Fri.Jul 05, 2024

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6 Restaurant Management Tips to Enhance Profitability

The Rail

By Destiny Clarkson, Contributor Running a successful restaurant requires more than just serving delicious food; it requires precision, coordination, and a keen understanding of every moving part. More than simply serving delectable dishes, it also involves the coordination of a smooth operation that not only satisfies consumers but also guarantees sustainable profitability.

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How to Read a Restaurant Profit and Loss (P&L) Statements

7 Shifts

Running a restaurant is not just about serving great food; it’s also about managing finances. With 50% of restaurant owners reporting inventory costs as the top concern last year, you must leverage reporting tools to see how much profit your restaurant is making and where your money is going. The most important of those reporting tools is the profit and loss statement, commonly called the “P&L.” Simply put, the P&L shows how much restaurants earned and spent for a speci


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The 15 most profitable restaurant businesses to start in 2024

Clover - Restaurants

Luckily in 2024, the U.S. restaurant industry continues to evolve and is on the brink of passing a historical $1 trillion in sales , with certain business models standing out for their profitability. Whether you’re interested in quick service or full service , this guide will help you navigate the 15 most profitable restaurant types to open in 2024 based on data.

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IBWSS San Francisco 2024: An Important Event For The Spirits Industry


The International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show is all set to bring the big and important wine and spirits buyers and sellers together on July 23-24, 2024. The post IBWSS San Francisco 2024: An Important Event For The Spirits Industry appeared first on Santé Magazine.

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HR in 2025: Insights & Predictions

What type of worker is most engaged—hybrid, remote, or onsite? What are the drivers of effective leadership? What does the C-suite think HR is most responsible for? And why is a wave of HR resignations more likely in the next 12 months? Get our annual survey report to find out: The #1 challenge of recruiting & hiring Why remote teams are struggling What are the drivers of effective (and ineffective) leadership And lots more!

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Joey Chestnut, banned from Coney Island, takes his hot dog-eating skills to Fort Bliss

The Salt

Chestnut ate 57 hot dogs in five minutes, beating a team of four soldiers who downed 49 total. He not only broke his own record, but nearly tied the Coney Island winner, who ate 58 dogs in 10 minutes.

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Tuscan Sampler


Introducing an array of wines from Chianti Classico producer Montefili. The post Tuscan Sampler appeared first on Santé Food Wine Spirits.

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