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Back of House, Yet Front-Facing Priority – Restaurant BOH Trends to Monitor in 2023

Modern Restaurant Management

Is your restaurant up to speed with the latest best practices for back of house (BOH) management? Everything from decreasing food waste to exploring how automation can increase revenue for small business restaurants is related to BOH procedures. Here are some back of office trends to watch for in 2023.

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How To Improve Your Restaurant Excellence - Front & Back of House Mastery


This blog post provides valuable insights on how to improve restaurant excellence by focusing on both front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) operations.


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Front Of House (FOH) Vs. Back Of House (BOH): What’s The Difference?


For a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently, you should divide activities into two parts: front of house (FOH)/back of house (BOH). What’s the difference between FOH and BOH, and how can controlling the two help your business improve? What Is Front Of House (FOH)? Floor plan. Motivation.

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Six Trends to Expect from Back of House in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Here are six things you can expect to see in back-of-house tech in 2022. However, BOH technology has long been at the bottom of the list for many operators. After adopting better delivery and takeout technology in 2020, restaurants are now turning their tech budgets toward bringing in back of house.

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Back of House Restaurant Guide: Integrating FOH and BOH for Seamless Operations 


Restaurant back-of-house operations form the backbone of a restaurant’s success. The back-of-house (or BOH) manages crucial elements that impact cost control and profitability. Additionally, the BOH handles food safety and restaurant administration. What Is Back of House in a Restaurant?

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Back of house restaurant job descriptions and duties

Clover - Restaurants

While your customers may never meet BOH team members, these restaurant jobs are essential to delivering a fantastic hospitality experience. Here are a few sample back-of-house job descriptions you can use to jumpstart your own job descriptions to help attract top notch BOH staff.

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What is Back-of-House at a Restaurant – Everything You Need To Know

The Restaurant Times

The back-of-house (BOH) at a restaurant is the behind-the-scenes area of the restaurant — it works like an engine and keeps the restaurant going. While it is not visible to the customers, the restaurant’s services get hampered without back-of-house. Why is Back of House Important?