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How COVID-19 affects your restaurant

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Is Red Wine Actually Good for Your Teeth?


terry-vlisidis-0dhIwRsPV74-unsplash.jpg. Author(s): Alicia Rennoll. Teaser: Polyphenols in wine may help fight cavities and gum disease. Photo credit: Terry Vlisidis / Unsplash.

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Remote Workers: Tips For Managing Your Team Digitally


Remote work is quickly becoming the new norm for businesses and employees alike.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

There has been a significant surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage in the restaurant industry for providing improved services to elevate operations, trim cost and create a better environment for guests. How will AI use in the restaurant industry continue to evolve? Sales Forecasting.


Modern Restaurant Management

With many states ordering dine-in restaurants to shutter, getting the word out if you can offer curbside pickup, delivery and takeout is crucial. This makes being responsive to community needs and local store marketing techniques even more significant.

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Factors to Consider When Moving to a Delivery or Takeout Only Model


With many restaurants around the country either shifting to a takeout/delivery only model or implementing a delivery option for the first time, there are many factors to consider about how to navigate and make decisions in this new landscape. The discussion will address: How to decide whether or not to move to a delivery and/or takeout only model. How to decide on which third-party delivery app to use. Cost consideration. Controlling delivery costs.

7 Tips for Hospitality Marketing During COVID-19

Social Hospitality

As worldwide markets continue to feel the pain of COVID-19, companies of every size are suffering from the effects. However, no one understands the consequences more than the travel and hospitality industries. The impact of Coronavirus on restaurants and hotels has been insurmountable. .

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The Coronavirus Isn’t Your Fault, But How You Ran Your Restaurant Before Is!

Embrace the Suck

The Coronavirus Pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Times like these bring out the best in some people and the worst in others (a shout out to all the toilet paper hoarders out there). Now, it’s easy to blame your restaurant closing down due to the Coronavirus.

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How to Handle Temporary Restaurant Closure during COVID-19

7 Shifts

Due to the volatile situation caused by COVID-19, restaurateurs across the globe are having to temporarily close their businesses to support social distancing. In some areas, they are even being legally required to do so. The uncertainty of how long these closures could last is frightening.


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This is another time when we can rely on what we know about human nature and what keeps people whole: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I once again turn to the wisdom of Abraham Maslow as a guide through this difficult time, a crisis unparalleled in modern times.

The Other Side of the Cork - Winemaker Spotlight: Alicia Wilbur


Alicia Wilbur, assistant winemaker at Herzog Wine Cellars, approaches wine on a spiritual level to deliver stellar wines. By Yael E. Geller, MPH. There are many types of friends that people acquire throughout their lives.

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Hearty BBQ with a Heart: How Mighty Quinn’s Is Adapting

Modern Restaurant Management

Customer discounts and free sandwiches for healthcare workers are just two of the ways that the barbeque brand is showing its genuine care and appreciation for the communities it serves. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in challenging economic times, especially for the restaurant industry.

Relief Funds Raising Money to Help Restaurant Employees

Hot Schedules

Relief Funds Raising Money to Help Restaurant Employees. Nonprofit organizations across the country are accepting donations to support restaurant employees impact by Coronavirus (COVID-19). R estaurants across the U.S.


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There is no one to turn on the lights, fire up the ovens, start the groan of hood exhausts, and no one to fill the dish machine tank and three bay sink. Vendor deliveries have ceased, floors remain clean and untouched, and the clock on the wall suddenly sounds off with the ticking of time.

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A New Season


images-3.jpeg. Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: Ushering in spring with some delightful rosés from around the world. Spring has finally arrived and quietly entered a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.

Why (and How) to Apply Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to Restaurant Technology

Modern Restaurant Management

Business intelligence and data analytics solutions are transforming the restaurant industry. Now more than ever, new systems are empowering owners and managers to optimize service, boost guest engagement, enhance menu performance, slash waste, and much more.

These Brands are Hiring During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Hot Schedules

These Brands are Hiring During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis. As the virus continues to impact the industry, we’ve compiled a running list of the major players who have open positions. W e know this is in an incredibly difficult time for the restaurant industry.

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We have lots of time on our hands.

How the Tech Industry is Shaping the Future of Dining


The words “restaurant management system” rarely cause excitement. Food is fascinating, and dining out often leads to cherished memories, but a restaurant’s transaction system does not make it into those memories.

Restaurant Marketing in the Coronavirus Era

Modern Restaurant Management

Proactive marketing can be an effective tool for restaurants that can remain in operation during the COVID-19 crisis. As one way to help restaurants navigate this uncertain time, our team has created a short e-Book with marketing tips for restaurants.

Managing Inventory in the Days of COVID-19

Hot Schedules

Managing Inventory in the Days of COVID-19. Whether you are closing temporarily or switching to a takeout/delivery model, here are some tips to help. U nprecedented times call for creative solutions. We don’t have all the answers. But we do know that creativity abounds in this industry.


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There has never been a more important time for leadership – not the job title – the act of leadership and the positive actions of those who rise to the occasion.

The Federal COVID-19 Relief Package: What it Means for YOUR Restaurant


Late Wednesday night, the Senate approved the heftiest economic rescue bill in modern history, providing $2 trillion to help Americans, hospitals and businesses withstand the consequences of the coronavirus.

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‘The Fighter Is Going to Win’

Modern Restaurant Management

Jon Taffer is scared for restaurants and terrified for bars.

Tips for Running Your Restaurant during the COVID-19 Crisis

Xtra Chef

There’s no question that life as we know it has been upended in all corners of the world. Owners and operators in an industry that’s arguably been hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak have had to get creative in adapting to this new normal. xtraCHEF exists to serve the restaurant industry, in both good times and bad.


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We have all heard the phrase: “You can take the cook out of the kitchen, but you can’t take the kitchen out of the cook.” While there is certainly some merit to this statement, the current isolation is pushing the envelope in that regard. Why is it so hard to take the kitchen out of the cook? I am sure that this reality applies to other fields and trades, but I do believe that it is much more pronounced with cooks. Here is why: Kitchen work is a way of life, similar to career military.

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Surviving COVID-19: 5 Ways Catering Businesses can Survive Social Distancing


Coming off a hard winter and hoping sales would pick up for catering businesses, this sudden hit of all events canceling has pushed some catering businesses to the brink. What we need to do now is focus on what catering businesses can provide outside of their typical scope of business.

Join The Great American Takeout

Modern Restaurant Management

A coalition of restaurants including Panera Bread, Noodles & Company, Veggie Grill, El Torito, Jason’s Deli, The Habit Burger Grill, Lemonade, Modern Market, and Chevys Fresh Mex is asking Americans to participate in The Great American Takeout on Tuesday, March 24.

12 Tips for Restaurant Delivery/Takeout During COVID-19 Crisis


Adjusting how you get your menu items in front of customers could help curb the drop in your sales numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many restaurant operators transition from dine-in service to delivery and takeout service only, there are many operational decisions to make.


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To me, there is nothing more soul crushing than to see a restaurant closed and for sale. Behind the sign on the front window is a story of a person’s dream, an all out life change to become an entrepreneur, an investment of every personal penny, financial support from family members and likely loans to supplement.

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Eating with Your Eyes – Food, Design and Social Media

Future Food

Speedos Cafe serving up aesthetically desirable and instagrammable Pitaya Chia Pot (Image via @speedoscafe via Instagram). Eating with your eyes – Food, Design and Social Media. We live in a digital era where we are all critics. Social media and the Internet, in general, drive our ability to offload our opinions on every element in our lives. Food is a major part of this because our exposure to food globally has dramatically changed.

Communicating Through COVID-19: Top Five Best Practices for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

In a time of such uncertainty where restaurants are experiencing mandated shutdowns in cities and states across the country and the industry is facing a loss of $225 billion as a result, according to the National Restaurant Association, it is more important than ever for brands to engage and communicate with their customers effectively.

Surviving COVID-19: Add Curbside Service to your Restaurant


With new mandates around the world banning dine-in options at restaurants during the ongoing pandemic, adding curbside service to your restaurant may be the key to keeping revenue rolling in during this unprecedented time. Lavu is here to support your restaurant, and understand that adapting to new tactics is the only way our industry can continue to thrive during difficult times. Setting up Curbside Service Options.


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This is where we are today. If we push aside much of the chatter and get down to the necessities in life that are food, shelter, clothing, health, family, communication and trust that rise to the top of the priority list.

Why You Need a Restaurant Designer

The Restaurant Group

What is a restaurant designer. Foodservice is a booming business category, and therefore restaurant consultants have become more of interest and revered as a sought-after industry.

Technology Trends for the ‘New Normal’ Customer Cravings

Modern Restaurant Management

The past few weeks have proven how quickly the way in which we dine is shifting and evolving and fast forwarded a number of technology trends. Hyper-connectivity and lifestyle trends will continue to influence and alter consumer behavior.

FAQ: ChowNow’s New, Free Loyalty Program for Restaurants


With the COVID-19 pandemic causing so many restaurants to close their dining rooms, lay off staff, and shut down all together, there’s a new urgency to ChowNow’s mission of helping local restaurants thrive. .