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Data-Driven Restaurant Marketing Tactics for Your Multi-Location Brand


You likely already know the value of having access to your restaurant’s customer data. This critical information—such as email addresses, ordering trends, and so on— can help spur business decisions and inform data-driven restaurant marketing tactics.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Refrigeration System

Restaurant Smart

A new refrigeration system for a commercial kitchen usually costs around $2,000 to $6,000. This is why it is crucial that you properly maintain your refrigeration system to make sure that it lasts longer and you get the best out… Read more.

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5 Proven Strategies To Enhance Customer Loyalty Through Online Ordering System

The Restaurant Times

Online ordering has flourished with time and completely transformed the way restaurants deliver food. Customers are now seeking convenience and expecting timely and hygienic doorstep delivery options.


Culinary Cues

Every year, a significant number of new restaurants open and almost as many close their doors for good. It is, that spark of “I have a great idea for a restaurant” that drives many people towards the leap into entrepreneurship – a leap that too many are unprepared for.

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Restaurant Management Masterclass

Speaker: Harlan Scott, Founder of Harlan Scott Hospitality and Industry Restaurant

Due first to necessary staffing cuts, extreme safety protocols, and now the need to rehire against outsized government stimulus, unemployment benefits and wage requirements, managing and staffing have become the most urgent conversation in restaurants today. This, adding on to the lynch-pin management style restaurants often have, has made restaurant cultures more vulnerable and volatile than ever. If your restaurant is suffering from cut staff, low morale, or ineffective training, you've come to the right place. Join Harlan Scott of Harlan Scott Hospitality, learn how to get back in control of your restaurant and your operation back on autopilot.

How the Pandemic Has Forever Changed the Way We Eat

Modern Restaurant Management

With many restaurants closed for in-person dining on and off throughout the pandemic, the food service industry shifted to delivery and takeout as a business imperative. According to SEC filings, food delivery apps experienced tremendous growth in 2020 earning a combined $5.5

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Research Shows This is How to Overcome The Biggest Restaurant Challenges

Indoor Media

We scoured a successful restaurant study to bring you all the most important information in one clear guide. The information was collected from thousands of restaurants around the country, identifying the biggest challenges for restauranteurs and how to overcome them.

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Culinary Cues

How did it happen that we drifted apart. In so many cases no room for a start. We live in a world closed off to so much. Where neighbors and friends are kept out of touch. What you believe, what I believe limits what, who, when, and where. Think about common ground – how would we dare.

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Restaurant Management: The Math

Modern Restaurant Management

This an excerpt from Bruce Nelson's Restaurant Management: the Myth, the Magic, the Math. Part Three – The Math. “The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” ” —Euclid of Alexandria. Oh yes, the math.

Making Sense of the $120 Billion RESTAURANTS Act of 2021 and the $25 Billion Restaurant Rescue Plan


Many news outlets have been referring to a $25 billion RESTAUARANTS Act, but no such act exists. This timeline will help to clarify the confusion between the $120 billion RESTAURANTS Act and the $25 billion Restaurant Rescue Plan.

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What Is Workforce Management | The Complete Guide


Workforce management once referred to a broad category of business activity — what we now call human resource management (HRM). As business practices evolved in the early part of this century, workforce management took on a much more specific, much more technical definition.

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Insight Into the Post-Pandemic Restaurant

This pandemic has brought permanent changes to the market and consumer behavior. But like all things, the crisis will pass, and people will start to explore how to resume normal activities. It’s crucial to ensure that your restaurant is ready to adjust and kick-start once the pandemic has passed. Here’s how to adjust your business model in order to get your restaurant back on track.

How to Adjust Your Restaurant Recruiting Process to Cure Your COVID-19 Staffing Woes

Goliath Consulting

By Bora Kang, Colin Kopel. Restaurant staffing was hard enough before the pandemic, with common hurdles such as no-shows, mistake hires and high turnover rates (1). But the COVID-19 pandemic may have only made it worse.

Opening a Ghost Kitchen? Know the Laws That Will Impact Your Business

Modern Restaurant Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way restaurants do business. Many areas across the country are in the midst of a “second lockdown,” as state and local governments are again restricting businesses with indoor dining to help curb COVID-19’s spread.

The Best Call to Action Phrases For Small Business Advertising

Indoor Media

If you’ve never heard of a “Call to Action” (CTA), then listen up. These phrases have always been an important part of advertising and can be found in nearly every advertisement, no matter where or how that business is running its ads. What Exactly is a “Call to Action”?

‘Challenging Is Not Nearly a Strong Enough Word’


High-risk restaurant workers are struggling to navigate the pandemic For nearly a year, restaurant workers everywhere have faced unprecedented challenges as they’ve sought to weather the coronavirus pandemic.

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Protecting Revenue and Profitability During Unexpected Times

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the latest example of unexpected turmoil, albeit on a larger scale, which initially caused voluntary, which initially caused voluntary and mandatory closings of dine-in areas as people needed to slow the virus spread by practicing social distancing. As the COVID-19 restrictions ease restaurants need strategies to adapt to crises in order to remain in business and protect profitability. The 2 ways of ensuring survival are protecting revenue and reducing costs. And the right technology can help. Read on to find out how.

A complete overview of restaurant delivery platforms in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand


Food delivery and off-premise dining are more popular than ever. A crazy year for the restaurant industry saw this trend accelerate even faster to record the biggest growth in the industry.

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How Did Brands Score in Super Bowl Advertising? (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

In this episode of The Main Course host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia talks about how restaurant-related brands are using national televison advertising to engage with customers.

Celebrate Black History Month with Black Owned Restaurants in the Bay Area


Reading Time: 3 minutes. Every year during February, the nation comes together to celebrate Black History Month with art, music, and lots of great food. This is a time to honor the contributions of African-Americans who have helped shape and change our country and its businesses.

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FDA Menu Labeling Requirements | CrunchTime


When the FDA placed requirements for calories to be listed on menus in chain restaurants, it meant nutritional information must now be be clearly displayed on menus and menu boards and for salad bars and buffets. All calorie information must be displayed on signs near the foods.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Point of Sale Solution for Your Restaurant

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting virtually every industry, few have been hit harder than restaurants. Consumer preferences have shifted from what is trendiest to what is safest. They are looking for ordering and fulfillment options on a greater scale than ever before. The solution? A comprehensive restaurant point of sale (POS) system that helps owners gain actionable insight, master efficient operations, and become more competitive.

Introducing Advanced Reports: The New Performance Tracking Tool for Restaurants

The Eat Restaurant

We're excited to announce one of Eat App's latest feature for restaurant operators committed to growing their brand. News & updates

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MRM Research Roundup: Mid-February 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM Research Roundup features news of restaurant resiliency, dining trends in Canada, restaurant salaries across the U.S. and more. Restaurant Resiliency. Throughout one of the most challenging years for U.S.

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes, According to Eater Editors


Canna Obscura /Shutterstock.

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Your Menu: Nutritional, Calorie, Allergen Data On-Demand


When the FDA placed requirements for calories to be listed on menus in chain restaurants, it meant nutritional information must now be be clearly displayed on menus and menu boards and for salad bars and buffets. All calorie information must be displayed on signs near the foods.

A Masterclass in Restaurant Digital Transformation

Speaker: Jay Coldren, Alex Barrow, and Greer Kimsey, Street Sense Team

Behaviorists say it takes 21 days to solidify a habit. 365 days of quarantine later, it's safe to say that our customers will be keeping some quarantine habits. At the center of these habits is the digital world: online ordering, advertising, booking, reviewing, etc. It will become essential for restaurants to create omni-channel experiences for customers, and to market them effectively. Join Jay Coldren and his team in this masterclass to learn the tactics for dominating the digital restaurant sphere.

Watch Out for These Problems with ‘Perfect’ Staff

Ken Burgin

Do you have a dream employee? They smile a lot, cover extra shifts, keep the bar tidy, and know how to fix the fryer and the coffee grinder. They can cheer up cranky guests and sell them all dessert… and they know how the boss likes her coffee.

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Proper Preparation Might Lead to Increased Media Exposure

Modern Restaurant Management

Let’s face it, many people find public speaking a daunting task. If you add lights, cameras, and an action-packed newsroom, it’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed.

2021 155

Why Did a Portland Grocery Store Throw Out Thousands of Pounds of Food During a Snow Storm?


A conflict broke out between Fred Meyer store employees and the people who were salvaging food, to the point where a manager called the police [link

2021 99

What Does The Future Hold For The Restaurant Industry? Here Are The Top 6 Technology Trends To Watch

The Restaurant Times

The novel COVID-19 virus has transformed the restaurant industry like never before. Technology and automation, once considered an additional expense, has now become a necessity in the F&B industry.

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Restrictions Into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

Hospitality Expects Long Term Restrictions As Price Of Reopening


A recent survey we at Bizimply conducted showed that operators are ready to implement anti-covid measures. The post Hospitality Expects Long Term Restrictions As Price Of Reopening appeared first on Bizimply. Bar & Restaurant Bizimply News

Data and the Rising Demand for Off-Premise (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

In this episode of The Main Course host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia discusses the rising demand for off-premise and more with Brian Wayne, VP of Customer Success at QSR Automations.

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European Pre-Lent Pastries Are the Perfect Cure for February


Semlor | Shutterstock. A brief guide to krapfen, paczki, and semlor Every year, as February approaches and thoughts of Christmas are long gone, European bakeries disrupt the bleakness of midwinter with windows and display cases filled with delightfully rich sweets seldom seen the rest of the year.

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Opening A Restaurant In London? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Restaurant Times

The restaurant industry is changing in London. While this spells good news for successful owners, it can give newbies such as yourself, more competition than you may be ready to face.

Maximize Your Margins Masterclass

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. It takes a lot of perspective and a ton of experience to optimize your net profit from within, so that's where we come in. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.