The American Restaurant 2022 (Post Pandemic)

Culinary Cues

Let’s start with what we are fairly comfortable saying: whatever “normal” is will likely not make an appearance until the end of 2021 – so…let’s begin our speculation with January of 2022 to be safe.

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The Value of Restaurant Business Intelligence for Multi-Unit Operators

7 Shifts

BI points out the big swings restaurants can make to improve their operations and profitability. Tools like the Operations Overview feature in 7shifts even allows you to drill down to see the discrepancy between projections and actuals for both sales and labor data for every location.


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Restaurant Conferences to Attend in 2022

7 Shifts

Spanning three days in one of the world's most renowned food destinations, this conference has something for everyone, with courses for independent owners and multi-unit operators. Topics: Restaurant Operations, Technology, and Foodservice. In-Person or Virtual: Both ( In 2022 ).

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Menu Trends and Promotion Ideas for Winter 2022

Goliath Consulting

To learn more about menu development, digital training, and restaurant operations, contact us to find out more to help grow your restaurant: [link] or email us at getresults

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The Ultimate Playbook for Automating Restaurant Operations

Restaurants are operating with 6.2 fewer back-of-house employees and 2.8 fewer front-of-house employees. Learn what thriving brands are doing to address labor shortages, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency, all while increasing their bottom line.

2022: A Year of Transition for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Additonally, ninety-six percent of operators experienced supply delays or shortages of key food or beverage items in 2021 – and these challenges will likely continue in 2022. million by the end of 2022.

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Biz Tip: Operations

Food Business

Maintaining equipment is like maintaining good staff. You can't avoid it, and you need to keep up with it! When you run a restaurant you are hopefully beyond the stage when you think you can do it all yourself.

2022 Restaurant Design Trends

Modern Restaurant Management

These are a few of the design trends for restaurants that I see coming up in 2022. Design Operations 2022 design trends 2022 restaurants 2022 restaurant design trends Restaurant Design Restaurant Trends

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Seven Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Though many of the market forces that shaped the restaurant industry in 2021 were closely linked to disruption from the pandemic's onset in 2020, 2022 brings new challenges — and opportunities. Following are some of the major restaurant trends to watch out for in 2022.

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The Restaurant Operator’s Dilemma in 2022: Automation Vs. Hospitality

Modern Restaurant Management

In 2022, the restaurant business finds itself at something of a crossroads—or, to put it in a more 21st-century way, the industry has reached a pivot point. The good news is that operators are responding with the right tech to address both of these issues at the same time.

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The Operator’s Guide to Productivity in a Short Staffed World

This guide explores how operators are driving productivity in stores, the field, and HQ to accomplish more with fewer people, minimize wasted effort, and improve the consistency of work –– because optimizing operations is good for business, and retention.

Six Trends to Expect from Back of House in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

COVID has upended the way the industry operates, shifting everything from the way we serve guests to how sanitation works to what the supply chain and labor market look like. Here are six things you can expect to see in back-of-house tech in 2022.

2022 Trends: Meeting Challenges and Industry Evolution

Modern Restaurant Management

Let’s look at some of the challenges facing the industry and how changing trends are helping operators work toward a brighter future. To meet this evolution, restaurant operators are investing in new and reimagined spaces. Operations off prem 2022 trends ghost kitchens

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Restaurant HR Operations Cost Audit

Modern Restaurant Management

Inflation, supply chain disruptions, and an unforgiving labor market have created a perfect storm for restaurant owners and operators. As costs rise and pressures pile up, the time is now to perform a complete audit of the true costs of human resources operations.

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2022 Restaurant Insurance Update

Modern Restaurant Management

According to the National Restaurant Association , the dining industry should generate $899 billion in revenues in 2022. Midway through 2022, COVID-19 is still a problem, albeit nowhere near the size and scope of 2020 and 2021. The U.S.

3 Reasons You Should Add a Delivery-Only Brand To Your Restaurant!

Virtual Delivery-Only brands are the easiest & fastest way to generate over 20+ transactions a day for your restaurant with NO upfront costs. Learn how your location can start benefitting from this incremental revenue in less than 30 days!

Food Operators

Future Food

There are many questions around does the food service industry needs to revert to the old-life, pre-covid, or is this a chance, a unique chance, to do something new when it comes to how best-practice food and hospitality operators partner with developers and organisations of all types.

How Restaurant Operators Can Defend Against Ransomware

Modern Restaurant Management

It’s a restaurant operator’s worst nightmare. The bad news is that according to most predictions , 2022 will be worse as gangs organize and focus on SMBs. Prioritize vulnerabilities that matter and patch operating system and application software frequently.

The Digital Foodie: Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management

Without the financial burden of a guest-facing presence or front-of-house staff, these operations can concentrate labor and supplies into a single location for multi-cuisine food preparation and delivery. Marketing Operations 2022 restaurant marketing gamifcation Branding marketing trends

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Restaurant Startup Trends To Follow In 2022

The Restaurant Times

The labour shortfall and supply chain constraints that plagued 2021 have persisted into 2022. These difficulties are producing instability, forcing operators to cut costs and find new niches. Popular Restaurant Start-Up Trends 2022.

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The Last Survival Guide You'll Ever Need for Your Brick & Mortar Restaurant

The beginning of this decade has been brutal for restaurants. But you shouldn't expect conditions to improve any time soon. For independent restaurants aiming to survive the next 5 years –– or even the next 5 months –– follow the comprehensive system found in this guide!

Private Equity in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

A majority of the deals we saw in 2021 were owners of existing restaurant concepts acquiring other brands to combine operations, and build scale. What the future holds and how brands can position themselves to land an investor as they prepare for 2022 and beyond.

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How To Improve Restaurant Operations In 2022

The Restaurant Times

The ongoing pandemic has changed existing business models, and it is imperative for restaurant owners in the US to adapt to them and streamline their restaurant operations. 5 Tips To Improve Restaurant Operations. The new year is here, and so is the restaurant rush.

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Top Two Trends Transforming Foodservice Operations Today

Modern Restaurant Management

Throughout the pandemic, operators have taken note of consumers’ changing lifestyles and the needs of their staff, and as a result, recent innovations have emerged to address these new needs. Final Takeaway – For Restaurant Operators, Embracing a Digital Tech Mindset Is Key.

7 Guest Preference Predictions for 2022


As we end 2021 and consider the vast increase in takeout, comfort food, and overconsumption of alcohol that took place during the throws of the pandemic, many of us are resolved to doing better in 2022. Below are our 7 guest preference predictions for 2022.

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Hungry for Growth: The Restaurant Industry in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Some have even developed lucrative new business models that they will continue to apply and scale in 2022. Several other pandemic-related trends will continue into 2022 and beyond, and new trends will also emerge. Opportunities for 2022 and Beyond.

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Prepared to Win the War on Talent? Four Trends for Restaurant Operators to Consider in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Despite external pressures on talent, ample opportunity exists for restaurant operators to prepare for a year of constant change. With 2021 nearly wrapped up, restaurant operators across the country are looking to the New Year with cautious optimism.

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Food Safety and Transparency Are the Lifeblood for Operators

Modern Restaurant Management

The network of food suppliers servicing operators spans a wide range – from small, family farms and independent bakeries to massive global conglomerates and everywhere in between. Design Equipment Operations FDA Food Safety Food Safety Month food traceability FSMA

Practical Restaurant Marketing Inspiration in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

If you’re looking for ways to up your restaurant marketing game, here are the practical steps you should be taking in 2022. Whether you’re eat-in only or you’re offering deliveries, you're not going to get far in 2022 without a well-designed website.

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MRM Research Roundup: 2022 Restaurant Trends

Modern Restaurant Management

The pandemic has permanently altered the consumer-restaurant relationship with operators investing in technology and real estate to align with changing consumer preferences, according to the 2021 Restaurant Franchise Pulse survey, conducted by TD Bank. Hot Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2022.

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How to Improve Restaurant Operations


As a result, you have to stay on top of your restaurant's operations. Did you know that most restaurants survive on a 6.2% profit margin ? Otherwise, a little mistake or mismanagement will result in your business failing. Restaurant Management

Inflation Takes a Bite at the Restaurant Industry; How Can Operators Cope?

Modern Restaurant Management

As is the norm in the widespread economic landscape of 2022, inflation has well-and-truly hit the restaurant industry. This inflation at the customer–facing end of the restaurant business has largely been fuelled by rapidly increasing operating costs – by as much as 11.7

The Intersection of Employee Training and Operations Execution: 4 Insights for Operators


As critical functions in multi-unit restaurants, training and operations are inherently intertwined. Because operations leaders are focused on creating scalable processes, and helping teams better execute the work they do every day, training is a critical factor for success.

[Guide] Google My Business Optimizations for Restaurants in 2022

7 Shifts

Google has changed the way restaurants operate and connect with their customers, and one feature in particular has had an impact. Google My Business (GMB) is a free and easy tool that allows businesses to interact directly with customers who have found them via a Google search.

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Understanding the co-operative model in Kenya’s coffee sector

Perfect Daily Grind

Historically, as many as 50% of Kenya’s coffee producers have worked with big estates or co-operatives at any given time. However, over the past few decades, the number of co-operative members in the country has been steadily declining. What are co-operative societies?

NCR Reveals 2022 Hospitality Trends and Predictions

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant operators once again find themselves refocusing priorities and altering their plans for 2022. Here are some trends NCR is watching as move into 2022. Rely on Technology to Increase Operational Efficiency.

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Simplify Operations With This Restaurant Management Tool


The United States has over 1 million restaurants. These restaurants employ more than 15 million people. Restaurant Management

‘Everything Matters’ – Experts Discuss 2022 Restaurant Outlook

Modern Restaurant Management

“It is an extremely challenging time for the restaurant industry as restaurateurs grapple with the difficulty of operating within an uncertain post-pandemic sales environment while simultaneously combating historic levels of food inflation, labor shortages and ongoing supply-chain issues.

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Eater’s Best New Restaurants 2022


In 2022, by far the most normal-feeling year in, well, years, chefs and restaurateurs have been chasing passions and opening dream projects. One of 2022’s most beautiful restaurants dazzles with transportive Laotian cooking. Ellen Mary Cronin. Eat here now. Thank us later.

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Upgrading Restaurant Technology in 2022

Focus POS

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Restaurant Technology in 2022. Something like a c loud-based kitchen display system could help your business operations perform better and reduce errors simultaneously. The post Upgrading Restaurant Technology in 2022 appeared first on Focus POS.

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