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The Best Restaurant Marketing Tips

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine surveyed marketing experts to find out the best ways restaurants can market themselves now. Here are their insights. Tony Abate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at AtmosAir Solutions. Customers are going to be hesitant to dine indoors.

How to Start a Food Truck Business

Restaurant Clicks

Owning any business is a complicated venture, but the food industry is particularly competitive. Food trucks are becoming an increasingly trendy way to sell food, and for good reason.

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Should Your Restaurant Take Inventory?

Xtra Chef

Every hospitality vet knows that taking inventory sucks. It’s time-consuming to write down the numbers of every single item in the walk-in by jotting notes on a printout, then transferring the notes to an Excel spreadsheet or directly into an old-school inventory management system.


Culinary Cues

The kitchen sensual army. There are many things that differentiate cooks and chefs, but none more important to the customer experience and the reputation of the restaurant than mastery of the senses.

5 Ways to Attract Restaurant Customers


The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed both restaurant operations and consumer behavior. In March 2020, searches for “restaurant takeout” on Google increased 285 percent , as diners reacted to the closure of dining rooms across the country.

Three Ways to Leverage Technology for Restaurant Reopenings

Modern Restaurant Management

A prerequisite for working in the restaurant industry is often to be “quick on your feet.” ” The COVID-19 pandemic—more than any contentious customer or kitchen catastrophe—is putting that skill to test.

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5 Things You Need to Create Your Auto Shop’s Brand

Indoor Media

As an auto shop owner, you are someone’s competition. You and your competitors are trying to make a name for yourselves. So how much is it worth to stand out from the crowd?

What is PAR Level and Why is it Important in Restaurant Inventory Management?

Sculpture Hospitality

Proper food and beverage inventory management is one of the most important processes that any restaurant can implement into their backend operations. That’s because poor ordering decisions lead to wasted money.

Seven Creative YouTube Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Restaurant and Engage Your Community

Modern Restaurant Management

Successful restaurants do not sell food: they tell a story, offer experience and appeal to emotions. What better medium and channel to achieve this, and reel diners in, than video and social media?

Retain Restaurant Employees with These Six Hiring Tips


The hiring process in the restaurant industry is similar to hiring in other industries, but the restaurant industry experiences higher turnover than most other businesses. Consequently, the hiring objective is two-fold: hiring the right employees and retaining them.

Chilean Carmenere: 7 Superior Ways to Love Fantastic Wine

A Wine Story

TerreNoble Winemaker Garcia in the Vineyard. Are you curious about Carménère from Chile? What Type of Wine is Carménère From Chile? Carménère from Chile is a full-bodied, dry red wine, considered the national wine grape of Chile. The Aroma and Taste of Carménère From Chile Pronounced kär-m?-?ner

Why Now and into 2021 is a Great Time to Buy a Franchise

Goliath Consulting

With all the trouble the pandemic has given the restaurant industry these past couple months, you might be surprised to hear that restaurant franchising opportunities have never been stronger. There are brands that are outpacing the overall industry.

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How to Reopen Your Restaurant Safely

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant owners and managers will continue to face challenges until a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 is developed and widely distributed.

5 Essential Restaurant Management Checklist Templates

7 Shifts

Restaurant managers do it all. One minute you’re planning shifts, then checking inventory, then making drinks and bussing tables—and before you know it, your shift is almost over and you haven’t even started your core management tasks.

Counting Inventory Doesn't Have To Be A Chore If You Have the Right Tools


Great restaurant managers know that a disciplined approach to operational tasks will save time and money, and with the right tools, counting inventory can be at the heart of those savings. food operations management

How To Utilize SmarterQueue For Social Media Scheduling

Lady Boss Blogger

Keeping your posts timely and consistent on social media can be time-consuming when you’re juggling three or more social media accounts for business… and let’s not forget we have lives, too. But SmarterQueue scheduling can help with that!

Fast-Casual Academia, Climatarian Menu and Ice Auction

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM News Bites features tech takeovers and teamings, product introductions, the latest Fall Scoop and how much would you pay for a cup of ice? Hospitality Recovery Coalition.

Scaling for Success: How The Human Bean Simplified Labor Management Across 100+ Locations

7 Shifts

Since its first drive-thru espresso stand opened in Ashland, Oregon in 1998, The Human Bean has been delighting countless caffeine-craving customers.

5 Tactics to Increase Your Average Repair Order

Indoor Media

Which would you prefer? A good stable relationship or a one-time fling? Okay, so I’m not talking about dating, I’m talking about auto shop customers.

Grocery Shopping Has Never Been Easier With Cheetah’s Group Purchasing


Reading Time: 3 minutes. Stay Connected Grocery shopping with your parents? You probably haven’t done that since you were a kid! Ever since Covid-19 has forced people to stay apart, family dinners haven’t been the same.

Restaurants Save Money with the Right Recycling Practices 

Modern Restaurant Management

In 2018, when China stopped accepting plastics and recycling from the US, waste management professionals wondered whether the recycling industry could survive the loss of a major market for America’s commodity scrap. Two years later, the verdict is in.

xtraCHEF Product Release 9.2

Xtra Chef

Our product and development teams have been hard at work to bring you xtraCHEF version 9.2! The updates are now live for all xtraCHEF customers.

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How to create a wine list that sells itself


Buying wine is easy, but compiling a wine list for your restaurant menu is quite tricky. There’s a lot to consider: your budget, your guests’ budgets, food pairing, the theme of your venue.

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NTN Buzztime Enters Asset Purchase Agreement to Sell Entertainment and Advertising Assets

Buzztime Business

The asset sale complements Buzztime’s previously announced proposed reverse merger. Carlsbad, CA, September 18, 2020 —NTN Buzztime, Inc. NYSE American: NTN) signed a definitive asset purchase agreement to sell its social entertainment, customer engagement, and advertising technology assets to Holdings LLC ( for $2.0 million in cash.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-September 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM Research Roundup, we feature the latest from the National Restaurant Association, hot breakfast spots, fried chicken adoration and some top vegan trends. An Industry in Limbo.

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The Lonesome and Thrilling Snack Diet of a Latchkey Kid


The Best Tailwind Guide: How To Create Viral Pinterest Pins

Lady Boss Blogger

If you feel overwhelmed with being on social media all day, let Tailwind schedule pins for you and drive massive traffic on autopilot to your blog, e-commerce website, or the other channels you want to promote.

2020 International Virtual Tea Festival


Invitation to our Virtual Tealand. With so much going on in the real world, it’s time to gather — as best we can — in Tealand. Join us for two days of focusing on tea as a positive and healthy alternative. November 7 & 8.

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Inching Through the Pandemic, the Path Forward is Paved With Delivery

Modern Restaurant Management

Since April, our team at Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) has been asking consumers how they are interacting with restaurants. Everything has changed, but customers are settling into new rhythms. Chief among those habits? Delivery, takeout and drive-thru.

Manage Increasing COVID-19 Cleaning Costs in Hospitality

Hot Schedules

Manage Increasing COVID-19 Cleaning Costs in Hospitality. How mobile applications can support change management and control costs. R ecent research suggests that COVID-inspired cleaning and safety standards will add roughly $9 billion in incremental expense to the hotel industry.

How Alcohol To-Go Could Save Your Restaurant

Focus POS

The hospitality industry has been put through the wringer lately. In the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 became a serious issue in the United States, the hospitality industry lost nearly $120 billion.

Our 2020 Pizza Report


The Deep Dish on Pizza Chains During COVID-19. From tens of thousands of immediate hires to permanent store closures, the pandemic’s far-reaching impact on pizza chains has been topped with record-shattering successes and halting disappointments.

2020 65

Superfoods, Sanitation and Serene Spaces

Modern Restaurant Management

What will we remember most about 2020? It’s hard to pick from so many monumental events happening all at once. But one thing is for sure: the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the restaurant dining experience.

Tips and Tricks for Deploying the COVID-19 Health Survey

Hot Schedules

Tips and Tricks for Deploying the COVID-19 Health Survey. A round-up of frequently asked questions and best practices to help you with a successful deployment of the HotSchedules Health Survey. H ealth surveys have become standard practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.