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Hartford Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

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Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and one of the nation’s oldest cities, established in 1635 and named for one of its first settler’s English hometowns. Many of the buildings from colonial settlements still stand today.

A Man, A Mission And Hundreds Of Apple Cider Doughnuts

The Salt

Alex Schwartz is on a lifelong mission to taste and review as many fresh apple cider doughnuts he can get his hands on. And he's already mapped out the New England hot spots. Image credit: Courtesy of Alex Schwartz

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Greenville Restaurants to Try the Next Time You’re in Town

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When people are on the lookout for great restaurants, there are many different elements that they take into consideration. Is the food menu unique? Does the restaurant look aesthetically pleasing? How is the service? What is the vibe of the establishment?

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