the need to change in favor of a return to what is considered “normal”.

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The Ultimate Guide to Switching POS Providers

Change is good. Changing to a new POS system is even better. Goodbyes are never easy. But if your POS system isn't meeting your needs, then it's time to say sayonara. But before you officially switch POS providers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Download the guide to learn more.

What to Avoid When Looking for a Restaurant Job: 6 Red Flags

7 Shifts

On the latest episode of the 7shifts Restaurant Management & Growth Podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jensen Cummings. He's a chef and the founder of Best Served Creative , a platform for hospitality works of all levels to tell their stories and make the industry better.

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Delivery Apps: Why They Matter to Restaurateurs

Focus POS

Delivery Apps: They Matter to Restaurateurs. If you’re a restaurant owner, you may find yourself wondering why you should expend time, energy, and expense on integrating with third-party delivery apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

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4 Best Third-Party Delivery Services Alternatives For Your Restaurant Compared


Reading Time: 6 minutes. With third party delivery apps growing their user base by the millions each year – even before the pandemic – we would not hesitate to say that delivery is the future of dining. For larger chains this is good news.

19 Ways To Improve Work Performance In Your Employees


As a manager, it’s your responsibility to get the most out of your team. You put a lot of time and effort into hiring the right people, getting them up to speed , and keeping them motivated. But all of that has little to do with actual team performance. So what’s a busy manager to do?

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Think You're a Restaurant Customer Experience Expert?

Can investing in customer experience earn your restaurant higher revenue and repeat business? Test your know-how with HungerRush's quick, five-question quiz.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Can Technology Help Solve the Restaurant Labor Shortage?

Modern Restaurant Management

The closure and restriction of dine-in operations has had a devastating impact on the industry.


Culinary Cues

We are so close to the turning point, so close that we can almost taste it. If we can just get past the vaccine hesitancy then the country, and the restaurant industry might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, this is what we hope.

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8 Ways 7shifts Can Help You Crush Patio Season

7 Shifts

Patio season is upon us—and it looks a bit different than years’ past. Tables on the sidewalk. Sidewalk structures. For some restaurants, it’s been a lifeline during the pandemic—the only way to make payroll each week. For some, it’s been a way to improve and bolster their business.

The Smart, Legal Way to Pay Your Restaurant Delivery Drivers

Thrive POS

Brian Schaaf knows a lot about restaurant delivery driver reimbursements. He became an expert the hard way - suffering through a grueling Department of Labor audit of 2 years worth of delivery payments to drivers for his multi-unit restaurant franchise.

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

4 Quick Mother’s Day Sales Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant


Reading Time: 3 minutes. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Last year, COVID-19 kept many families apart, forcing them to miss out on one the most joyous, delicious celebrations of the year.

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Integrating Tech from Other Industries into Your Restaurant Business

Next Restaurants

By Adrian Johansen, Contributor. The hospitality business has always been difficult, and even more so since COVID-19 wreaked worldwide havoc. Given how tumultuous 2020 was, the last year has necessitated a complete transformation in the way restaurants function.

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After a Year of COVID-19, Restaurants Are Ready for a Reboot

Modern Restaurant Management

The past year ushered in some big, unprecedented changes. For the average person, one of the most visible changes witnessed was the overnight impact on the restaurant industry. With strict government health lockdowns in place, dining out became a thing of the past.


Culinary Cues

I have been asked to provide potential solutions for a generations long dilemma in the hospitality industry, a dilemma that has resulted in physical, mental, and emotional burnout and even a dependence on drugs and alcohol to serve as a band-aid for the wounds that are formed. “My

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurant POS Systems

No restaurant POS system is a one-size-fits-all solution. And with so many options out there, finding the best restaurant POS system for your venue can be a lot of work. Get the key details of the best restaurant POS systems here.

How we're going to put our $21.5MM Series B to work

7 Shifts

I'm excited to share that 7shifts has raised $21.5MM led by Danny Meyer's Enlightened Hospitality Investments , which is the investment arm of Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG).

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How to Run an Efficient and Profitable Bar


If we learned one thing from 2020, it’s that agility in planning matters for alcohol businesses. By this time last year, the best intentions had fallen by the wayside, and most in the industry were left to react and adapt to events in real time.

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Easy Guide to Applying to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Billion. That’s how much the American COVID-19 Rescue Plan has put towards the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Applications opened on May 3 rd 2021 and $2.7

17 Creative Father’s Day Restaurant Specials for 2021

Touch Bistro

On the third Sunday in June, families around across North America will be celebrating Father’s Day. Dad is king for a day, which means millions of families will be on the hunt for Father’s Day restaurant specials to mark the special occasion. That’s where your restaurant comes in.

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Don't Let Delivery Apps Dash Your Restaurant's Revenue

Get our free, must-read guide to optimizing your restaurant's online ordering capabilities to maximize revenue.

How Important Is Professional Photography for Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

There are millions of food pictures on Instagram at this very moment. In fact, there’s a psychology behind “foodstagramming” that restaurateurs shouldn’t ignore. People like to share where they are, how good their food looks, and whether it lives up to the hype.


Culinary Cues

Let’s put aside, at least for a short time, the antagonistic, woe is me, hard-nosed dialogue about the problems with staffing, the generation that doesn’t want to work anymore, the cheap employers that don’t want to pay a fair wage, and customers who refuse to respect us and let’s focus on what we do.

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How Pita Way Schedules 100+ Employees and Crushes Task Lists with 7shifts

7 Shifts

Inspired by the late-night Windsor kebab stand and his favorite family recipes, Brandon Bahoura created Pita Way in 2010 to bring healthy, fast Mediterranean food to the masses in Michigan. They quickly became known for their high-quality food, great service, and comfortable atmosphere.

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