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Customization is King – How to Juggle Customization and Efficiency

Modern Restaurant Management

Every person has their own likes, dislikes and preferences when it comes to food. And, with so many people following a wide range of dietary restrictions and lifestyles, many restaurants have started trying to offer “Create Your Own” options to a market that is growing in popularity.

10 Top Restaurant Technologies To Evolve Your Business

7 Shifts

If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that restaurant technology is no longer a nice-to-have. It's a necessity for building a modern and future-proof restaurant.


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Successful Restaurant Accounting for Non-Accountants


Every business relies on good accounting, but it is especially true in the competitive restaurant industry. Whether you’re a bookkeeper, accountant, restaurant owner, or store-level manager, understanding the basics of accounting can pay dividends for your business.

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Where to Get Delicious BBQ Food in Washington DC

Restaurant Clicks

There is no other food that will make you reminiscent of Summer all year long other than Barbeque food. Being served wet napkins before a meal lets everyone know that good eating is about to commence.

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

The 20 Most Unique Restaurant Ideas Around The World


Dining, at its heart, is all about the food. But there are only so many ways to cook chicken, and it seems like they’ve all been done. So what’s a discerning restaurateur to do to make her restaurant stand out ? Offer a distinctive dining experience as well as delicious food.

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The Keys to Offering Both In-House and Third-Party Delivery

Modern Restaurant Management

Delivery is an essential part of restaurants nowadays, which is why there are more restaurants partnering with third-party delivery services, even if they already have their own in-house delivery. But the only thing harder than managing one delivery system is simultaneously managing two.

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Our Favorite Places to Eat in Baltimore

Restaurant Clicks

People call Baltimore, Maryland, “Charm City” for many reasons, but one of the most significant is its wide offering of cuisines.

2021 116

5 Reasons NOT to Order Restaurant Supplies from Cheetah


Reading Time: 4 minutes. COVID-19, supply chain issues and rising food prices have placed the future of major broadliners at risk.

MRM Franchise Feed: White Castle’s 25-Year Club and Cheddar Weather

Modern Restaurant Management

MRM Franchise Feed contains the latest news in restaurant franchising. White Castle Salutes Long-Term Employees. White Castle, the creator of the beloved Sliders sold at eponymous restaurants and in grocery aisles nationwide, has been celebrating its 100th birthday throughout 2021.

How to Build a Restaurant Menu: Your Complete 6-Step Guide

Sculpture Hospitality

Your restaurant’s menu is the backbone of your customer experience. It draws guests through your doors, delights them while they are dining in your restaurant and keeps them coming back for more. Kitchen Management Restaurant Operations Restaurant Inventory

Menu 89

Where Are the Hourly Workers? Finding Hourly Applicants in Today's Labor Market

Learn about 6 compelling insights that are contributing to the current hourly shortage, and uncover 4 actionable strategies to help you boost applicant flow up to 9x - even in today’s labor market.

19 Must-Try Sushi Places In New York City

Restaurant Clicks

If you’re visiting New York, you might already know that there’s so much waiting for you to discover. In such a multicultural city, you’ll immediately become immersed in a melting pot of cultures – and unlimited options of cuisine!

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30 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas: How to Successfully Market a Restaurant in 2021

Gourmet Marketing

We’re a Restaurant Marketing Agency that’s worked with restaurants for over a decade. Follow our blog to soak up some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Restaurant Marketing Ideas. The restaurant business is an extremely competitive industry.

New Research Reveals Profit Opportunities in Your Online Menu

Modern Restaurant Management

Even before the recent COVID surges, new vaccine mandates and other restrictions, the analysts at Revenue Management Solutions advised their restaurant clients that online ordering was here to stay.

A Guide to Black Box Intelligence Data: How to See Current Trends Broken Down by Restaurant Category

Black Box Intelligence

These are fast-changing times for all types of restaurants. Brands that stand out are able to use big data to spot trends, measure performance and create strategies that will drive profits. That’s who we serve at Black Box Intelligence.

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New Restaurants Checklist: Ensuring Success

Developing a business plan is key when it comes to new restaurant startup success. Restaurant owners should have a clear picture of their goals, strategies, and budgets in order to determine and allocate resources properly. Read this checklist with it's 4 key steps to ensure your restaurant's success.

The Ultimate Guide to Downtown Orlando’s Bar Scene

Restaurant Clicks

Downtown Orlando, otherwise known as the Central Business District, is a little slice of metropolis within The City Beautiful where you can find a diverse array of places to get a drink when you need to go out and blow off some steam.

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The Fog of War Is Clearing. Now What?

Aaron Allen & Associates

No matter your industry, station, or geography, life changed a year and a half ago.

The Top Five Startup Costs Restaurant Owners Need to Know

Modern Restaurant Management

If you’re planning on starting a restaurant, you are probably looking forward to a packed dining room, happy guests, and empty plates; however, it also takes a lot of money to get your restaurant off the ground.

Restaurant365’s CEO Tony Smith Receives 2021 OCBJ Innovator of the Year Award


Recognized for Innovative Solutions Positioning Restaurants for Growth. IRVINE, CA and AUSTIN, TX (September 23, 2021) – Restaurant365 , the leading all-in-one restaurant management platform, today announced that Co-Founder and CEO Tony Smith was named a recipient of the seventh annual 2021 Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) Innovator of the Year Awards. ?This

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The Restaurant Technology Buyer's Checklist

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant enterprise tends to be a long, murky, burdensome process. After helping dozens of companies on their restaurant management solution selection journey, we’ve identified the common factor in finding the right fit: precise, thoughtful research. In this simple guide, we highlight the twelve most essential research areas that technology evaluators need to include in their evaluation journey. Download the guide today.

17 Brunch Spots in Indianapolis to Check Out

Restaurant Clicks

Indianapolis is the Hoosier capital city, with an abundance of universities, national monuments, museums, and, of course, the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500. .

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How to Survive the Restaurant Industry Workforce Shortage

Sculpture Hospitality

In theory, this should be a booming time for restaurants and bars. COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed in a large number of locations, there is pent-up consumer demand for the hospitality industry and the global economy is set for a post-pandemic boom.

Key Disruptions Rocking the Restaurant Franchise Space

Modern Restaurant Management

Like veritably all businesses in the post pandemic era, those operating in the restaurant, café, food truck or other type of F&B franchise space are experiencing a wave of major change—as is the franchising trade at large.

Creating Highly Successful Restaurant Concepts And Excellent Dining Experiences In Saudi Arabia

The Restaurant Times

Ian is a food veteran with over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing, multi-country supply chains, coffee shops, fine dining, casual dining, QSR, and the home delivery markets. His career has spanned numerous countries and regions, including the USA, Europe, and the GCC.

Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Astoria Brunch Spots to Check Out This Weekend

Restaurant Clicks

As one of Queens’ most affordable, business-oriented, and ethnically diverse neighborhoods, you’re bound to find several fantastic eateries for an Astoria brunch – most of them within walking distance.

2021 122

4 Ways Tech Can Cut Labor Costs


This article was published in Fast Casual. Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a two-part series on restaurant tech. September 21, 2021 by Morgan Harris, Restaurant365 Chief Customer Advocate & Co-Founder . A healthy restaurant profit margin is dependent on controlling key expenses such as food and labor costs. Today’s restaurant technology tools can help optimize both these costs in different ways.

The Income Statement: The Single Greatest Key to Success, Part Two

Modern Restaurant Management

Profitability and success are our goals! Last month and this month, I am focusing on the important role the income statement plays in reaching those goals. Last month, we reviewed how to accurately calculate. Cost of goods sold (COGS). Labor cost. Operating costs.

How To Get Started With Your Restaurant’s First Loyalty Program

The Restaurant Times

As a restaurant owner, you understand how critical it is to keep customers coming in through your doors. You have to have loyal customers that love your food even if a pandemic hits the world.

Changes in Consumer Habits: Looking Back Over the Last 12 Months of Retail

This large-scale North American survey explores changes in expectations over the last year. You’ll learn what consumers expect, how habits are solidifying, and where to focus to drive the greatest impact.

9 Best Sushi Restaurants in Phoenix

Restaurant Clicks

Whether you’re coming to visit the Valley of the Sun for a Suns game or starting your first semester at ASU Downtown Campus, you won’t have to look too hard to find the best sushi Phoenix has to offer.

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How Tropical Smoothie Uses Consumer Intelligence to Identify New Opportunities

Black Box Intelligence

To inform your restaurant strategy, you need to be able to interpret and even predict consumer behavior. Being able to recognize trends and shifts in consumer behavior and demand will help you optimize your decision-making. Fortunately, Black Box Consumer Intelligence helps brands do exactly that.

Best Practices for Finding Benefit Solutions

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from Trion Group. Please send questions to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia at

Why Customer Segmentation Is Crucial For Restaurant Business?

The Restaurant Times

Customer segmentation is the process by which a company assesses its customer base, discovers commonalities such as age, behavior, preferences, or expenditure history, and divides them into segments for communication reasons. .

Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.