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Do Coupons Really Help Drive Dining Traffic?

Restaurant Engine

Coupons can bring in repeat customers to your restaurant. As a restaurant owner or manager, you want to drive new customers into your restaurant. You may also want to increase the loyalty and retention rate of your current customers. One option that hits both of those marketing goals is the restaurant coupon.

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Six Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

Sometimes customers will naturally come to your Google My Business profile and drop you a review – especially if they had a negative experience. But you’re missing out on a ton of opportunity if you’re not asking your customers for a review of your product or service. Collect Reviews via Your Website.


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Ultimate Restaurant Website Design Guide for Beginners

7 Shifts

This rise in digital interactions has made it critical for restaurants to have well-designed websites. After all, intuitive design and up-to-date information can turn a website visitor into a paying customer. In this ultimate restaurant website design guide for beginners, you’ll learn: How to prepare for a website makeover.

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How To Post Auto Shop Deals on Groupon – Plus 3 Things To Watch For

Indoor Media

The coupon giant boasts some significant benefits — targeted, local ads — but many users have seen its pitfalls. Groupon is a website that allows businesses to promote coupons through their website and email list. This coupon advertising program is available for all types of businesses – big and small.

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How to Set Up Online Ordering for Restaurants

7 Shifts

Native or first-party delivery doesn't rely on a separate service to take and send out orders. These fees, when not managed, cut deep into razor-thin margins, and in some cases, can contribute to a restaurant closing for good. This comes with two huge advantages: high margins and owned customer data.

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How to write a restaurant marketing plan that puts butts in seats [Ideas and Strategies]

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They're people leaders, customer service providers, line cooks, inventory managers, occasional bartenders, public relations reps, number crunchers, and even marketers. It is your roadmap to attracting and retaining customers. Identify Target Customers. Restaurant owners and operators wear a lot of hats.

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Building a Restaurant Tech Stack for your Business

Focus POS

Restaurant owners and managers work long hours, holidays, and most weekends. That’s a lot to have on your plate—on top of the normal day-to-day management of a restaurant, café or coffee shop—so it’s important to simplify whenever possible. Customer Experience. How an Experienced Restaurant Solution Provider Can Benefit You.

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