Culinary Cues

Such is the case in 2021. So here is the good news: there will be ample opportunities in 2021 and beyond for chefs, cooks, managers, and service staff who recognize the immediacy of the challenge and the new skill set that will be required of successful players and leaders in the field.

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How Restaurants Can Remain Competitive in 2021

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We’re not talking about just surviving the pandemic—but thriving through 2021 and beyond, and setting new standards. Ordering online, paying with mobile phones, scanning QR codes for a menu, and a ton of takeout, are just a part of dining out now.

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Culinary Cues

This way, every guest who entered the dining room was able to see every menu item as they made their menu decision. It was important for service staff to know the menu and be that seasoned resource for guest questions.

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Restaurant Experts’ 2021 Outlook, Part One

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry experts for their opinions on what we can expect in 2021. In 2021, the digitization of the restaurant industry will increase exponentially. Our outlook for 2021 is optimistic.

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Emerging from COVID With a More Sustainable Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

Growing your produce is an especially great way to: Choose fruits and vegetables you want to feature on a menu. Offer seasonal items. You can also cut back on waste by simplifying your menu.

F&B Trends for 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant and food and beverage industry experts for their insights on what trends will be on the radar for restaurant owner and operators in 2021. is a preview of the trends and practices that will shape the hospitality industry in 2021.

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Restaurant Design Trends for 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

Some states have their difficulties with outdoor dining due to the varied seasons and temperatures but most can be overcome with the use of covered areas, fans, heaters and a variety of other elements to maintain a pleasant dining experience.

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How NYC Restaurants Can Thrive Through the Winter

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But 2021 is the year to evolve your restaurant for whatever comes next. We like to think of it as a roadmap to success in 2021 and beyond. Let your customers know what you’re doing for the winter, and highlight any holiday specials or new winter menu items to get them excited.

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The 5 Biggest Restaurant Food Trends to Watch in 2021

Goliath Consulting

Now that 2021 is only weeks away, we are making predictions on what the new year will bring. Here are our top 5 food and restaurant trend predictions for 2021 and beyond. This means offering streamlined menu options, contactless delivery, as well as real-time order tracking.

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Clients Rank ChowNow Among the Best Delivery and Takeout Providers


In 2020, our partners’ achievements were humbler at times, but even more hard-earned: Making enough to keep everyone on the payroll , or helping to spread cheer during a gloomy season. At the same time, our Menu Specialists are hard at work building out their online menus.

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Takeout Meal Subscriptions Are Helping Restaurants Find Stability in a Harsh Winter


We had a lot of success with meals that weren’t really beholden to a menu,” she says, noting that both the chefs and the customers seemed to enjoy trying something new. At the higher end, Next in Chicago has sold “season tickets” since 2011. Photo by Gado Gado.

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Lifting Up to a New Level

Modern Restaurant Management

“However, we also wanted to add our own touch to some new menu items.” The fifth season spotlighted Fredonia as a team of marketing experts from Deluxe helped a group of small businesses in the upstate New York village rework their business models to combat the pandemic.

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Raw and Ready: Growing a Healthy Fast Casual

Modern Restaurant Management

The quality and availability are really high – but it is seasonal. We are probably using more than 50 different types of fresh raw fruits and vegetables in our menu and some of that – such as apples for example – is not grown locally and has to be sourced out of state.

Cloud-Based Software Can Help Restaurants Operate Better than Ever. Here’s How

Xtra Chef

Plate Costing and Menu Engineering Made Easy. Calculating recipe costs is crucial to the success of every restaurant, but it’s an exercise that is often only performed the first time an item appears on a menu because of how time-consuming and complicated it can be.

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How I Found Empowerment in the History of Black Veganism


One of my happiest childhood memories is shaking a fat pork chop in a Ziploc bag full of Shake ’n Bake seasoning before my grandmother slapped a few on a tray and put them in the oven. Meat was consumed sparingly, only during harvest time or as a seasoning for vegetables.

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MRM Franchise Feed: Modular Chicken and 2020 Year-End Results

Modern Restaurant Management

We are continuing to expand to new locations and introduce new menu items – you never know what we have up our sleeves. Dave’s Hot Chicken is spicing up its 2021 franchise development strategy. All five restaurants are slated to open in 2021.

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Navigating the Bar Business During the Holidays and into 2021

Goliath Consulting

Most bar managers are pulling out their gingerbread martini and hot spiced rum recipes to fill their seasonal drink menus. Look to flavors inspired by the season like spiced apple cider, sugar plum, cranberry maple. Consulting bar consulting bar menu beverage program hard seltzer

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America’s Independent Bowling Alleys Might Not Make It Through the Pandemic


In June 2020, Highland Park Bowl — Los Angeles’s oldest bowling alley — began to offer its drinks menu and pizza for pickup , and launched a new merch collaboration with Gudetama , the Japanese egg cartoon. We serve a menu by Blue Ribbon, which isn’t your typical bowling alley food.

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Cauliflower Rice Is Chipotle’s First Menu Addition of 2021


Just in time for the start of 2021 and the whiff of weight-loss industrial complex that permeates this season, the fast-casual chain is adding cauliflower rice to its menu nationwide. Chipotle is offering cauliflower rice for a limited time. Photo: Chipotle.

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Restaurant Business Trends to Follow in 2021

Goliath Consulting

Here are our best guesses for the business trends of 2021. This flexibility will key as the cold season approaches (6). TECH: Social distancing and contact-free technology will be indispensable in 2021, as sanitation and safety concerns around COVID-19 remain (14).

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11 Restaurant Management Best Practices to Maximize Your Performance in 2021


As 2021 begins, there are many restaurant management best practices that can be applied to strengthen your business, in the short and long term. Here are 11 tips to set yourself up for success in 2021. Cost out your menu items and recipes.

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

Modern Restaurant Management

From screen to plate, the menu is expected to feature signature dishes and recipes that have been prepared on the show. Our investment community has energized around the launch and we’re looking forward to opening the first of several locations in 2021.” Climatarian Menu.

On the Turkey-Syria Border, a Chef Is Helping Vulnerable Women Build a Future Through Food


It is also dictated in part by the seasons: After the summer, when temperatures can climb upward of 100 degrees F, preparations are made for the long and bitter winter, which often blankets the city in snow. Gulsin Ketenci.

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How Video Email Marketing Can Improve Your Restaurant Branding

Modern Restaurant Management

Highlight Your Menu. Most customers want to look at the menu before heading to a specific restaurant to eat. With this in mind, you can highlight your menu items through a video. Seasonal recipe tutorials. Spins on local cuisine or twists on your staple menu items.

Our Biggest 5 Restaurant Flavor Trend Predictions

Goliath Consulting

From pumpkin spice to Chile de Arbol, here we dive into the restaurant industry’s top trending flavors and predict the ones that’ll last until 2021. More consumers will be looking for foods tied with wellness and health during and after the pandemic, well into 2021.

The Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide


As winter approaches, business owners are once again bracing for a challenging season, without knowing when or at what capacity they will be allowed to return. You’ll also find in-depth articles on the industry trends we expect to see going into 2021. Reading Time: 2 minutes.

Restaurant Success Roundtable: Lessons from the Pandemic


We spoke to Ali Mochizuki, Emily Plotkin, Shadeh Tabatabai, and Larissa Lynn—all seasoned ChowNow Restaurant Success Managers— to hear their lessons from the pandemic and advice for restaurants. Menu items to collect donations or extra tips for staff have been very common.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-December 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

The 2020 holiday season may not offer the same gatherings, parties and hoopla of years’ past, but diners are making sure it is still filled with amazing food. The second most mentioned menu items were burgers, followed by chicken (which included chicken sandwiches).

2020 93

MRM Franchise Feed: Opportunity is Barking and the Spirit of BBQ

Modern Restaurant Management

The operating model and menu are adaptable to any environment with different options including kiosks and free-standing locations with a drive-thru, ranging from a few hundred square feet up to 2200 square feet. Curry Up Now will make its grand debut in Texas in 2021.

Instagram For Restaurants: How To Dominate A Competitive Niche

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Instagram is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy in 2021 , but you might be wondering how the social media platform can make an impact on your restaurant. You could add it to your menu, incorporate it into the decor, or add it to the wall of your photo spot.

MRM Research Roundup: Year-End 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

The most ordered menu item of 2020 came from South Carolina chain, New York City Pizza, and its “New York” thin-crust pizza. What about 2021? This edition of MRM Research Roundup features top trends for 2020, how 2020 changed food and the year's top wines.

2020 125

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-November 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

For those who are hosting in-person gatherings this holiday season, a majority of them will be having 6-10 guests. More than half of respondents are purchasing gift cards to restaurants this holiday season. percent responded “some time in 2021.”

2020 130

Make it This Winter and Step Up To The Table

Modern Restaurant Management

In addition, the site has been updated to make it easier for restaurant operators to search key topics such as "off-premise," "dine-in" and "competitive menu" so they can quickly find what they need.

Time Out Market Chicago Announces Nov. 21 Opening Date And Reveals Final Additions to its Stellar Culinary Lineup, an Exciting Beverage Program and Cultural Activations


Spanning 50,000 square feet and three floors, Time Out Market Chicago will celebrate the very best the city has to offer with its 18 kitchens, three bars, demonstration kitchen, event kitchen, entertainment platform with bleacher seating and an all-season rooftop bar complete with impressive skyline views. On the menu: signature eats like the beloved eggplant naan with Old Bay aioli and sport peppers or the braised pork belly with coconut, tamarind, banana and fennel.

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White Castle Flips for Flippy and Burma Bites

Modern Restaurant Management

Chowly entered into a partnership with Grubhub to bring independent restaurants a frictionless menu management and order fulfillment solution, helping restaurant owners more easily leverage Grubhub’s marketplace to drive more orders online. Burma and DoorDash have rethought the entire Burma Superstar menu and dining experience for off-premises. Brand new menu items: Items from their secret menu will be offered including the Superstar Spicy Mango Wings and Balachaung Fries. ?

Tyga Bites and Sushi with an Attitude

Modern Restaurant Management

“I wanted to make sure the whole menu, flavors, and even the packaging was on point,” said Tyga. The solution allows restaurant guests to scan a QR code at the table to access the menu, place an order and pay all from the convenience of their own device.

MRM Franchise Feed: Virtual BBQ and Pieology in China

Modern Restaurant Management

Novel menu items targeted to Chinese pizza lovers include but are not limited to Bamboo Charcoal Thin Crust and kimchi as a topping option. “We came out of the gate incredibly strong in early 2020 and we look forward to continuing that momentum as we rapidly expand in 2021.

Face Pay Network, Restaurant of the Future and The Main Course

Modern Restaurant Management

Creating and optimizing the menu based on US Foods’ exclusive food-costing tools, industry analysis and recipes designed by in-house chefs that focus on both profitability and diner trends. Additional, more comprehensive courses are slated for development in 2020 and early 2021.

A Year of Dreams Deferred


The food hall will open sometime in the first quarter of 2021, even if it looks different from what the organization had envisioned. We were finalizing our menu and how we were going to operate.”. “I

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-October 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

of the top pumpkin patches across the US if you’re looking to make the most of the season. Cleanliness Is a Major Concern, But the Menu Still Matters.

2020 132

Takeout For Good and Menus Go Tech

Modern Restaurant Management

Menu Anywhere. Zuppler launched Menu Anywhere On-Premise Contactless Ordering on the Zuppler “Menu Anywhere” Platform. Srinivasan continued, “Menu Anywhere On Premise is scalable, can be adapted to different vertical markets and can operate in many environments. ParTech and Revolution will not charge subscription software fees until 2021. ParTech and Revolution will not charge software fees until 2021. Bring Your Own Menu.

20 Days of Turkey


No other holiday menu is as prescribed or ossified as traditional American Thanksgiving, and no holiday is as dedicated to overabundant casseroles. This weekend, we began our new seasonal cooking project: cookies. Joseph Thomas Photography /Shutterstock.

MRM Research Roundup: Holiday Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

According to new data from Tripadvisor, despite rising COVID cases, Americans remain more optimistic about travel than the rest of the world, with 55 percent of Americans planning on traveling this holiday season, compared to only 30 percent globally.