November, 2021

29 Proven Grand Opening Ideas For Small Businesses


Your business’s grand opening is a very exciting — and important, and nerve-wracking — time. It’s vital to get it just right in order to set the best tone for your business going forward.

Your Go-To Guide for Restaurant Inventory Management

7 Shifts

Consider two worst-case scenarios: A customer orders extra guacamole but your restaurant is all out of avocados or, on the other hand, you've just walked past a crate of rotten, unusable (and expensive!) avocados in the stock room.


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6 Key Restaurant Operational Reports to Boost Your Menu Engineering


Your restaurant’s menu engineering strategy impacts your menu mix, pricing, and your overall profitability. Leveraging a mix of operational reporting tools that focus on menu profitability helps you maximize revenue and adds to your bottom line.

How to Develop a Customer Persona and Why it’s Important

Indoor Media

Creating a customer persona is a powerful tool for understanding your consumer base. It allows small businesses to create more effective marketing campaigns for their ideal customers. It allows them to speak directly with potential clients based on their goals and needs.

Investing in Customer Experience Pays––Really Well

Discover why great customer experience is your restaurant's ultimate ROI. Download this free guide to learn how customer experience drives repeat business and profits, and how employee satisfaction affects customer satisfaction.

Hire Now for the Holidays

Thrive POS

With the current difficulty in finding willing and able workers in today’s economy, it is time to start thinking of what kind of seasonal help you need.

Hiring 124

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Ultimate Job Marketplace Poached Saves Restaurants a Lot of Hiring Headache


Reading Time: 3 minutes. Restaurants are soaring back to full-service while the demand for qualified staff continues to pose a problem. Payroll budgets, recruiting processes and retention schemes are not yet adapted to a post-Covid world.

Hiring 124

How Bar Inventory Management can Help Prevent Bar Theft

Sculpture Hospitality

Nobody wants to think that their employees are stealing from them, but it is an unfortunate reality at many restaurants and bars - thankfully bar inventory management can help prevent it. Bar Management Bar Inventory

Essentials of Payroll Accounting for Restaurant Groups, Part 1


How you run and track your payroll accounting has a significant impact on restaurant operations. From hiring and onboarding to running employee payments and paying taxes, payroll touches on many different parts of a restaurant business.

11 Reasons Why Teamwork At The Office Is Important


Countless managers and owners before you have asked themselves, “Why is teamwork important in my business?” The answer might surprise you. When you strip away all the excess, the importance of teamwork cannot (and should not) be underestimated.

2021 137

Think You're a Restaurant Customer Experience Expert?

Can investing in customer experience earn your restaurant higher revenue and repeat business? Test your know-how with HungerRush's quick, five-question quiz.

What is a 9/80 Work Schedule? Everything You Need to Know

7 Shifts

How does an extra day off every other week sound? Not only is it possible — it's popular. It's called the 9/80 work schedule , and it rewards employees with an additional, full day off from work in exchange for working slightly longer shifts without affecting full-time status.

2021 131

Restaurants Count on Cloud for Improved Operations and Customer Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

Going digital – increasingly a top choice among restaurant management. Today’s restaurants are expected to deliver an Amazon-like experience: know customers’ preferences and dining habits and deliver food, whether tableside or to their front doors, without delay.

How to Increase Wine List Profits and Popularity

Ken Burgin

The wine list is an essential part of your restaurant or hotel beverage service, so let’s apply intelligent design and business thinking to increase profits and ensure it appeals to the greatest number of people.

2021 124

Are You Making These 5 Common Bar Inventory Management Mistakes?

Sculpture Hospitality

Bar inventory management has a number of benefits. It gives you oversight of your stock, helps you make better ordering decisions, and it provides insights on turnover, costing, and your overall bottom line. Bar Inventory

Don't Let Delivery Apps Dash Your Restaurant's Revenue

Get our free, must-read guide to optimizing your restaurant's online ordering capabilities to maximize revenue.

Should Your Restaurant Group Have a Commissary Kitchen?


A commissary kitchen is a dedicated kitchen space where a foodservice operator can process, prepare, and store food.

Rebel’s Hot Chicken: Bottleneck’s Second Virtual Restaurant Concept

Bottleneck Management

Bottleneck Introduces Rebel’s Hot Chicken.

Restaurant Cyber Security: How To Prevent Data Breaches

7 Shifts

When you think about issues that arise in your restaurant that could cost you significant amounts of money, what first comes to mind? If you're like most restaurateurs it's things like theft (both time and material), lawsuits, spoilage, or staff turnover.

2021 124

Where Are All the Servers? Why Your Restaurant Workers Aren’t Showing Up and How You Can Change That

Modern Restaurant Management

If you're struggling to staff your restaurants, know that your operation isn't alone. The U.S. is facing a critical labor shortage, particularly hourly restaurant and hospitality workers. "The

Want Your Restaurant to Make More Cheddar?

A smarter POS system can help you drive revenue and increase profits—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Download this free eBook to find out more.

Ensure greater food safety with digital accuracy.


Could anything be more important than the safety of the food you serve customers? Fortunately, there are highly accurate digital tools at your disposal that can have a dramatic impact on how you inventory, prepare, cook, and label your fresh foods.

7 Ways Your Bar Inventory Spreadsheet is Failing You

Sculpture Hospitality

Spreadsheets are a seemingly simple tool for managing bar inventory – they can be organized by storage locations, data is easy to enter, the software does the math for you, and you can quickly produce charts and graphs to aid in decision making. Not only that, but they can be free to use as well.

Essentials of Payroll Accounting for Restaurant Groups, Part 2


As explored in Part 1 of this blog series, your payroll accounting systems overlap with many different parts of your restaurant business. Your payroll solution can impact hiring, onboarding, employee payments, taxes, and overall business health.

12 Tips to Increase Catering Profits This Busy Season


Reading Time: 4 minutes. The busy season is underway, and for caterers and restaurants it is the biggest opportunity in the past two years to boost sales and make a hefty profit.

A Bigger Piece of Pie: Lessons on Going from Small Pizzeria to City Favorite

With the lessons in this eBook, your pizzeria can reach its full potential and create a path for long-term continued growth.

New Restaurant Payroll Tactics and Tools For Building a Talented, Loyal Staff

7 Shifts

Locked down, bored, and restless, diners are now flocking to eat out. To adequately prep for service, short-staffed food and drink establishments are cooking up new ways to lure workers back to restaurants, like higher wages and handsome referral fees.

2021 124

Restaurant Supply Chain Management: New Era, New Measures

Modern Restaurant Management

The turmoil caused by the pandemic has disrupted global supply chains more than any other period in recent history.

Why Not Pizza for the Holidays?

Thrive POS

We all know that pizza is a must-have at almost any special occasion — and Thanksgiving is no different. weird pizzas Pizza

POS 122

10 Rules for Successful Organization of Your Bar Inventory

Sculpture Hospitality

Are you frustrated by time-consuming and inaccurate inventory counts that aren’t improving the profitability of your bar? We’ve discussed the benefits of using inventory management software on our blog, but today we’ve got an additional tip - organization! Bar Inventory

Niche Solutions vs Comprehensive Platforms

Save yourself time and money – ditch the niche.

The Best Salad Chains In America

Restaurant Clicks

I’m a big fan of salad. And when I want a good salad, I make sure I’m somewhere in the U.S. America has some of the best salad chains for several reasons. I’ve eaten at some of the best salad joints in America and each of them has a uniqueness that’s hard to forget.

Better Food, Better Profits Part 2: Clean Label Menus


Reading Time: 4 minutes. November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials.

Cómo Programar a los Empleados de Forma Eficaz

7 Shifts

Versión Inglesa. ¿No No está seguro de cómo programar a los empleados de forma eficaz? Le tenemos cubierto. La programación eficaz de los equipos es sencilla en teoría: crear horarios de trabajo óptimos para que nunca falte ni sobrecargue personal, pero en la práctica es todo lo contrario.

2021 116