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Restaurants Count on Cloud for Improved Operations and Customer Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

Going digital – increasingly a top choice among restaurant management. Today’s restaurants are expected to deliver an Amazon-like experience: know customers’ preferences and dining habits and deliver food, whether tableside or to their front doors, without delay.

How to Increase Wine List Profits and Popularity

Ken Burgin

The wine list is an essential part of your restaurant or hotel beverage service, so let’s apply intelligent design and business thinking to increase profits and ensure it appeals to the greatest number of people.

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Ensure greater food safety with digital accuracy.


Could anything be more important than the safety of the food you serve customers? Fortunately, there are highly accurate digital tools at your disposal that can have a dramatic impact on how you inventory, prepare, cook, and label your fresh foods.


Culinary Cues

I have mentioned many times before how my love for the kitchen stems from the appreciation I have for the diverse types of people who work there.

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What Labor Shortage?

Download this FREE e-Book to learn the labor-saving tips your restaurant operation can use to earn more cheddar. Utilize this eBook to identify and tackle inefficiencies, work smarter, not harder, and bake end-to-end cost-savings into your business.

Your Go-To Guide for Restaurant Inventory Management

7 Shifts

Consider two worst-case scenarios: A customer orders extra guacamole but your restaurant is all out of avocados or, on the other hand, you've just walked past a crate of rotten, unusable (and expensive!) avocados in the stock room.

11 Reasons Why Teamwork At The Office Is Important


Countless managers and owners before you have asked themselves, “Why is teamwork important in my business?” The answer might surprise you. When you strip away all the excess, the importance of teamwork cannot (and should not) be underestimated.

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How Bar Inventory Management can Help Prevent Bar Theft

Sculpture Hospitality

Nobody wants to think that their employees are stealing from them, but it is an unfortunate reality at many restaurants and bars - thankfully bar inventory management can help prevent it. Bar Management Bar Inventory

New Restaurant Payroll Tactics and Tools For Building a Talented, Loyal Staff

7 Shifts

Locked down, bored, and restless, diners are now flocking to eat out. To adequately prep for service, short-staffed food and drink establishments are cooking up new ways to lure workers back to restaurants, like higher wages and handsome referral fees.

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Top 17 Restaurants with Private Dining in Jacksonville

Restaurant Clicks

Jacksonville, Florida, is the most populous city in the state, situated along the east coast. With major sports teams, like the Jacksonville Jaguars, and various military installations, Jacksonville is home to many people and hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Reduce Training Retirements & Manual Tasks With These Three Automation Best Practices

Modern Restaurant Management

Today’s restaurants face obstacles on many fronts. Most notably, persistent hiring challenges, rising costs, and uncertain supply chains have made profitability more precarious.

Tips of the Trade: Optimize Your Restaurant's Google My Business Account

Get this FREE e-Book to learn how your restaurant operation can set up and manage an effective Google My Business profile. Use the eBook to create a GMB profile that will get more views, use keywords, easily develop killer content, and build momentum.

Essentials of Payroll Accounting for Restaurant Groups, Part 1


How you run and track your payroll accounting has a significant impact on restaurant operations. From hiring and onboarding to running employee payments and paying taxes, payroll touches on many different parts of a restaurant business.

Cómo Programar a los Empleados de Forma Eficaz

7 Shifts

Versión Inglesa. ¿No No está seguro de cómo programar a los empleados de forma eficaz? Le tenemos cubierto. La programación eficaz de los equipos es sencilla en teoría: crear horarios de trabajo óptimos para que nunca falte ni sobrecargue personal, pero en la práctica es todo lo contrario.

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Ghost Kitchens: What Are They?

Restaurant Clicks

The recent evolution of ghost kitchens has had quite an impact on the hospitality industry. Also referred to as cloud kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens, the concept of a ghost kitchen essentially refers to a physical space that can be used to prepare and cook food.

Implement Compelling Marketing Ideas to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

Modern Restaurant Management

While the past two years have been a challenging time in the restaurant industry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for restaurant owners. Falling Covid-19 numbers and the lifting of mask mandates in many cities is helping give restaurateurs hope for increased traffic this holiday season.

Comprehensive Guide to New Revenue Streams for Restaurants

Download this FREE eBook to learn how successful restaurant operators are using technology to cut costs, drive revenue and grow their businesses. In the e-Book, you'll learn how to: • Leverage customer data • Own marketing • Create and expand services.

7 Tips to Reduce Food Waste & Increase Profit Margins


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Pinching pennies might have worked pre-Covid, but to survive today’s increased wages and higher food costs restaurants will have to find new ways to increase profits. To bolster profits, restaurant operators need to charge more without turning off patrons.

Waste 113

Restaurant Tip Outs Guide: Methods, Tip Splitting, Pooling, and More

7 Shifts

There's a lot of confusion surrounding the process, structure, and laws regarding restaurant tip outs. At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure their employees are happy, paid fairly, and following the laws when it comes to tips.

A Guide to America’s Most Popular Sandwich Shops

Restaurant Clicks

Sandwiches are the people’s food. You can rely on a good old sandwich when you’re feeling a little hungry or have some leftovers that need to be eaten quickly. Across the entire world, no matter the culture, social status, or generation, sandwiches are loved by millions if not billions.

Sparkling Wines Of Germany

The Wine Knitter

The holidays are fast approaching, and nothing sets the mood like the sound of a cork being removed from sparkling wine. It is the quintessential “pop” that signals “let the festivities begin.”

New Restaurants Checklist: Ensuring Success

Developing a business plan is key when it comes to new restaurant startup success. Restaurant owners should have a clear picture of their goals, strategies, and budgets in order to determine and allocate resources properly. Read this checklist with it's 4 key steps to ensure your restaurant's success.

Better Food, Better Profits Part 2: Clean Label Menus


Reading Time: 4 minutes. November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials.

Should You Build Your Own Restaurant Delivery App

Restaurant Technology Guys

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the restaurant business and the technology it uses. Some of these innovations will be permanent; others may prove to be “here today, gone tomorrow” fads. The post Should You Build Your Own Restaurant Delivery App appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Where to Get Steak in Los Angeles

Restaurant Clicks

Los Angeles is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and a city full of art, creativity, ingenuity, and perfect Southern California weather. It really is the city of angels in a state that is known as the new world’s “the land of milk and honey.”.

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Who Benefits from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund?

Modern Restaurant Management

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) was established by the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 11, 2021, with the intention of helping small to mid-sized businesses in the food service industry, which was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Restaurant Technology Buyer's Checklist

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant enterprise tends to be a long, murky, burdensome process. After helping dozens of companies on their restaurant management solution selection journey, we’ve identified the common factor in finding the right fit: precise, thoughtful research. In this simple guide, we highlight the twelve most essential research areas that technology evaluators need to include in their evaluation journey. Download the guide today.

How To Get Your In-House Online Restaurant Ordering System Up And Running

The Restaurant Times

Restaurants are now adjusting to the new normal and online ordering is paving the path to success for many restaurants. Dine-in income has dropped by over half and as a result, numerous eateries have closed or are considering transitioning to online ordering.

How to Promote your Facebook and Instagram Reserve Button

The Eat Restaurant

The rapid growth of social media is no longer news to anybody. With 4.33 Billion active users that are growing as you read this, we all know that social media marketing is here to stay. Marketing

Where to Eat on the Lower East Side

Restaurant Clicks

When in New York City, take time to check out the Lower East Side. Known for its rich cultural history, the Lower East Side houses a mix of upscale and eclectic, trendy, chic, and innovative. Here is where the Old World meets New World, and the many cultures weave together for a beautiful community.

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Plant-Based is Here to Stay: Is Your Business Ready?

Modern Restaurant Management

According to the Plant Based Foods Association, plant-based foods in the U.S. are a $7 billion market, growing nine times faster than total food sales. The driving force behind this growth? Customers!

2022 130

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

Major Challenges Of The Middle East Restaurant Operators In The Present Times

The Restaurant Times

The pandemic has presented new challenges before the restaurant industry. From procuring raw materials to delivering food to customers, every little aspect of restaurant operations has taken a hit.


Culinary Cues

Nearly every professional cook or chef will agree that discipline in the kitchen and adherence to certain rules and methods is critical to success. Kitchen careerists live by these rules, imbed them in their subconscious, and rely on them every day.

The Greatest Restaurants Nashville Has To Offer

Restaurant Clicks

Over the last couple of decades, the Music city has also become known as a serious food city. It’s the center of a trend called New Southern Cooking, which has put Southern dishes and ingredients on the culinary world stage.

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Key Considerations to Make When Buying an Ice Machine

Modern Restaurant Management

Ice machines form the backbone of several operations in a commercial foodservice establishment. Whether it’s a hotel or restaurant, ice machines help you save costs and ensure your customers are satisfied with your service.

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Where Are the Hourly Workers? Finding Hourly Applicants in Today's Labor Market

Learn about 6 compelling insights that are contributing to the current hourly shortage, and uncover 4 actionable strategies to help you boost applicant flow up to 9x - even in today’s labor market.