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The Trends to Watch in 2022 & Beyond

Future Food

The Trends to Watch in 2022 & Beyond The changing face of Food & Hospitality. Towards the end of each calendar year, we like to take a look back at how the industry has shifted, the trends that have taken off, and try to pre-empt the future face of the industry.

2022 124

Six Ways Contactless Payments Improve the Dining Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

The rise in popularity of contactless payments can mean leaner operations, happier staff, and – most importantly – happier customers. Contactless ordering and pay-at-the-table systems had already started gaining a slow-but-steady foothold over the past three years.


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Are You Making These 5 Common Bar Inventory Management Mistakes?

Sculpture Hospitality

Bar inventory management has a number of benefits. It gives you oversight of your stock, helps you make better ordering decisions, and it provides insights on turnover, costing, and your overall bottom line. Bar Inventory


Culinary Cues

Desperation leads to ineffective decision making. This is always, always, always the case. Decisions based on panic are like the amateur carpenter who keeps making the wrong cut on a length of board until there is nothing left.

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What Labor Shortage?

Download this FREE e-Book to learn the labor-saving tips your restaurant operation can use to earn more cheddar. Utilize this eBook to identify and tackle inefficiencies, work smarter, not harder, and bake end-to-end cost-savings into your business.

The Best Salad Chains In America

Restaurant Clicks

I’m a big fan of salad. And when I want a good salad, I make sure I’m somewhere in the U.S. America has some of the best salad chains for several reasons. I’ve eaten at some of the best salad joints in America and each of them has a uniqueness that’s hard to forget.

Restaurant Supply Chain Management: New Era, New Measures

Modern Restaurant Management

The turmoil caused by the pandemic has disrupted global supply chains more than any other period in recent history.

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6 Key Restaurant Operational Reports to Boost Your Menu Engineering


Your restaurant’s menu engineering strategy impacts your menu mix, pricing, and your overall profitability. Leveraging a mix of operational reporting tools that focus on menu profitability helps you maximize revenue and adds to your bottom line.

Our Favorite Restaurants with Private Dining in Chicago

Restaurant Clicks

If you’re planning a special event or want to go out to eat with a large group, you should check out the private dining rooms many restaurants offer. These private or semi-private rooms will let you and your group enjoy delicious food away from other restaurant patrons.

Restaurants Go Digital to Attract and Retain Talent

Modern Restaurant Management

Frequent turnover of staff has long been an issue in the fast-paced restaurant industry. Now, with the added pressure of the pandemic and the ensuing labor shortages, the challenge has become front and center.

A Guide to Improving the Steps of Fine Dining Service

The Eat Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants are very different from your casual restaurant next door. People walk into these upscale establishments with an expectation to be wowed by the luxurious ambiance, exquisite food, and an unmatchable level of service, which justifies their premium charges.

Tips of the Trade: Optimize Your Restaurant's Google My Business Account

Get this FREE e-Book to learn how your restaurant operation can set up and manage an effective Google My Business profile. Use the eBook to create a GMB profile that will get more views, use keywords, easily develop killer content, and build momentum.

How Impressions Work Into Your Advertising Strategy

Indoor Media

Your business won’t succeed without brand awareness and audience engagement. Increasing your reach and impressions through advertising grows your brand awareness and can boost your sales.

11 Top Rated Southern Fast Food Chains

Restaurant Clicks

The Southern US is saturated with fun things to do and amazing things to see. From Daytona Beach to Clarksdale at the Delta Blues Museum and the fascinating caverns at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, you can never run out of scenic places to visit in the south.

Enjoy the Holiday Gifts of Efficiency and Savings

Modern Restaurant Management

Imagine you operate a multi-site restaurant organization known for its elegant holiday dining and delicious catering. You’re approaching your busiest season, and more of your customers are planning gatherings and returning to their pre-pandemic spending levels.

2022 137

The Importance Of Integrity In The Workplace And How To Improve It


When integrity in the workplace is low, your team will feel it. They’ll suffer from lack of motivation, poor performance, and even dissatisfaction with the company culture, which can lead to increased turnover.

Comprehensive Guide to New Revenue Streams for Restaurants

Download this FREE eBook to learn how successful restaurant operators are using technology to cut costs, drive revenue and grow their businesses. In the e-Book, you'll learn how to: • Leverage customer data • Own marketing • Create and expand services.

Does Your New Food Truck Business Need Financing?

Restaurant Engine

Food truck financing can help you take your dream to reality. With a market size of more than one billion , and nearly 35,000 food trucks operating in the United States, food trucks are on the rise.

Amazing Denver Pizzerias to Check Out Today

Restaurant Clicks

Whenever I’m in Denver, I always seem to be hungry. Who knows—maybe it’s the altitude? But I’ve found that the best way to satiate my appetite is with some slices of pizza.

2021 124

From Shutdown to Stardom: How Cranes, D.C. Stayed Open and Increased Daily Sales by 1,000 Percent During a Global Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

Imagine going from $7,000 in sales per week in your opening year to $70,000 a week in just year two. Oh and let’s throw in a global pandemic and months-long mandatory shut down for good measure. How is it possible?

2021 140

Restaurant Menu: Where Every Great Turnaround Started

Aaron Allen & Associates

If ever there were a time to invest in restaurant menu strategy, surely it should be now.

Menu 85

New Restaurants Checklist: Ensuring Success

Developing a business plan is key when it comes to new restaurant startup success. Restaurant owners should have a clear picture of their goals, strategies, and budgets in order to determine and allocate resources properly. Read this checklist with it's 4 key steps to ensure your restaurant's success.

5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday is coming up—is your restaurant ready? On November 27, diners will look for ways to support neighborhood favorites by “shopping small” and choosing to invest in their own communities. Restaurants make up an important core of those communities—last year, diners spent an estimated $20 billion at independent restaurants on Small Business Saturday, so getting your restaurant in on the action is worth the prep.

21 Restaurants with Private Dining in LA

Restaurant Clicks

As California’s largest city, Los Angeles has a lot to offer for residents and tourists alike. As a center for creativity, many avid television and movie lovers visit to see the lively and cinematic Hollywood neighborhood and other musical venues around the city.

9 Key Responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager

The Eat Restaurant

Operating a restaurant is no easy task. A successful restaurant requires a strong team including servers, hostesses, bussers, cashiers, and more. The most essential role, however, is that of the restaurant manager. Management

Better Food, Better Profits: Plant Based Menu Trends


Reading Time: 4 minutes. November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials.

Menu 78

The Restaurant Technology Buyer's Checklist

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant enterprise tends to be a long, murky, burdensome process. After helping dozens of companies on their restaurant management solution selection journey, we’ve identified the common factor in finding the right fit: precise, thoughtful research. In this simple guide, we highlight the twelve most essential research areas that technology evaluators need to include in their evaluation journey. Download the guide today.

Brian Joseph of Taprobane Hospitality on How To Embrace Technology In The F&B Business

The Restaurant Times

Nashville Pizza Places to Check Out This Week

Restaurant Clicks

Music lovers, history buffs, and nature lovers flock to Nashville, Tennessee’s charming southern belle of a state capital.

2022 Restaurant Industry Trends Part 1

The Restaurant Group

Restaurant Industry Trends and Outlook for 2022. Change is an inevitable part of life, more so if you’re in the F&B industry. That said, restaurants mainly had to stay abreast of changing food and beverage trends. Until last year that is.

2022 78

10 Effective Uses for QR Codes

Indoor Media

QR codes are a simple and effective way to engage your customers. Although QR codes were introduced in Japan in 1994 by Denso Wave , they did not become popular in the United States until the 2010s.

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

6 Effective Ways To Improve Restaurant Operations Management

The Restaurant Times

A restaurant depends on multiple processes to run smoothly. From managing the inventory to training the staff to be competent in the kitchen and with the customers, the restaurateur needs to take care of it all. A lag in any one of them can impact other processes downstream.

17 Restaurants with Private Dining in Phoenix

Restaurant Clicks

Phoenix is the fifth-largest and fastest-growing city in the United States. Despite the city’s massive population, Phoenix’s vast desert leaves room for locals and visitors to live harmoniously. However, far more than an attractive landscape draws people to Phoenix.


Culinary Cues

This is one of those reflective moments – we all have them – a time to think back rather than forward and simply wonder how the future will compare and who will hold the keys to progress.

2021 336

Why Changing Perceptions Mean Now Is the Time to Launch a British Hospitality Business

Modern Restaurant Management

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a profound and lasting effect. It’s impacted almost every part of our lives, from how we work and shop to how we travel and entertain ourselves. This is naturally having a knock-on effect on the hospitality industry.

Where Are the Hourly Workers? Finding Hourly Applicants in Today's Labor Market

Learn about 6 compelling insights that are contributing to the current hourly shortage, and uncover 4 actionable strategies to help you boost applicant flow up to 9x - even in today’s labor market.