Sun.Jul 18, 2021

122. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 122 – Maximize your Schedule and labor management with 7 Shifts

Restaurant Technology Guys

Join the 7Shifts founder Jordan and Jeremy while they discuss the origin story of 7Shifts and how it can help restaurants in many ways. Check them out at Easy Employee Scheduling Software for Restaurants | 7shifts. The post 122. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 122 – Maximize your Schedule and labor management with 7 Shifts appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Best Chef Quotes

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Chefs understand food like nobody else. So if you’re looking for the type of wisdom that chefs can impart, you might be surprised by what they have to say. You might expect food snobbery, but most of them provide exactly the opposite. So, what can we learn from some of the best chefs?

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A 2021 Guide to Kitchen Staffing During the Back of House Labor Shortage

Touch Bistro

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant, which means you can’t run a successful venue without adequate kitchen staffing. The challenge is, the restaurant industry has been struggling with a shortage of chefs and other back of house staff for several years now.

Top Sushi Spots in Fort Lauderdale

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Sushi is the ancient Japanese art of crafting edible delicacies that are just as delicious as they are gorgeous and it’s absolutely perfect for any romantic night out or business occasion where you’re looking to impress your guests, but it also makes for a delightfully light and flavorful lunch on any regular day.

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Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.