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The restaurant technology stack: tech you need to run your business


COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way restaurants operate. The lockdown accelerated the adoption of online ordering and delivery tech as dining rooms closed and people were stuck at home.

Before You Reopen Your Restaurant.Think About Your Staff

Embrace the Suck

We all want to get back to “normal,” whatever that means now. Honestly, normal wasn’t very normal in the first place so, let’s look at this as a plot twist! This time around is your opportunity to do things better than you did before.

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The Essential Guide to Modern Restaurant Accounting


Operating a restaurant group is unlike running any other type of business. From an accounting standpoint, restaurants are sometimes compared to manufacturers operating multiple retail locations. In both industries, raw items are purchased in order to create and sell an end item.

POS 78


Culinary Cues

I am in the process of reading Chef Dominique Crenn’s autobiography: Rebel Chef. I have long been a fan of her style and passion for expressive cooking, but it is these three words that solidified, in my mind, how a chef should run his or her kitchen: Strength, Grace, and Dignity.

7 Restaurant Management Book Recommendations

7 Shifts

Book 124

3 Auto Repair In-Store Advertising Tactics to Try

Indoor Media

Are you missing a major opportunity to turn one-time customers into repeat customers? Auto repair in-store advertising tactics deliver your message to qualified, engaged consumers in the same place where they can make a purchase.

How to Set Up and Run a Ghost Kitchen for Your Restaurant Business


Shelter-in-place orders, dine-in restrictions and diners’ hesitation to eat out have combined to prompt restaurants to shift their focus to takeout and delivery.

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Good Beverage and Food Inventory Control Helps Protect Tight Margins

Sculpture Hospitality

Regions across the world are in different phases of reopening their economy. Unfortunately, some locations are already shutting back down due to a new wave of COVID-19 cases. Now more than ever, the hospitality industry needs to band together to protect its customers, staff and margins.

How to Get Yelp Reviews for Your Auto Repair Shop

Indoor Media

Unless someone already has a trusted mechanic, they’re most likely to take to Google when in need of auto repairs. Then, they sift through an abundance of auto shop listings and reviews before choosing their new shop. This is why reviews are a vital part of your online presence.

NEW COURSE: COVID-19 business restart for managers


If you're a hospitality manager, you might be thinking about - or are already in the process of - restarting and reopening your venue to "normal" operations. 2020 has been a bit of a wild ride so far, so you could be forgiven for feeling a little anxious.

The Unforeseen Challenges of the Restaurant Manager Amid COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

We have all been dealing with the core problems COVID-19 has brought to us: increased cleaning and sanitizing processes, loss of customers, negotiations with landlords, and many more. On top of those known problems, restaurant managers have also faced unforeseen and sometimes puzzling challenges.

Improving Customer Experience For Your Restaurant Online

Restaurant Engine

The customer experience starts with your online presence before it gets to your dining room. You website is often the gateway to your brick and mortar restaurant. It’s often the “door” your customers first walk through.

What the Heck Are General Ledger Codes, Anyway?

Xtra Chef

We talk about General Ledger codes, or GL codes, all the time at xtraCHEF since they play such an important part in restaurant accounting best practices.

Creating and maintaining good workplace culture


Workplace culture is one of those things that seems like it can take care of itself, but anyone who's worked in a negative environment will tell you that a toxic workplace can spiral out of control quite quickly - and create all sorts of problems along the way.

Going Old School: Print Solutions for Restaurant Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management

It’s a new world for restaurant owners and managers. Having already adjusted to the rise of takeout and delivery, now restaurants are figuring out how to reopen for dine-in service while navigating social distancing and other health guidelines.

Surviving COVID-19: 7 Financing Options for Restaurants

7 Shifts

Every industry is feeling the impact of COVID-19, but restaurants face some of the most difficult challenges. Shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, and business closures make it next to impossible to generate pre-coronavirus revenue numbers. And no money means mo' problems.

Sourdough Is A Social Media Star — But Those Beans Would Look Great On Instagram

The Salt

After panicked shoppers emptied grocery store shelves of flour and beans this spring, we saw plenty of evidence of home bakers' work on social media. But what about all the beans people stockpiled? Image credit: Matthew Mead/AP

James Beard Employees Demand More Diversity in Leadership, Salary Transparency in Internal Letter


James Beard Foundation.

How Restaurants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Coronavirus Era

Modern Restaurant Management

Even as restrictions loosen and thousands of restaurants can legally open their dining rooms, many customers remain hesitant to dine in. Therefore, it’s critical for restaurants to do everything possible to put customers and employees at ease.

COVID Compliance Q&A with Ogletree Deakins

Hot Schedules

BLOG. Q&A: COVID Compliance Ogletree Deakins. Ina Young of Ogletree Deakins, answered some of the hospitality industry’s most vital COVID compliance questions.

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Social Media Followers To Your Website

Lady Boss Blogger

Social media is an incredible marketing tool to get your brand’s name out especially when you get your followers to go to your website. Gaining followers on social media is easy, but turning followers into loyal customers or readers of your blog requires you to ask more from your followers.

On the Day We Reopened Our Restaurant, We Had to Close It Again


A booth at Guerrilla Tacos | Colin Wolf. We spent a month preparing to safely reopen our restaurant. Five hours after opening our doors, the state made us close again.

How Can Restaurants Harness Technology to Combat COVID-19?

Modern Restaurant Management

As the economy struggles to reopen amidst COVID-19 – including restaurants across the U.S. – we are seeing starts, stops and uncertainty about how disruptive the pandemic will continue to be.

COVID Resources

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COVID Resources. COVID Labor Legislation Resources By State. ach state and local government has its own layer of complex, evolving labor legislation built with the intention to keep your teams and your businesses safe.

How To Stay Connected To Followers As Your Influence Grows

Lady Boss Blogger

Making sure you stay connected to your followers on your social media platforms is essential for continuous growth. When operating the LadyBossBlogger Instagram, it’s common for us to reach out to other businesses and female entrepreneurs to make the LadyBossBlogger community grow.

Can Restaurants Survive Shutting Down Again?


Restaurants may close again | Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.

Bridging the Generation Gaps: How We Are All Dining Today 

Modern Restaurant Management

It turns out Gen Z and the Baby Boomers can now agree on something: the two bookend generations want more take out (and delivery and drive-thru). Our team at Revenue Management Solutions uncovered these similarities and a few differences in our May survey of 1,200 U.S.

7 Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Delivery-Only Restaurant Business Owners.


Digital marketing is not a new term now, but with the consistent appearance of new patterns and innovations, it is developing continually.

How Much Of Your Personal Life You Should Share As An Influencer?

Lady Boss Blogger

As an influencer, you are more or less like a celebrity to your followers. Your job is to share your personality, interests, personal life, and opinions with your fans. But how much of your life is too much to share?

Who Is Most at Risk in a Restaurant?


A Mexico City waiter armed for service | Claudio Cruz/AFP via Getty Images. Whether dining inside or outside, diners should consider the risk they pose to restaurant staff During the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a lot of talk about risk.

Handwashing Solutions for Safe Restaurant Operations

Modern Restaurant Management

Hot water is the lifeblood of restaurants. It's used not only for cooking, food prep and production, but in these times, for janitorial and enhanced sanitation needs such as cleaning food contact surfaces and high touch areas from doorknobs to display cases, checkout counters to order kiosks.

7 Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Delivery-Only Restaurant Business Owners.


Digital marketing is not a new term now, but with the consistent appearance of new patterns and innovations, it is developing continually.

7 Ways To Successfully Hack Instagram’s Algorithm

Lady Boss Blogger

If you’re using Instagram to market your business, then it’s important for the largest number of people to see your posts. For that to happen, you need to understand and successfully manipulate the current Instagram algorithm. So what is the current algorithm?

Uber Claims 75% of Its Restaurateurs Would Have Closed Without UberEats

Restaurant Engine

According to a June survey of 400 U.S. and Canadian restaurateurs by pollsters at Technomic , “75% of operators said that they would have had to close their business if not for Uber Eats.”

What Restaurants Need to Know About PPP Forgiveness, Including Recent Changes 

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants and retail are among the industries that have been most severely impacted by the current pandemic. While restaurants certainly include national chains, the majority in the US are independently owned and operated, including franchises. Many have been passed down for generations.

How To Advertise Your Restaurant’s QR Codes

Gourmet Marketing

While restaurants reopen, many are finding innovative ways to decrease contact points between staff and diners. Social distancing is still in effect and will continue to be even after businesses reopen.

How An Affordable POS System Can Streamline Your Business

BNG Point of Sale

No matter your needs, our custom packages for retail or restaurant-specific POS systems can provide an affordable solution for your business. Are POS systems affordable? Now, more than ever, the answer is yes.

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