December, 2019

The Top 5 Restaurant Management Questions Answered


Whether your restaurant is preparing for its grand opening night or will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary, it is never a bad time to begin implementing the best restaurant management practices and improving your processes.

What's the true cost of employee turnover to the restaurant industry?

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Did you know that the average American switches jobs every 4.2 years ? The average restaurant employee, however, change jobs every 56 days ! It’s a miracle that restaurants remain a significant part of the economy despite this major staffing problem.

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5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Sales

Social Hospitality

It can be tricky to find new ways to improve your restaurant sales. Ambitious brick-and-mortar business must adapt to digital advances in order to profit. Running a restaurant business means keeping up with challenges as well as emerging tech.

Restaurant Owners: How to Improve the FOH BOH Relationship


As a restaurant manager or business owner, you play a significant role in employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. According to performance management company Gallup , managers account for up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Want to boost performance at your restaurant?

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The 5 Things Food Vendors Don't Want You to Know

Embrace the Suck

Having worked as a consultant for a large foodservice distributor for 4 years, I learned a lot about their business. A lot of stuff they don’t want you to know!

How Technology Has Changed Restaurants in 2019


Technology impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. For restaurants in particular, the impact of how technology is changing the restaurant industry is only growing bigger. It is not only changing foodservice, it’s becoming integral to maintaining successful, profitable operations.

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A Restaurant Management Tip: 4 Common Human Errors and How to Minimize Them

Michael Hartzell - Restaurant Marketing

We all do it. Fumbling numbers and names are part of human nature. But you can reduce the risk of human errors by using digital tools. These target weaknesses in recording and communication – fundamentals in dining establishments, which often operate on very slim margins.

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Creative ways your business can boom in the competitive delivery market


The online delivery market continues to grow at a breakneck pace, with over 16 million USD in European revenue in 2019. But more growth also means more competition. So what does it take to make it in this dynamic market? We’ll break it down for you. #1 1 Create a watertight menu.

Restaurant Customer Experience 2020: What Customers Expect

Focus POS

Who is the next-generation customer and what are their expectations? Today’s diners are well-connected, tech savvy, and expect a high-quality restaurant customer experience—whether visiting a five-star restaurant, fast-casual, or the drive-through.

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


2020 is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time to be in the business! Every year brings changes to how customers interact with restaurants, and every year new technologies pop up to help restaurants keep up. .

How Social Media Launched the Acai Berry Craze

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The Acai berry market expands across the globe. According to Kenneth Research (September 2019), the Acai berry market was valued at $712 million in 2017, and it is expected to grow at a steady rate of 12.71% between 2018-2025.

Highlights of 2019


A Rich World of Hospitality, Brought to you by Santé. Emiliano De Laurentiis. 2019 was a stellar year for Santé as we continued to give you industry-relevant content through an expanded syndication network. In 2019 Santé reached over 1.5 million followers with articles and podcasts.

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Culinary Cues

Every year, this weekend is the official time to celebrate small businesses.

31 Restaurant Industry Statistics (That every Restaurant owner should know)


There is one thing that makes the restaurant industry so interesting? The rapid change in nature…it can be anything in the form of technology, customer preferences, marketing trends or anything.

How to Expand Your Franchise: A 10-Step Roadmap for Restaurants

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The people have spoken, and your restaurant franchise is a winner. In a sea of restaurants nationwide, yours has stuck out and been successful. That’s not a feat to be taken lightly, and as the old saying goes, you should never quit while you’re ahead.

5 Low-Budget Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

Gecko Hospitality

You don’t need high overhead to promote your restaurant with a high return. You just need a little creativity and some elbow grease, along with the Internet, to start filling tabletops during happy hour. Here are some of the best ideas for promoting your restaurant with a small marketing budget.

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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It’s hard work to run a restaurant. It takes time, commitment, and the ability to deal with a number of challenges at the same time. Not to mention: you must always deliver a memorable experience for customers.

Shopping For Burgundy Wines From The Comfort Of Home!


Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: Buying Burgundy wines just got a lot easier to buy with this very informative website located in Burgundy. “SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME YOU WILL NEVER FIGURE OUT BURGUNDY AND I PROBABLY AGREE, AFTER 30 YEARS. BUT MAYBE THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT.


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I vividly remember flying out of Buffalo, New York in 1971 for Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson. It was, ironically, my first time on a plane and considering that this was at the peak of the Vietnam War, I was doubly nervous.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurant (Along with Fresh Content Ideas)


Well, social media is a quite familiar term for everyone! When it comes to building a marketing strategy to increase restaurant business sales , social media and online marketing is an unavoidable element.

Managing Customer Expectations in Your Coffee Shop

Perfect Daily Grind

To run a specialty coffee shop, you need an experienced and passionate team of staff members at your side. However, your success will depend on more than how quickly they can take orders, pour espressos, and whip up beverages.


Food Business

When I ran my restaurant one of the many things that made ownership difficult was getting staff on the same page, so the guests’ experience is actually what you intended. That’s why there is value in workshops.

12 Restaurant Lunch Specials: Make Lunch the Most Important Meal of the Day ???

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It’s December, and the air is seasoned with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and everything nice. January is fast-approaching, and hot lunch spots will soon be back on the mind of every highschool and college student in your area. Want to capture the hungry, back-to-school lunch crowd for January?

The Holidays Have Arrived. So Have We!


SantaSack.png. Author(s): Emiliano De Laurentiis. Teaser: After working hard all year, this is a time to reflect on past achievements and chart the course of where we want to go in the New Year.

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Guest Blog: How a Mobile POS Can Increase Restaurant Revenue


Your servers are constantly on the go – every second matters when it comes to turning tables and providing high-quality service to your guests. A mobile POS can help any restaurant looking to improve server productivity, increase revenue, and overall streamline their front of house operations.

Creating a sustainable restaurant in 3 easy steps


Sustainability is a matter that has always been around, but in the past few years this topic has been flaring up in all industries.

Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods

Perfect Daily Grind

During seasonal holidays, most coffee shops are inundated with customers. If you’re a coffee shop owner or manager, it can be one of the most profitable times of the year for this reason. However, it’s also when you’re most likely to experience staff shortages. .

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

Future Food

Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020. Trends are no longer limited to the cuisines on offer or the style of service. The ‘whole experience’ is what matters.

7 Issues that Threaten the Franchisor and Franchisee Relationship

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A strong franchisor-franchisee relationship can be a thing of beauty. Clever marketing and strong branding from a restaurant’s corporate offices can boost sales for franchised restaurants.

Pushing Back on Tariffs


Tariffs.png. Author(s): Roger Morris. Teaser: Vintus, Zachys urge trade and consumers to take action before Jan. 13 on Trump administration's proposed 100% tariffs on European wines, cheeses, other goods. Love your French wines and Italian cheeses?

Why Collecting Customer Feedback is Important for Restaurants?


Your Engaged customers make 56% more visits per month than not-really engaged customers… The question is here is, how to create that engaged customers, how to gain more repeat customers? is the answer is simple… Related Read: Importance of Customer Retention.

How we reached 2,000,000 processed orders


In August '19, Deliverect reached the 1 million processed orders milestone, after having been in business for only 10 months. We're super excited that now, just 4 months later, we’ve just hit 2 million processed orders!

Back to the Future: Why New Mover Direct Mail Still Outperforms Digital/Social/Email Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management

Direct Mail Marketing has been around just about as long as mailbox service to homes has been. Barring an apocalypse, there will always be direct mail. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you need to use it to get the word out about your restaurant.

How Your Restaurant Can (and Should) Be Using Big Data


Big Data: It’s relevant to every business, no matter what industry or niche you serve. But if you’re in the restaurant business, and you are, data is your key to solving just about any problem you might be having.

Three Ways to Improve Your Inventory Management as You Scale


Your inventory management operations play a critical role in how well you optimize and maintain your food costs. As your restaurant grows and your inventory becomes more complex, it can be harder to maintain the level of inventory management efficiency you had at a smaller scale.

Charbay Distillery - A Long Line of “Firsts” For Miles Karakasevic and Family


Stacey Sears. Early pioneers in artisanal spirits create a legacy of distilling innovation. The Karakasevic family, early pioneers in producing small-batch artisanal spirits, has maintained a devout passion for distilling over 13 generations.

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Zomato is likely to Buy Uber Eats India: Latest Report


Highlights : 1. Zomato to buy Uber Eats India 2. Uber Eats India Currently Valued at $400 million. Uber might invest between $150 – $200 million in Zomato.

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