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Back to the Future: a Revolution in Back-of-House Technology


A revolution in digital technology has swept through front-of-house foodservice operations, and its effects have been so remarkable that even industry veterans have gotten whiplash. .

Why Communication is Key When Reopening Your Bar or Restaurant

Sculpture Hospitality

Across the world, governments are beginning to reopen different types of businesses in their communities. Obviously this stage looks different depending on where you are located - some regions in the states are already allowing restaurants to open where others are still shut down, for example.

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How Restaurants Can Plan For The Next Hospitality Crisis

Modern Restaurant Management

The hospitality industry, in general, and restaurants in particular, face many different types of risk. And because restaurant owners can’t see into the future to predict exactly what will happen, the best course of action is to develop a crisis management plan.

Restaurant Recovery Strategies As Restaurants Re-Open


Re-open diligently and business will come. Emiliano De Laurentiis. Let's explore some key re-opening strategies for your restaurant today and in the foreseeable future. I originally wrote about restaurant strategies for weathering the Covid-19 pandemic in March.

Guest Blog: PPP Loan Forgiveness for Restaurants


On May 15, the Small Business Association (SBA) released its Loan Forgiveness Application for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The application outlines the computation for debt forgiveness.

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How Ani Ramen Gave Back During COVD-19 (#BeAwesomeFeedSomebody)

7 Shifts

Ani Ramen is a boutique ramen house with five locations in New Jersey. The word “Ani” in Japanese means ‘big brother,’ which describes Ani Ramen’s philosophy when it comes to their community—by nourishing and growing local communities in the way that siblings and families do when they come together.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe Requires a Different Training Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

I’ve had the opportunity to support restaurant operators that have stayed open throughout the COVID shutdown. Everyone agrees that with COVID-19, the public has a heightened safety awareness. The public is watching operators very closely to see if they are doing all the things to make safety your #1 priority. The consistent execution of every safe service process and procedure will be imperative to survive and thrive in the years to come. Safety is Priority #1. Remember the pre-COVID world?

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Restaurant Payroll 101: Everything You Need to Know


You can’t run a restaurant without employees, which means that processing payroll is an essential task for restaurant owners, operators, and managers.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Sculpture Hospitality

The following article was written by one of our top industry experts, Peter Nelson, Managing Director of New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Islands. He has several years of experience in the field and his advice here is crucial to better manage costs and measuring performance.

NEW COURSE: GPDR (Data privacy and security)


The modern hospitality industry, just like the rest of the world, is integrating technology into its every day operations more and more (as well all the perks that go along with that).

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Human Resource Planning: Definition, Objectives, And Steps


Human resource planning is an essential part of every successful business. Unfortunately, many managers neglect this vital practice for other, easier tasks because they don’t understand what this type of planning requires.

Are Equipment Upgrades Part of Your Restaurant Ambience Recovery?

Modern Restaurant Management

As restaurants across the country start to recover and recalculate, upgrading outdated audio, visual and security systems might be worth considering. When they feel comfortable, people will return to sports bars and restaurants for food, drinks and the "big games" on television.

Why Contactless will Future-Proof Restaurant Technology

Focus POS

If there is one thing common across almost every industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic, it is that of a ccelerated transformation at a relentless pace.

Important Update: The PPP Flexibility Act

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Important Update: The PPP Flexibility Act. Updating you on how the US Government is working on providing more flexibility for how you spend your Paycheck Protection Program funding. arlier this week, the U.S. Senate has passed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act.

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Will Benefit Now From Using Local Suppliers

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Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of where the products they buy come from. And with the current health crisis, many people are more familiar with local food suppliers and there is a strong sentiment to support local business.

Ohio Taco Chain Employees Walked Out When Asked to Fill Mass Order for Law Enforcement


A Condado Tacos location in Columbus, Ohio, is facing public scrutiny for filling an order for Bud Boxes placed by Ohio Highway Patrol. Condado Tacos [Official photo].

Edit Your Google My Business Listing to Convert Customers

Indoor Media

Are you a restaurant owner who’s continued to serve your community during the lockdown? Or maybe you’ve recently re-opened? If so, your customers need to know exactly what types of services you’re currently offering.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-May 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features foot traffic trends, the rise of the cautious consumer and the takeout shakeout. Restaurant Sales Velocity.

2020 98

The Best Takeout in Knoxville


The Best Takeout Restaurants in Knoxville (According to Us). As people look to take a break from kitchen duties, feeding their families every night during social distancing, KaTom is suggesting some takeout restaurants for a handful of cities across the country. Some of these eateries were founded specifically for grab-and-go convenience, while others just got into the to-go business because of this new normal.



IRVINE, Calif. June 4, 2020) — Restaurant365 ® , the leading all-in-one restaurant management platform, today announced an additional set of tools designed to stimulate restaurant recovery. Restaurant365’s new features address the key areas currently facing restaurants: re-hiring, staffing, customer safety, delivery and profitability. “As As we listen to customers, their stories of perseverance continue to inspire us,” said Tony Smith, co-founder and chief executive officer of Restaurant365.

To Protest and (Refuse to) Serve


Smith Collection/Gado /Contributor. Many restaurants have long given police officers preferential treatment. But shifting public opinion about the police suggests that might be changing. On July 4, 2019, Tempe, Arizona police officers were outraged.

Four Simple Ways to Integrate Contactless Solutions in Your Restaurant Reopening Strategy

Modern Restaurant Management

Even before the pandemic, digital and touchless solutions were starting to become more mainstream in our day-to-day lives. But the viral spread of COVID-19 forced us to consider how we interact with people on a daily basis, as well as the potentially harmful germs we could be exposing ourselves to.

If HR and Payroll Services Aren’t Your Passion, Read This

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If HR and Payroll Services Aren’t Your Passion, Read This. Focus on what you do best and let us help you with the administrative headaches of managing HR and Payroll. .

Build Greater Brand Engagement For Your Cloud Kitchen By Leveraging Online Platforms

The Restaurant Times

Running a successful restaurant business today is about making sure that your brand can be easily found online. Restaurant brands with a stellar online presence also have the potential to attract more customers and receive more orders.

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand

Lady Boss Blogger

It’s not easy being a working mom trying to juggle running a business or a full-time job with family life. And with Covid-19 in the picture, it becomes even more difficult.

A Practical Guide to Social Distancing Requirements for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Every business niche has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some shape or form, but the impact on restaurants has been particularly devastating. If we follow the pandemic’s progression, the restaurant industry was trending downward even before lockdowns became commonplace.

Dog Haus: Building on Nostalgia With an American Favorite


In this episode of Fast Casual Nation , brought to you by Chepri , host Paul Barron sits down with Adam Gertler, the official “Würstmacher” (sausage-maker) of gourmet hot dog chain Dog Haus. Founded in 2010, Dog Haus has found a winning formula with its unique craft casual style.

6 Proven Tips On How To Run a Successful Cloud Kitchen Business

The Restaurant Times

Cloud Kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, virtual restaurants, and delivery-only restaurants, have proved to be the next big thing in the restaurant industry. According to statistics, the global cloud kitchen market is expected to reach USD 2.63 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.2%.

Want to See Food and Land Justice for Black Americans? Support These Groups.


A protester in New York City on June 2 | Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images. As the nation rises up to protest police brutality and racial injustice, here are some organizations working to advance Black food sovereignty This story was originally published on Civil Eats.

Here’s What Your Restaurant Can Do to Accommodate the ‘New Norm’

Modern Restaurant Management

Hospitality businesses are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis. From reduced hours to limited resources, to complete closures, this global pandemic hasn't spared restaurants and hotels in the slightest. However, states across the country are beginning to lift stay at home orders, which means these types of businesses can finally ease into serving customers in person. Of course, there are now plenty of CDC and COVID-19 guidelines to keep in mind before opening doors.

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Social Distancing Techniques For When You Reopen Your Restaurant

Gourmet Marketing

Restaurants across the country are slowly reopening their doors for dine-in. With the reopening, however, comes strict rules and guidelines to abide by. Although restaurants are permitted to reopen for dine-in to patrons, they are required to maintain a 25% to 50% capacity.

Best Practices to Reopen a Restaurant (While Keeping Yourself, Employees and Diners Safe)


Finally, After a long time, the Government has allowed restaurants to open from the 8th of June. Restaurant owners are looking forward to resuming operations following guidelines by the government and health department.


Culinary Cues

I am a concerned spectator at a time when everything seems to be in question and every one of us lives on the edge. We fear, we adjust, we cope, and then there comes a time when our coping mechanism comes into real question. This is when leadership is most needed.

Some Fresh Air Is Necessary to Jumpstart Restaurants Reopening

Modern Restaurant Management

Man Killed by Law Enforcement in Louisville on Monday Was Restaurant Owner David McAtee


Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images.

Restaurant Mortgage Delinquencies Triple

Restaurant Engine

Delinquencies on U.S. restaurant mortgages tripled from April to May. From 3.67% in April, U.S. retail establishments’ unpaid commercial mortgages increased to 10.14% in May.

How Dark Kitchen Businesses Can Recoup Their Start-Up Costs and Reach Break-Even Faster

The Restaurant Times

As a restaurant owner, it is vital to do proper financial planning and know the break-even for your restaurant. Irrespective of the format, most restaurants fail not because of the food or services; they fail because of poor financial planning.