Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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196. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 196 – Make Your Local Store Marketing Work For You With Evocalize!

Restaurant Technology Guys

In this episode, we chat with Matthew Marx, the founder and CEO of Evocalize, a platform that helps local businesses create and run effective digital marketing campaigns. In the show we discuss how Evocalize can help restaurant owners reach more customers, increase their online presence, and grow their revenue. We also talk about the challenges and opportunities of local marketing in the post-pandemic era, and how Evocalize can help businesses adapt and thrive.

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Chefs turn to fungi to plot future of plant-based menus

Restaurant Business

Mushrooms are known to add meatiness to meatless cooking, but now the rest of the fungi kingdom is getting a shot in restaurant and foodservice kitchens.

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