Fri.Jul 31, 2020

How Mattenga’s Pizzeria Simplifies Labor Management—and Gets Back to Family Life

7 Shifts

Mattenga’s Pizzeria is the real love child of husband and wife duo, Matthew and Hengam Stanfield. Entering the workforce shortly after completing their engineering degrees, the couple realized that a nine to five week that kept them apart was not for them.

Second Wave of Restaurant Chain Bankruptcy Filings Could Offer New Opportunities  

Modern Restaurant Management

Anyone who has worked the back of the house at a popular restaurant knows how chaotic the kitchen can feel during a restaurant “rush” hour—knives, spoons, and spatulas being swung around, glassware flying, line cooks and sous chefs furiously plating food and sending it out.

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Eulogy for My Neglected Windowsill Herb Garden


Shutterstock. Honoring the lives — and deaths — of the forgotten quarantine scallions Cherished friends, Thank you for being here to honor the lives of those whose journeys meant so much to us all, and whose stories are, fondly and inevitably, coming to an end.

6 Marketing Ideas Every Cloud Kitchen Business Owner Should Know About to Increase Sales

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchen has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the foodservice industry today. According to research, the global cloud kitchen market is expected to reach USD 2.63 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.2%.

These Pantry Labels Made by a Blogger in Minnesota Are Taking Over TikTok


How simple, streamlined white stickers ended up in pantries across America Before the pandemic , I never spent much time in my apartment’s tiny galley-style kitchen, preferring to dine out (or take out). Stay-at-home orders changed all of that.

How Your Hotel Can Attract Business Travelers

Gourmet Marketing

Business travel took a hit when COVID-19 began, and the hotel and travel industry felt its effects. However, now that states are reopening, companies are discussing traveling once again, even if it may be limited. Once business travel starts to pick back up, travelers will want a safe and comfortable place to stay. That’s where you come in. Below are a few ways your hotel can attract business travelers. Keep your guests connected to the digital world.

Will a Cafeteria Tray Solve All My Problems?


Africa Studio /Shutterstock. Four months into quarantine, a regression back to the safety of middle school dining “Do you have kids that hate when their food touches?” reads the first line of an email that popped up in my inbox this morning, advertising corrals that separate foods on a plate.

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America Will Run Slightly Slower as Dunkin’ Expects to Close 800 Stores


Plus, Domino’s in New Zealand got in trouble for offering a “Karen” special, and more news to start your day The closures amount to 8% of U.S. locations.

How To Collaborate Effectively With Other Influencers On YouTube

Lady Boss Blogger

Choosing to collaborate with other influencers on Youtube is a great way to create fresh, new content while being promoted on someone else’s channel. It can be so exciting, as it is an opportunity to look at your channel with new eyes. Also, hanging out with a new friend is fun!

Texas Bars Look to Reclassify as Restaurants in Order to Reopen for Dine-In Services



Updated Restaurant Industry Sales Numbers

Restaurant Engine

Two months since our last report on restaurant statistics , restaurant industry sales continue to whipsaw. In April, sales from Food Services & Drinking Places ( NAICS code 722 ) totaled $30 billion , a collapse of -53% versus April 2019.

2019 56

The Ultimate Guide to Fruity, Milky, and Other Specialty Soft Drinks


Unsure what to get in the drinks aisle of an international grocery store? Consider these. I’ve always found joy in the little things in life — the smell of a new book, blank stationery, and a small soft drink carton waiting for me in the fridge.

What New Government Relief Proposals Mean for Restaurant Workers


Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images. This week on Eater’s Digest , Ryan Sutton talks PPP The extra $600/week unemployment checks for many Americans are running out as politicians hit a stalemate in their negotiations over future relief packages.

This Puerto Rican Chef Vows to Never Use Goya Products in Her Cooking After Its CEO Praised Trump



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