January, 2020

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

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What is the key to success in the restaurant industry? While a delicious menu and an inviting ambiance are critical components of a restaurant’s success, staff are the lifeblood of a restaurant. The people you hire to run your restaurant can make or break the business.

How To: Social Media Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

We get it, you’re busy. The idea of using social media marketing to attract customers, all the while managing inventory and payroll, can be exhausting. But millennials and Gen-Z are quickly becoming the largest generation, overtaking baby boomers in 2019.

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8 Ways Restaurants Can Increase Customer Loyalty


Loyal patronage is the golden goose for any restaurant, bar, or food service operator. Regulars keep your business open, spread the word, and bring in a reliable amount of sales every month.

Why you should optimize your menu for delivery


Food delivery is big business. The industry’s been growing at a steady pace and is expected to yield a worldwide revenue of US $164 billion by 2024. Today, 60% of all dining experiences are off-premises – a percentage that is believed to only increase.

How to Conduct a Restaurant Sales Forecast with POS Data


Accurate restaurant sales forecasting can fuel more informed decision making in nearly every aspect of restaurant operations.


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Chemistry is by far, the most important ingredient in building a successful kitchen team. When a chef is able to bring a group of seemingly opposing forces together into a functional, well-orchestrated team then great things happen.

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Top 5 Hospitality Trends for your Business — the Inside Scoop


The hospitality industry is fuelled by people’s obsession with food. This fixation has driven innovations like self-serve kiosks and kicked off fads like ramen burgers.

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5 Steps to do Social Media Right

Goliath Consulting

Using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to grow your restaurant business. By Bora Kang. With more than 79% of the US population now using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 1 and users projected to increase to 257 million by 2023, restaurants can no longer afford not to invest in their social media presence. Millions of users utilize social media to find and share their favorite restaurants; some browse it just to figure out where and what they want to eat.

Restaurant Branding: How To Build Your Restaurant Brand

Restaurant Clicks

In an industry as passionate as the restaurant business it can be hard to stand out amongst competitors. Follow our guide on How To Build Your Restaurant Brand and learn how to present the best version of your restaurant to your customers! What is Restaurant Branding?

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Making Customers Happy, One Eatery at a Time


Successful restaurateurs open new eatery that's part lounge, part NYC pizzeria and part Happy Hour Haven. The owners of Valley staples The Woodman and Jalapeño Pete’s really know how to make people happy. Their generous “Happy Hours” seem to keep customers coming back.


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Two of the most significant issues facing businesses today are RETAINING good employees who are so difficult to find and MAXIMIZING the productivity and efficiency of those same employees.

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Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs and Technology

Future Food

Customer Service at Mcdonalds (Image via Bustle). Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs & Technology. Will Guidara, one of the owners of Eleven Madison Avenue in New York, has been quoted as saying that it’s “compassion and passion [that] gives a fantastic dining experience.”

By restaurateurs for restaurateurs: Advice for opening in 2020

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Are you opening a restaurant in 2020? Congrats! ?? And good luck. It’s going to be the ride of your life. As you plan out your concept, location, menu, staffing, and marketing, take a read through the advice left by hundreds of restaurateurs to ensure you’re set up for success in 2020.

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How to Track True ROI from a Restaurant POS System

Focus POS

When a technology solution affects as many areas of business as your restaurant POS system does, it can be difficult to track the true return on investment (ROI) that it offers.

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Onboarding New Baristas: What Café Owners Need To Know

Perfect Daily Grind

A thriving specialty coffee shop environment revolves around consistently crafting and serving bespoke, high-quality beverages – and your staff’s performance is essential to being able to do so.

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Mama Lion – A Continuing Evolution


The creation of a destination. Emiliano De Laurentiis. A progressive evolution that has allowed Mama Lion to manage renovations and to react to evolving markets.

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I always try to see things through other people’s eyes and not just my own. There are always multiple sides to every issue, and numerous factors that sway a person’s perspective one-way or the other.

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4 Reservation Apps that Will Drive More Traffic to Your Restaurant


From dating to health, consumers are relying on an online company to guide them. Dining out is no exception; customers are seeking restaurants that integrate the latest reservation technology.

How a Restaurant Employee Mobile App Keeps Millennial Restaurant Staff Engaged


Restaurant staff labor retention is one of the primary areas of focus for today’s restaurant manager. With unemployment hovering around 4% , today’s labor market is one of the toughest in three decades.

How To Open a Restaurant: 12 Steps to Starting a Restaurant

Restaurant Clicks

Opening your own restaurant is an exciting business venture. Wanting to start a restaurant business and knowing how to open a restaurant are two different things, however.

How Cold Brew Captured The Millennial Market

Perfect Daily Grind

Cold brew is a popular drink in many specialty coffee shops around the world. This is in large part thanks to demand from millennial coffee drinkers, who make up a sizable amount of the world’s coffee consuming population.

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Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Event date: February 2, 2020 (All day). Enjoy the big game at a new eatery or acclaimed restaurant with stellar food & drink specials in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday! Kush photo credit: Gita Shonek.


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White tower decisions without a grasp on the systemic impact of those decisions is a common flaw of leaders who are out of touch with reality. It happens in business, it happens in education, and it happens most often in government.

Effective Restaurant Accounting Tips


Preparing good meals and serving customers is always an exciting part of running a restaurant. When it comes to numbers, however, most restaurant owners do not know what is expected of them.

How to Build a Successful Employee Engagement Program for Your Restaurant

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Did you know that there are more than one million restaurants in the United States alone? These restaurants rely on 15.3 million employees to give customers the meals and experiences they crave. The key to making customers happy is to make employees happy.

Food Haven CEO José Fabregat’s take on food delivery and cloud kitchens in Spain


Founded in Barcelona in 2018, Food Haven is one of Spain’s most ambitious and innovative cloud kitchens. The business was created to elevate the customer’s food delivery experience - a mission which Food Haven takes very seriously.

How to Make a Restaurant Employee Schedule


Your bottom line and your customer service success depend heavily on a well-executed staff schedule but knowing how to make a restaurant employee schedule is not an easy task. Scheduling restaurant staff requires considering everything from staff availability to accounting.

Taylor Rothchild, Wine Industry's One to Watch in 2020


His mission is simple: Create Wines and Champagnes worth sharing. Joyce Sevilla. With a long family history and intense passion at its core, each bottle from Tayson Pierce Estate Wines possesses a rich history of its own.

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In the zone is a phrase commonly used to describe a musician, athlete, or even a cook who experiences an “everything going right” situation, and when the person, or persons, involved are totally focused on the task at hand– but, being fully in the zone is really so much more.

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Choosing the Right Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans


Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans. Owning a restaurant is both an exciting and challenging experience. Before the challenge of making a profit, you also have to identify sources of financing. Restaurant financing and restaurant loans are crucial to successful running of a restaurant.

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How to Become a Successful Restaurant Owner?


Owning a Restaurant is quite challenging but at the same time, it’s a rewarding role. No matter what type of restaurant you are running whether it’s fine dining or a food truck, all need the same efforts to make it call a successful food business.

7 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas That Work

Restaurant Clicks

You’ve done months of work planning your restaurant, creating menus, hiring staff – it’s finally time for the grand opening of your restaurant! A restaurant grand opening is an exciting event, and a successful one can help start your restaurant off on the right foot.

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Improving Restaurant Cybersecurity to Keep Your Restaurant Data Secure


Restaurant technology innovations are quickly changing the way the restaurant industry does business, as restaurant owners leverage technology to streamline operations , reduce costs, and attract customers.



Sleeping Giant.jpg. Author(s): Catherine Fallis. Teaser: Chefs look to the season for inspiration as do sommeliers. Traditionally, in winter, menus tend towards heartier dishes and the wines follow suit.

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Culinary Cues

Staring at the POS printer, waiting for those orders to start their tap dance building to a crescendo in an hour or so, clicking a pair of tongs by your side, shifting weight from one foot to the other, and beads of sweat beginning to roll down your back and collect under that scull cap that fits just a bit too tight – is this one of those moments when you begin to wonder what in the world you are doing? Physical work is stressful and gratifying at the same time. Sweat and aching muscles is uncomfortable, yet somehow a sign of work worth doing. Building beautiful, flavorful, aroma filled, satisfying dishes for people every night is a result of this hard work, this sweat, and these aching muscles. These tangible works are also a result of an intelligent approach to a process, constant reference to flavor memory, and a level of mental and physical organization that is parallel to that of an architect, a pilot, or a surgeon – this is work that is far more complex that many give it credit for. There is also the emotional part – putting it all out there for others to critique leaving the cook wondering: “what did they think?” We sweat not just due to the heat, not simply because we are physically all in, but also because cooking is draining intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually. Being a cook is complicated. You know that those orders are coming – in just a few minutes that printer will push out that relentless sound of more orders than you think you can handle. This is the most stressful time – let’s get on with it! You remember a couple quotes that stick in your brain: “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”. -Stephen King. Ok, you can understand that for sure. You think that you have some talent as a cook, but you KNOW that you put in the effort and then some. You wonder: “Is there a difference between talent and hard work when you come down to it?” How many successful people do you know who work hard without talent? Maybe their talent is knowing what they don’t know and finding ways to get things done anyway. Anyway – soon enough those orders will fill that space in your brain that is wandering right now. Then there was that other quote: “It’s not so much whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”. -Grantland Rice. Right….try telling that to the chef or the owner. You are part of a line team – there is no room for failure. If you fail, so will the rest of the team. One mistake can lead to chaos on a busy night. This is not the place or the time to learn from your mistakes – NO MISTAKES, NO MISTAKES! “Damn – let’s get these orders in before I start to over-think everything.”. Maybe, just maybe, this sweat and these aching muscles, maybe the nervous energy that is obvious from my dance of anticipation, maybe all of this is fuel for the job ahead. Stay calm, stay calm. I sure hope that my mise en place is tight enough. Did I mince enough shallots, clarify enough butter, flatten enough chicken breasts, and peel enough shrimp? Let me check those scallops again – did I clean them properly? Where are my backups on vegetables, extra bottles of white wine for deglazing? What is the temp on those sauces in the bain-marie? Let me draw my knives over that wet stone one more time – can’t afford a dull knife. You look to the expeditor and tell him to grab you a few more side towels – can never have too many. The sweat is starting to pool up on your back, feet are hurting from inactivity, and hands are cramping up from nerves. Come on with the orders already! You stack and restack plates, move your pan handles a few degrees to the right, and fold and refold those side towels. You drop your tongs – CRAP! Run over to the pot sink and wash them quick. Grab another pair as a back-up. You grab another energy drink and kick it back like it was that after shift first beer. You look to your right and look to your left. Acknowledge the rest of the team and share a few fist bumps. It is coming – you can feel it. Then, the sound you were all waiting for – the printer spits out that first early-bird deuce. Both items for the grill – nothing for you – damn. A few seconds later – a four top – all yours. Here we go. You grab four pans and slide them onto burners – make sure the pans are hot first. Two orders of Diver Scallops, a Chicken Piccata, and Tournedoes Rossini mid-rare. An ounce of clarified butter for the chicken (dredge it in flour and give it some great caramelization – keep the pan moving), a touch in the pans for the scallops (sear them on one side and pull away from the heat for finishing later), and a little more heat in the pan for the tournedoes (this item will be done last minute). The expeditor had called the table as an order fire (no appetizers – ready to rock) – but you know that it is best to wait to finish until the server is standing on the other side of the pass. Two minutes is all it will take to finish this four top. Pull the caramelized chicken breast and put it aside, add sliced mushrooms to the pan and a touch more butter. Caramelize the shrooms and deglaze with white wine, and fresh lemon. Sweat is pouring freely down your back now. Two more orders just came in – a few items from your station that can wait until this four top is gone. The server appears and the expeditor calls out – pick up on that four top. “Yes chef”! Chicken back in the pan – the flour from the dredged chicken blends with the white wine and lemon and the sauce comes together. A few capers and chopped parsley and this dish is ready to go. The scallops return to a fresh hot pan to finish the sear, hit the pan with a touch of wine, salt and pepper and done. While you and the middleman plate up the first three dishes – the tournedoes hit the very hot pan for a sear along with two slices of foie gras. Flip all items quickly – cooking only takes a minute. Deglaze the beef with Madeira and demi-glace and assemble the dish on toast medallions – top with some truffle shavings and off it goes to the pass. Four top complete. Move on to the next order. You wipe your brow, take a drink of water and start with fresh pans. The orders keep coming. Now the expeditor is in control of your world. He tells you what to start, what to finish, and what to plate. Every few moments you ask for an “all day” (a review of what should be working on your station), and back to it. No time to chat with others – an occasional look or nod is enough of a signal. Plates are flying now – you turn to plate up an item and the dish is there ready with accompaniments. Only one re-fire so far (you hate that, but try to push it out of your mind). For the next three hours – this is the frantic pace of the line. Those 180 minutes go by in a flash. You stay on top of your station cleanliness and are relieved to see that your mise en place is holding up. A few little finger burns from hot pan-handles, nothing you can’t work through, and one dropped item to replace – not bad. You haven’t screwed up any orders or messed up your teammates thus far. You are now working like a well-oiled machine. Your brain works through processes, your palate is fine tuned, and there is real economy of motion in the steps that you take. When 9 p.m. rolls around – the board is almost clear. Just a couple deuces to finish up and that inevitable table that arrives 15 minutes before closing, but you breathe out knowing that you made it through another night. By 10:30, it’s all over. You breakdown your station, scrub your area, chill sauces, label and date items, make out your prep list for tomorrow and a friendly note to the morning prep cook. The sous chef points his finger and gives you a “thumbs up”. The mental and emotional stress is over – the physical pains will take a few hours to come to the surface, but you know they are there. Hey, it’s good pain – an honest days work. The heat, sweat, and hard effort feel OK. This is what you do, and this is how it is suppose to feel. Tomorrow is another day. PLAN BETTER – TRAIN HARDER. WORK HARD, SWEAT A LOT, AND SMILE WHEN IT IS OVER. Harvest America Ventures, LLC. Restaurant Consulting. www.harvestamericacues.com BLOG. 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Why Restaurant Accounting Software is Good for Your Business


The restaurant industry is one of the most fast-paced, with endless to-do lists. While it may be exciting to own a restaurant and serve your customers, some vital tasks like doing accounts may be quite challenging.

Customer Service Trends in the Restaurant Industry to Look For in 2020

Modern Restaurant Management

The food and restaurant industry has evolved dramatically over the years. Now that consumers have become more particular with dining, service standards have skyrocketed, and expectations are higher than ever before.