October, 2022

35 Employee Incentive Programs That Actually Work


Are you searching for a way to recognize your employees for their years of service, reward them for a job well done, and retain them longer? Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

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Culinary Cues

BEING A COOK IS MORE THAN THE PROCESS OF COOKING. If you are a cook who is happy working just for a paycheck – more power to you, but you can probably save some time and not read this article.

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Connectivity Puts the ‘Connect’ in Customer ‘Connections’

Modern Restaurant Management

The last couple of years have proven that digital experiences will continue to play a central role for quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators. Luckily, QSRs have no shortage of technologies at their disposal to help them achieve the sort of customer personalization that drives profits.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan [with Sample]

7 Shifts

You can't start a restaurant without a plan. A restaurant business plan is one of the most (if not the most) essential elements in getting a new restaurant off the ground. There are a few reasons for this: A business plan is typically the first thing any lender or investor will want to look at.

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The Ultimate Playbook for Automating Restaurant Operations

Restaurants are operating with 6.2 fewer back-of-house employees and 2.8 fewer front-of-house employees. Learn what thriving brands are doing to address labor shortages, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency, all while increasing their bottom line.

Exploring the evolution of Jamaica’s coffee industry

Perfect Daily Grind

The Caribbean has a rich history of coffee production. In fact, some of the earliest commercial coffee farms were established in Jamaica and Haiti in the early 18th century.

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Restaurant Finances: Trends Every Restaurant CFO Should Get Ahead of in 2023

Black Box Intelligence

Hospitality leaders have been put through the wringer the past few years, especially when it comes to restaurant finances.

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Choosing Food Safety Compliance Software: Top Tips to Remember


More than 34 million people in the U.S. face hunger problems annually. Yet restaurants regularly throw away tens of thousands of pounds of viable and edible food each year. Restaurant Management

Conquering the challenges of ‘Family Dining’

Future Food

Mamma Knows East - St Hubert's Coldstream. The topic of this blog is one that many will be glad to have personally overcome.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

Gecko Hospitality

Marketing and advertising is the cornerstone of every hospitality business. Playing no small role in marketing endeavors is hospitality branding. Hospitality branding is more than a company logo on stationary, signage, menus and even napkins. It’s also more than the name of your company.

Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.

The History of Tipping in Restaurants: The Complicated Past, Present, and Future

7 Shifts

When you dine out at a restaurant, you tip your server. It's the expectation and an essential part of how restaurant workers earn a living. A guest's tip subsidizes wages for most of America's restaurant workers. It's a reality that only exists in North America—the United States and Canada.

The Guide to Equitable Restaurant Tip Payout Methods & Systems

7 Shifts

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to distributing tips among restaurant staff, but there are a few different methods that are commonly used.

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Would You Like To Leave a Tip? Restaurants are Feeling Diners’ Tipping Fatigue.

7 Shifts

No matter where you go or what you buy, technology has touched nearly every part of dining out right now. You tap your card for coffee, a drink, or a candy bar.

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Culinary Cues

When did civility (or lack thereof) become only referenced when considering political discourse? The left and the right may, to some, reference liberal or conservative political beliefs, but when it comes to acting in a civil manner – examples go way beyond politicians and their evolving platforms.

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Scheduling Headaches? AI Can Solve Them

Machine learning proves to be effective for predictive scheduling and empowers employees by giving them more control over their lives and schedules. Download this guide to find out more!


Culinary Cues

More than anything else, when I was in restaurant kitchens I looked forward to planning and testing the next set of menu changes. A stale menu is not cost effective, ignorant of quality issues with ingredients, uninspiring for employees, and just plain boring.

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Culinary Cues

So, this is something that I have been perplexed about for the past few months: more and more restaurants are beginning to charge for bread. At first, I was really put off by this. Come on – is this the way to address your food cost woes? But after I settled down, I started to think about it.

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[Updated for 2023] The State-by-State Guide To Tip Pooling Laws

7 Shifts

Tipping. It's a constant conversation in the restaurant industry. But one can't deny that tips make up a majority of restaurant workers' take-home pay.

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Taco and Beer Pairings

Bottleneck Management

Taco and Beer Pairings. One could argue that tacos are the perfect food. You can enjoy all the food groups wrapped in one shell, they are easily customizable, and you can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We thought, “What do we love as much as tacos?”

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10 Ways to Keep Your Hourly Employees

Getting and keeping hourly workers is no longer as simple as offering them more cash. Employees have options. But this guide from Paycor will help you put your best foot forward to recruit, retain, and develop hourly workers so you can remain competitive.



Originally posted on Taco Mac, a 27-unit sports bar based in Atlanta, has designs to grow within Georgia, and into other states. Jason Everett, vice president of operations, reports that Taco Mac is on track to open five restaurants per year for the foreseeable future.

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The Adventures of Tippy the Tip Jar

7 Shifts

The little scamp that’s full of change! Follow the comic adventures of Tippy the sentient tip jar as they get into mischief and misadventures all to do with tipping. Scripted by Daniel Dalman. Illustrated by Kate Miller ( @kateandtheworld ). Tippy finds out there's no such thing as a free rescue.

2022 195

How To Ensure Restaurant Profitability When Inflation Is High [Use These 5 Tactics To Dampen Price Increases] 


If CoGs and overheads rise due to inflation, your menu prices should follow. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, your margins shrink, and your working capital disappears. Or worse, you’ll make a loss. But before adding a flat 5% to each menu item, use these tactics.

What Does Your Employee Dress Code Say About Your Restaurant?

Next Restaurants

By Adrian Johansen, Contributor. As a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to establish the right kind of environment and vibe for your place of business.

2022 148

Using AI to Test Innovative Restaurant Employee Communication and Scheduling Models

AI technology is helping restaurateurs rise to complex labor challenges and laws with machine learning solutions that improve working conditions for staff, leading to happier employees who stay onboard and bring their best to work.

Little Known Beer Facts: American Lager

Bottleneck Management

We hope to be able to teach you something new about your favorite pours and encourage you to try new ones with this series exploring different beer styles. Cheers! Style Spotlight . American Lager.

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Front of House vs. Back of House in a Restaurant - The Ultimate Guide

Eat Restaurant Management

Are you running a finely tuned front of the house? Do your diners feel as special when they come through the door as when they’re being served at the table? What about your back of the house? Is your restaurant set up to be as efficient as possible?

9 ways for restaurants to do right by their teams and communities


Restaurateur Kwini Reed wears a smile around her neck. Her jeweler made the necklace for her after Reed said she wished people could see her smile while she wore a mask. The charm is an apt icon for the co-owner of Poppy & Rose and Poppy & Seed , a pair of restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

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4 leading restaurateurs with 6 key pieces of hiring advice


When restaurateurs get together, one topic dominates the conversation: how to attract and retain top talent. And that’s exactly what happened when the Independent Restaurant Coalition and OpenTable invited four industry leaders to have a roundtable discussion.

7 Ways To Avoid Today's HR Compliance Risks

With remote work on the rise, salary history bans in effect, and Fair Workweek laws passed, HR compliance has become more challenging. Discover the 7 most prominent HR compliance hurdles of today, and learn how to avoid them detailed in Paycor’s recent guide!

Restaurant Website Design: Examples & Tips From Experts

Harbor Touch

It’s no secret that restaurant owners need to put a lot of focus on their websites. After all, it’s often the first and most lasting impression customers will have of a restaurant.

How To Start A Coffee Shop | A Detailed Guide


What do you get when you cross a tireless entrepreneurial spirit with a love for all things coffee? A coffee shop owner, of course! If that’s you in a nutshell, why not consider getting involved in an industry that caters to more than 100 million customers in the U.S. alone?

2022 78

How Digital Can Help Brands Create Personalized Experiences for Guests

Modern Restaurant Management

For the past several years—and especially since the pandemic—restaurant brands have focused on enhancing digital experiences that allow them to offer more off-premise options and streamline operations to address staff shortages.

7 Ways to Attract Quality Workers for the Restaurant Industry

Harbor Touch

Restaurants and cafés have been struggling to attract staff in the United States. Part of this is that many workers in this sector are underpaid. Another is because a lot more people are starting out as digital entrepreneurs and don’t want to work nine-to-five jobs.

2022 78

Take Control of Profit Margins with AI-Powered Forecasting

Leaders in the restaurant industry are using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to reduce uncertainty, plan ahead with staff and resources, and increase their bottom line. Grab this white paper to learn how to take advantage of this emerging trend.

Restaurant Labor Cost and How to Optimize It?

Aaron Allen & Associates

Restaurant labor costs are usually the largest cost foodservice establishments have in their P&L, averaging around 30% of sales. In the U.S., there are around 11.7

2022 83

How to Create an Allergy-Friendly Environment at Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

Customers with food allergies take a great risk to eat food prepared by someone other than themselves, as they may suffer potentially severe consequences from coming into contact with a triggering allergen.

How To Build a Manager

Modern Restaurant Management

A few months ago, I wrote about how hard it is to find staff, especially managers. At that time, I discussed two ways that we were going to build a manager from existing staff rather than search for a new one. Recently, one of my clients had a great manager pass away unexpectedly.

How Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

The Rail

By Shubham Ahuja, Contributor It’s no secret that technology has become a major player in the hospitality industry over the past several years – such as increase adaption in delivery, online ordering, and touchless ordering/payment.

2022 81

The HR Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.