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Why You Need a Restaurant Budget to Control Costs


One of the most important yet frequently overlooked parts of a business is the budget. For restaurant owners and operators in particular, in the midst of making the thousands of decisions needed to run a restaurant business, it’s easy to forget about the restaurant budget.

Attract More Takeout Customers with These 8 Proven Techniques


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6 Common Social Media Mistakes Restaurants Make and How to Avoid Them

The Restaurant Times

An active social media presence is a must for all restaurants. It not only provides potential customers an inside look into your restaurant but also helps in building relationships and creating top-of-the-mind recall value.

10 Simple & Effective Social Media Ideas for Restaurants

7 Shifts

How to turn your dark kitchen into an extremely efficient production unit


A dark kitchen should be a hardcore production kitchen. That is, if you want to keep your head above water. Let there be no doubt about that. The purpose of a dark kitchen is to produce large quantities of dishes hyper-efficiently, and at a speed that makes F1 pilots dizzy.

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Restaurants Surviving & Adapting in the Pandemic: China Moon


Like so many other places, California has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. One in three restaurants in the state will close down due to the economic fallout, and 76 percent of operators report that they urgently need rent relief.

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How to become a hospitality manager


Hospitality is a great industry for a flexible lifestyle, but it can also be a place to develop an amazing, fulfilling career. All jobs have their ups and downs, but hospitality management is one of those jobs where you have a chance to make a difference to someone’s life in a real, meaningful way.

How to Start an Auto Repair Loyalty Program

Indoor Media

Did you know that it costs your auto shop five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one? Financially, it only makes sense to focus on maintaining repeat customers, and one of the best ways to do that is with an auto repair loyalty program.

The State of New York Restaurants in 2020

7 Shifts

As the Head of U.S. Operations for 7shifts, I have been based in the New York technology and hospitality space for years (including a leadership role at Yelp for nearly a decade). Never before has our local market experienced such a massive disruption to the restaurant industry as we are experiencing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Every restaurant has been forced to adapt their operations in order to survive and ultimately grow for the future.

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Five Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

Digital signage screens are everywhere. Big restaurant chains such as McDonalds and Taco Bell use them to display their different menu items next to delicious looking images. But digital signage doesn’t just have to be used to display menu items.

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Part-Time vs. Full-Time Work Schedules | What’s The Difference?


Employers and employees alike often wonder what the difference is between part-time vs. full-time work schedules. And it really is no wonder because a lot depends on the part-time vs. full-time distinction.

Microsoft Excel Is NOT An Effective Inventory Management System


When it comes to a restaurant inventory management system, those old Excel spreadsheets fall short. Your inventory management solution should pick up where your spreadsheets leave off. You want accuracy, control, and scalability. food operations management

Food, It Turns Out, Has Little to Do With Why I Love to Travel 


It’s the people that make a place — but these days, human interaction is hard to come by I used to love to travel.

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COVID-19 Concerns Point in Direction of Cashless Payments

Modern Restaurant Management

To promote safety and efficiency, the restaurant industry is encouraging cashless transactions. But what about those without access to a bank or credit cards? When the coronavirus crisis took hold of the U.S.

21+ Marketing Tips for Multifamily Property Managers in 2020


The multifamily market is becoming more and more competitive as the industry continues to grow and evolve. Every year brings new challenges to the table, and multifamily property managers have to adjust their marketing strategies to adapt to the constant changes.

Stay Connected to Restaurant and Bar Customers With Contactless Tech (Part 1)

Sculpture Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on every single industry across the world, but none more so than the hospitality sector. In fact, according to The National Restaurant Association , US restaurants are expected to lose some $240 billion by the end of 2020.

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Control Virtual Kitchen Costs with These 3 Tips

Xtra Chef

A recent study conducted by the National Restaurant Association showed that 60% of restaurant orders occur off-premises —a fancy way to say that the majority of consumers are now enjoying restaurant-prepared meals outside of an actual restaurant.

Leading Restaurant CEOs’ Three Tips for Success During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

How to improve customer experience, capitalize on new opportunities, and implement innovative technologies. Even in this challenging time for the industry, restaurants are finding innovative ways to better serve the needs of their customers.

How to Reach Your Audience Without Breaking the Bank

Indoor Media

For many, the major drawback of advertising is the cost. Some people believe it will be too expensive to advertise their business, or that their specific audience doesn’t need to be reminded they exist. Neither attitude is going to bring in any business.

The Future of the Restaurant Business

Culinary Cues

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10 Best Tips to Increase Average Order Size at Your Restaurant


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Increasing average order size at your restaurant is crucial for improving your bottom line. Especially today, with the limit on seating capacity according to the new color coded reopening plan for California restaurants.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-October 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM Research Roundup features hot fall flavor trends, pandemic dining habits, National Coffee Day winners and what Gen Z audience wants. What Customers Want. People are dning out, according to a study by The Manifest, a B2B research firm.

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World Tea Media Best Of Award Winners


World Tea Media’s virtual event was the platform for their announcement of this year’s winners in 10 different categories. The T Ching team, as a finalist for the third time, listened excitedly to hear the results.

9 Best Bars in Brandon, Florida in 2020

Restaurant Clicks

Just outside of Tampa, Brandon, Florida is home to plenty of small businesses, restaurants, and more. If you’re looking for a place to grab a drink, the best bars in Brandon, Florida are open and happy to oblige! .

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How to Hire QSR Employees in 2020 and Beyond

Harver Hospitality

Discover how combining recruiting technology and great candidate experience helps you hire the best QSR employees! Hospitality

Quality Matters: An Excerpt from ‘Around the Corner to Around the World’

Modern Restaurant Management

Robert Rosenberg served as chief executive officer of Dunkin Donuts from 1963 until his retirement in 1998, growing it from from 100 shops and $10 million in sales when he first became CEO, to 6500 outlets including Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shops and nearly $2.5

Local Marketing Strategies to Increase Diners

Restaurant Engine

Tap your local area with creative strategies to increase revenue. You’ve spent time, money, and a lot of effort to get your restaurant off the ground. Every day you go to work hoping and expecting to see more actual diners inside your restaurant excited to sample your menu.

I Own a Coffee Shop in a Small Town. We’re the Only Business That Requires Masks.


Akerri /Shutterstock.

Sling Announces Integration Partnership with Leading Payroll Platform Gusto


Sling is pleased to announce its newest integration with leading payroll platform Gusto. The bidirectional integration allows for employee, schedule, and timeclock data to be synced between the two platforms.

The Impact and Importance of a Restaurant’s Font and Color Choices

Modern Restaurant Management

In the last few months, many restaurants and foodservice brands have had to reevaluate branding and marketing strategies. One crucial point to consider: the impact that font and color choice have are often overlooked, and it shouldn't be.

20 Best Breweries in Indiana: A Hoosier’s Taproom Guide


Indiana is known for basketball, racing, tenderloins, covered bridges – and recently craft beer. Indiana’s craft beer scene has never been stronger and producing such innovation.

We Asked Health Experts About the Safest Methods for Trick-or-Treating in 2020


This jack-o-lantern better pull that face mask up over its nose. Photo: DavidCarpio /Shutterstock.

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How the H-Word Boosts Restaurant Sales and Cuts Costs

Ken Burgin

People expect a lot from us – fast, friendly, good value, available, and more. That’s why the H-Word can add power to your reputation, and even bring down costs with suppliers. Not magic, but it works – you do it, now all the staff need to get with the same program…hands180.

The Case for Digital Disruption in Restaurants (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants have shifted their marketing messaging, channels, and more in the pandemic. They have also relied on digital solutions more than ever.