Sun.Sep 24, 2023

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2-2-3 Work Schedule: What It Is and How To Implement It 


For organizations with employees who work around the clock to handle customer needs and emergencies, shift scheduling is vital and can pose significant challenges. One popular solution is the 2-2-3 schedule. In this article, we’ll explain how the 2-2-3 schedule works, analyze its advantages and drawbacks, cover some common variations, and offer tips on how to successfully implement the 2-2-3 schedule if you decide it’s right for your business.

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It’s Wine & Dine Time!

The Wine Knitter

To usher in autumn, I thought it would be fun to travel to Tuscany. And the best part is that you don’t have to pack a bag or wait in long lines at the airport. A glass of Tuscan wine and an authentic Tuscan soup recipe is all you need for your travels. Let your palate take you on a delectable sensory adventure! Tuscan Vineyard Photo credit: Johny Goerend The Wine I have selected two Tuscan wines for the journey; both pair well with the featured soup that follows.

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Is it a service fee or a royalty? To franchisees, the difference is huge

Restaurant Business

McDonald’s franchisees say their cash flow has not kept pace with inflation and the higher royalty on new units and acquisitions will make matters worse. But they say a term change is the bigger problem.

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197. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 197 – ConverseNow Is A Voice Ai Product Designed For Restaurants

Restaurant Technology Guys

In this episode, the Restaurant Technology Guys interview Ben Brown of Converse Now, a company that provides voice AI solutions for restaurants. Ben shares how voice AI can help restaurants automate their ordering process, reduce errors, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. He also talks about the challenges and opportunities of implementing voice AI in restaurants, and how Converse Now can help you get started.

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Recruit and Retain New Blue-Collar Talent

Blue-collar jobs have a branding problem. One company, GEON, partnered with Paycor to find the solution. Learn how to attract, engage, and retain blue-collar employees, helping them build meaningful careers – and support your company’s goals.