July, 2020

Before You Reopen Your Restaurant.Think About Your Staff

Embrace the Suck

We all want to get back to “normal,” whatever that means now. Honestly, normal wasn’t very normal in the first place so, let’s look at this as a plot twist! This time around is your opportunity to do things better than you did before. COVID-19 isn’t your fault, but how you ran your restaurant before is. Now, if that upsets you a little bit, then read on because there are a few things we must discuss.

Three Ways Post-Pandemic Customers Will Permanently Change the Restaurant Industry 

Modern Restaurant Management

"COVID-19 has disrupted, and will likely continue to disrupt, business models and plans. But in some ways, it’s accelerated the adoption of trends that would have taken four to five years to become a reality." " The restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, with sales dropping 40 percent during the month of May, according to Black Box Intelligence.

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How to Set Up and Run a Ghost Kitchen for Your Restaurant Business


Shelter-in-place orders, dine-in restrictions and diners’ hesitation to eat out have combined to prompt restaurants to shift their focus to takeout and delivery. Increased demand for food delivery had already boosted the growth of ghost kitchens, and the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated both the popularity and profitability of the model. Ghost kitchens cut the cost of real estate and labor by reducing the restaurant model to accommodate off-premise food sales.

The Benefits of Recipe Management Software

Xtra Chef

Recipe management software is quickly becoming a must-have for any restaurant operator who wants to gain quick and easy insight into plate costs. But what does it actually do?

The restaurant technology stack: tech you need to run your business


COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way restaurants operate. The lockdown accelerated the adoption of online ordering and delivery tech as dining rooms closed and people were stuck at home. It has also brought contactless ordering and payment to the fore, especially as restaurants prepare to reopen with new sanitation and distancing measures in place.

Restaurant Task Management: How to Communicate Tasks to Staff ??

7 Shifts

Now that guests are coming back into your restaurant, it means there are more tables to clean, more guests to attend to, and more side work to complete. The problem of restaurant task management is not a new one. Restaurateurs named employee engagement their third-biggest challenge going into 2020, meaning that figuring out how to keep your staff productive and motivated has been (and continues to be) a top priority in the restaurant industry.

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Contactless Dining: Exploring the Intersection of Hospitality and Technology

Modern Restaurant Management

One year ago we walked into a Cambridge, Massachusetts restaurant for the first day of field research. Our palms were sweaty from the excitement and anxiety.

Chefs on the Lamb: Low Cuts, High


Sheep have been a cultural icon for millennia and their lamb a mainstay of menus around the globe for even longer. Wayne Harley Brachman. Bo Peep loses them in a nursery rhyme, insomniacs count them, and renegade family members are labeled as black ones.

Managing Bar Supply Chain During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Goliath Consulting

Every bar manager experiences recurring nightmares of that one delivery day. We all know the one. It is the middle of the lunch rush and trucks keep showing up at the loading dock during times the restaurant has deemed inappropriate for deliveries.

3 Auto Repair In-Store Advertising Tactics to Try

Indoor Media

Are you missing a major opportunity to turn one-time customers into repeat customers? Auto repair in-store advertising tactics deliver your message to qualified, engaged consumers in the same place where they can make a purchase. Combined with your outbound marketing tactics, in-store advertising creates a well-rounded marketing strategy for your auto shop. What is in-store advertising? In-store advertising is placed inside your brick-and-mortar location.

7 Restaurant Management Book Recommendations

7 Shifts

As restaurants slowly ease back to dine-in service, the grand reopening doesn’t have the usual full house feeling. While you must follow the strict guidelines to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, that’s not to say you can’t take advantage of an empty restaurant to improve your knowledge of restaurant management, running a business, and creating a recipe for success when you eventually get back to business as usual.

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Culinary Cues

As cooks start to, or at least hope to, begin settling into kitchen life again, it seems appropriate to reiterate those standard rules of thumb that everyone must abide by.

Sending Delivery Tech Back: Five Ideas for Redesigning Aggregators

Modern Restaurant Management

Food delivery aggregators: You’re well past your expiration date.

Black Vintners and Wine Professionals in the Spotlight?


The wine world wakes up to Black wine personalities. Deborah Grossman. Sunny days are ahead for Black vintners. The interest and sales of Black-owned wineries are up. Wine professionals are also getting long-overdue attention in the industry. In 1940 John June Lewis Jr. opened Woburn Winery, the first American, Black-owned vineyard and winery, in Virginia. Fast forward 80 years and meet Phil Long, owner of Longevity wines in Livermore, Calif.

3 Time Tested Secrets for Remarkable Vineyards

A Wine Story

Supéry Dollarhide . St Supery Dollarhide Emma Swain CEO. Supéry Dollarhide ranch in the Napa Valley is among the most famous for its remarkable terroir. Originating from the 1840s, the St. Supéry Dollarhide ranch was owned by Andrew Jackson Dollarhide.

7 tips for setting up food delivery for your restaurant


Even before 2020, delivery service was looking like the way of the future when it comes to the restaurant business. and then COVID happened.

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How Mattenga’s Pizzeria Simplifies Labor Management—and Gets Back to Family Life

7 Shifts

Mattenga’s Pizzeria is the real love child of husband and wife duo, Matthew and Hengam Stanfield. Entering the workforce shortly after completing their engineering degrees, the couple realized that a nine to five week that kept them apart was not for them. Feeling inspired (like many restaurateurs do) by their love of hosting dinner parties and making fresh pizza, they decided to go into the pizzeria business in their hometown of San Antonio, Texas.


Culinary Cues

I am in the process of reading Chef Dominique Crenn’s autobiography: Rebel Chef. I have long been a fan of her style and passion for expressive cooking, but it is these three words that solidified, in my mind, how a chef should run his or her kitchen: Strength, Grace, and Dignity. Those of us who are over the age of 40 – probably worked in a kitchen or two where Strength may have always been at the core of a chef’s style, but Grace and Dignity were not part of the formula.

Uber Eats Up Postmates and PPP Loan Data

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature the latest delivery platform consolidation, the release of PPP loan information and ServSafe Dining Commitment. Uber To Acquire Postmates. In a $2.65

Hoshizaki America, Inc. Introduces the First Sphere Ice Machine to the North American Market


The first undercounter spherical ice machine adds chill and pizzazz to cocktail presentation. Hoshizaki is thrilled to announce the launch of the Sphere Undercounter Ice Machine.

Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet for Getting Started with Inventory Management


Restaurant inventory management is the process of monitoring the food and beverage ingredients in your restaurant.

4 Steps to Digitizing Your Restaurant Business

Harbor Touch

A restaurant today can be an almost uniquely hands-on business. In so many other types of businesses, we see less and less contact between owners and customers. In restaurants, however, the in-person experience and interactions are crucial and irreplaceable.

How to Plan Your Restaurant's Grand Re-Opening Event

7 Shifts

Restaurants took a major hit from COVID-19 in 2020, with sales dropping by 79% in mid-March. If your restaurant was forced to shut down during the worst of the pandemic, then you’re not alone.


Culinary Cues

As the country continues to come to grips with the ravages of a pandemic and the trail of chaos and long-term destruction that it leaves behind, we will need to think very clearly about how a country deals with diminishing funds to support our lifestyle and establishing priorities moving forward. Without question there are two areas, short and long-term, that must be at the top of our list: education and healthcare.

xtraCHEF Product Release 9.1

Xtra Chef

We’re excited to announce yet another Product Release for xtraCHEF! Version 9.1 is now live.

Achieving Your Best Digital Customer Experience During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the ways we live, work and dine, the restaurant industry has been experimenting with different ways to adapt and continue serving customers who cherish dining experiences. The transition to digital experiences is an issue every industry is having to address, but is uniquely challenging in an industry where personal interactions are the norm and a critical part of the customer experience.

7 Best QR-Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants


In order to reopen from COVID-19, restaurants have had to create new policies and procedures in order to meet reopening requirements, as well as keep their diners and staff safe. One of the most obvious changes for restaurants is the move from physical menus to contactless menus.

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What’s the Best Way to Advertise Auto Shop Coupons?

Indoor Media

Auto shop coupons are powerful tools to increase traffic, and more importantly, profits. However, the actual ROI can vary greatly based on the offer and how they’re distributed. An unmotivating offer, like 10% off, may not be enough to move customers to switch from their current provider or even be more appealing than your competitor down the street.

What to Do When Staff Test Positive for COVID19

Goliath Consulting

By Bora Kang and Colin Kopel. Despite your best efforts to adhere to CDC’s safety guidelines and to make your guests feel safe and comfortable dining in your restaurant, you may face an unavoidable situation where your employee tests positive for the novel coronavirus. According to Will Eadie, Global VP of alliances, WorkJam, foodservice workers are essentially on the front lines and at high risk of getting sick (1).

7 Sensational Secrets to Loving Italian Grape Varieties

A Wine Story

7 Sensational Secrets to Loving Italian Grape Varieties. Italian Grape Varieties Love Italian wine? Curious about Italian grape varieties? You probably already know Italian grape varieties like the white wine Pinot Grigio and the red wine Sangiovese. Experts count over 1000 Italian grape varieties in Italy. (You You can read about them here). Many of these Italian grape varieties come from Italian regions unfamiliar to most Americans.

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Managing Your Restaurant’s Maintenance & Sanitization During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 health crisis has created a new emphasis on sanitization, health, and social distancing in businesses of all types—and restaurants are no exception. Enhanced focus on sanitization and social distancing have become the minimum restaurant operating requirements during the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Contactless Menus Can Help Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a computer to think and act like a human. It learns from data gathered it in its own environment to help businesses make better decisions to drive top and bottom line growth. AI has been around since the 1950s and its use has become mainstream in recent years. This is due to the success of Amazon with their product recommendations. As such, e-commerce companies became early adopters of AI-driven technologies.

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Restaurant Owners Win Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Restaurant Engine

Most insurance companies have denied claims from restaurant owners resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners counterclaim they are entitled to benefits in Business Interruption Insurance policies that protect against lost income after a covered peril affects a policyowner.

How To Post Auto Shop Deals on Groupon – Plus 3 Things To Watch For

Indoor Media

Have you thought about posting auto shop deals on Groupon for your repair shop? The coupon giant boasts some significant benefits — targeted, local ads — but many users have seen its pitfalls. Through our own research, we learned how to post a deal on Groupon and three things every auto repair shop should watch out for. What is Groupon? Groupon is a website that allows businesses to promote coupons through their website and email list.