Wed.Oct 21, 2020

Flexible Scheduling for the Restaurant Industry

Xtra Chef

Have you ever jumped in to do dishes at your restaurant because your dishwasher decided not to show up that day?

2020’s Marketing Lessons Hold Advice for 2021 and Beyond

Modern Restaurant Management

Raise your hand if your 2020 marketing plan included messaging about wearing a mask. No one? How about weeks-long dining room shutdowns? Still nothing?

2021 154

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Restaurants Surviving & Adapting in the Pandemic: Hummus Labs


Part two of a series that explores how restaurants are surviving and thriving in the COVID-19 pandemic. Read part one here. .

The Missing Link: What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know About Culture

Xtra Chef

“Culture” has been a business buzzword for the last decade. Organizational gurus say it should be every business owner and CEO’s #1 priority, claiming that a strong culture can create extraordinary results like improved productivity, lower employee turnover, more sales, and higher profits.

Fast, actionable cost data for your restaurant

Margin Edge

Open Road – Metropolitan Hospitality Group – 8 Units – DC Metro Area. While our industry continues to show its resiliency and traverse an unprecedented number of hurdles – there is no question there are more factors impacting our bottom lines than ever before.

The Restaurant Industry is Making a Comeback! But How?

Gecko Hospitality

3 Reasons Why Some Restaurants Are UP in Sales Over 2019. Yes, the restaurant industry, as a whole, has suffered terribly because of the COVID virus and the subsequent state and federally mandated shutdowns and restrictions on business.

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11 Resident Retention Ideas for Multifamily Properties (2020)


Resident retention is crucial to successful multifamily property management. Property managers understand that retaining a resident is just as crucial as obtaining one.

2020 56

Creative Cocktails for Fall


Cassis Bitter Screenshot.png. Author(s): Stacey Sears. Teaser: This fall cocktail is a perfect accompaniment for dessert or as an after-dinner drink while contemplating the change of seasons.

2020 130

Tips on Being a Kid-Friendly Restaurant (Infographic)

Modern Restaurant Management

Attracting families should be a key goal for restaurants because of the revenue potential they represent. According NPD, when families with kids 12 and under order from restaurants, average check goes up 82 perecent. NPD/CREST, year ending December 2019.).

2019 134

Amaro Lucano


Lucano Amaro.jpg. Gold Star. Alcohol %: 28.0. Sweetly herbaceous on the nose, this amaro has a smooth, creamy texture and provides rich flavors of licorice and anise on the palate. Distilled from an ancient recipe of herbs and spices, it performs well as an aperitif or cocktail ingredient.

2020 130

Budget 2021: Reflecting on Schemes and Supports


PWC stated that this year's budget needed to “strike a note of confidence in the face of a perfect storm of threats”. Included in these threats are Brexit, Covid-19, climate change, international tax reform and the impact to trade as a result of the upcoming US election.

2021 56

L'Héritier-Guyot Crème de Cassis de Dijon


guy_cassis_btl_535px.png. Recommended. Alcohol %: 20.0. Deep red, this cassis delivers a fresh blackcurrant bouquet. Its solid texture provides a suffusion of currant flavors on the palate. Adds texture, color, and rich blackcurrant flavors to cocktails. Web page: Kobrand Corporation. cassis

2020 100

In Another 2020 Blow, Chipotle Is Now Charging for the Tortilla on the Side


Chipotle. Plus, politicians eat fast food to seem relatable, and more news to start your day Tortillas will now cost a quarter, and for some people, this is a travesty.

2020 73

Alizé Mango


Alize mango.png. Recommended. Alcohol %: 16.0. Pouring a glass of Alizé Mango releases a bouquet of creamy mango and passion fruit aromas. A sip does not betray the premium French vodka base but reveals additional sweet tropical flavors. There is no alcohol burn or alcohol smell as you continue to savor the rich tropical fruits. Refreshing neat or in cocktails. Web page: Kobrand. French vodka liqueur

2020 100

Red Chains, Blue Chains


Politicians don’t just work for the American people. Corporations spend millions of dollars on political action committees, lobbyists, and campaigns each election cycle to ensure legislators will pass laws that are in their favor and derail ones that aren’t.

Nominate the New Guard of the Food World


We’re looking for the most inspiring hospitality professionals, activists, and more to be members of the inaugural Eater New Guard class.

Buzzy New York City Bistro Buvette Is Headed to London


Chef Jody Williams’ restaurant, now also in Paris and Tokyo, will open in Notting Hill this year [link

2020 64

How Cast Iron Pans Are Made by Hand at Borough Furnace


From designing to pouring molten metal to seasoning, its a mesmerizing process “A piece of cookware is a very tactile intimate product.

The Latest on Safe Trick-or-Treating, Airline Food Pivots, Restaurant Reservations, and More


Halloween candy | Photo: NYC Russ /Shutterstock. We discuss the biggest stories of the week on Eater’s Digest Do health experts think there are ways to celebrate Halloween responsibly? Why is it suddenly hard to get restaurant reservations again?