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Culinary Cues

I may be in the minority, but I have always felt, and often promoted, that restaurants can and occasionally do serve a higher purpose. Since those early days as an apprentice and maybe even before as a 16-year-old dishwasher, I saw something special in restaurant life.

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Five Common Seasonal Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Modern Restaurant Management

The inevitable cycle of seasonal-driven activity fluctuations occurs each year, but it can still catch the restaurant industry off guard if they’re not prepared.

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Improve Restaurant Services With Handheld POS Devices

Restaurant Technology Guys

The restaurant industry is rapidly advancing when it comes to integrating technology. The handheld POS device is one piece that is making things easier for restaurants and customers.

Building Up Your Staff for Hiring Season

Gecko Hospitality

Building Up Your Staff for Hiring Season: Strategies for Successful Finding, Interviewing, and Onboarding Candidates. Hiring for hospitality businesses is always a challenge.

Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.

5 Steps to Improve Your Restaurant Pricing Strategy

Sculpture Hospitality

One of the quickest ways to improve your bottom line is to implement a proper pricing strategy at your restaurant. Being too aggressive with your pricing can stop customers from visiting your restaurant. Yet if the pricing is too weak, you may get more visits, but you will also miss out on profits.

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How Create a Virtual Tour of Your Restaurant

The Rail

By Jennesa Ongkit, Contributor If you run a bar or restaurant, you already know how prevalent the Internet is for hungry diners looking for a new place to eat. Consequently, if the Internet doesn't have much information about your restaurant, you can lose potential guests.

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Reduce costs and labor with automated tip distribution

Restaurant Business

As labor costs soar and the labor shortage persists, it has never been more critical for operators to ensure their employees are being paid correctly and that morale is high.

Top Culinary Trends for 2023 + Interview w/Mr. Brews Taphouse


Listen to "218. Top Culinary Trends for 2023 + Interview w/Mr. Brews Taphouse" on Spreaker.

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The Best Holiday Cocktails, According to Eater Editors


Shutterstock. Don’t let cocktails fall by the wayside in the flurry of holiday dinner prep In the endless iterating that goes into devising a menu for a holiday dinner, it’s stupidly easy to forget the drinks.

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The Ultimate Playbook for Automating Restaurant Operations

Restaurants are operating with 6.2 fewer back-of-house employees and 2.8 fewer front-of-house employees. Learn what thriving brands are doing to address labor shortages, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency, all while increasing their bottom line.

Highclere Castle Barrel Aged Gin


Celebrating 100 years since discovering King Tut. Gold Star Spirits This Month Vol. 26 No.

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How restaurants can support mental health during the holidays


For some people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for hospitality workers, the season is more of a grind than a party. Restaurant work can mean long hours and high stress at all times of year. During the holidays, the pressure increases.

Is there space for new coffee competitions?

Perfect Daily Grind

In specialty coffee, there are a range of competitions designed to test the skills and knowledge of different coffee professionals.

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Model Ireland Baldwin and Musician RAC Will Open a Cafe and Wine Bar on the Oregon Coast



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10 Ways to Keep Your Hourly Employees

Getting and keeping hourly workers is no longer as simple as offering them more cash. Employees have options. But this guide from Paycor will help you put your best foot forward to recruit, retain, and develop hourly workers so you can remain competitive.

Inflation won't win Thanksgiving: Here's NPR's plan to help you save on a meal

The Salt

Turkey, stuffing, pie — it's all way more expensive this year. But you don't have to let inflation spoil your meal, if you're willing to get creative. Image credit: Maansi Srivastava/NPR

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Inside the Fanatical, International, Extremely Online World of Monster Energy Trading



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Gifts for the Person Who Knows Food Is Always in Style


Your most stylish friend could certainly use a mushroom shirt or burrata hat. Eater.

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A Thanksgiving Congee Recipe That Will Give Delicious New Life to Your Leftovers


Dina Ávila/Eater. Calvin Eng’s congee utilizes every bit of holiday leftovers, from the turkey carcass to cranberry sauce Congee, or jook, is my comfort food. It’s simple, warm and cozy, and absolutely delicious.

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Scheduling Headaches? AI Can Solve Them

Machine learning proves to be effective for predictive scheduling and empowers employees by giving them more control over their lives and schedules. Download this guide to find out more!

I Freaking Love the Apple Database


Lille Allen/Eater. Welcome to Orange Pippin, a fruit enthusiast’s fantasia Maybe it has to do with the increasingly chaotic nature of the world, or maybe I’m more of a method-oriented person than I thought, but I’ve come to realize that I love a good database.