Mon.Feb 17, 2020

Celebrate National Margarita Day at Tacos Tortas & Tequila (TTT) & TTT Mexican Diner


How will you pay homage to the most celebrated tequila cocktail on National Margarita Day? You can start by ordering a variety of discounted margaritas this Saturday at two popular East Coast Mexican eateries. Photo by Tacos Tortas & Tequila.

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Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2020

Restaurant Clicks

A good point of sale system can help streamline your restaurant’s processes, from payments to inventory and much more. Today, some of the best POS systems for restaurants incorporate a host of useful tools that can efficiently integrate various processes all on one platform.

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Efficient Kitchen Management Tips for Restaurants

Dot It

Efficient kitchen management is a complicated and nuanced goal. One small mistake by the back-of-house staff can have huge ramifications for the whole restaurant. The same is true for front-of-house. Keeping all restaurant staff operating succinctly is crucial to a well-functioning restaurant.

Restaurants: The New Battlefield for Customer Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

You get home from a long day at work, don't feel like cooking and want to treat yourself to some great food. Until recently, you probably settled for mediocre pizza or Chinese.

Restaurant Business Plan: What To Include, Plus 5 Examples


Do you want to ensure the success of your new foodservice endeavor? Write a restaurant business plan. In this article, the experts at Sling tell you why a business plan is vital for both new and existing businesses and give you tips on what to include. What Is A Restaurant Business Plan?

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Redefining ‘Dine and Dash’ and Review Hub

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM News Bites features Toast, Yelp, Aramark, Clover and Fiserv, OpenTable, Tripadvisor, Rich Products, Taffer’s Tavern, Dinova, DeliverThat, ParTech, SpotOn and TouchBistro. Toast Secures $400M Funding.

3 Keys to Getting Results from Your Team

Bar and Restaurant Coach

What’s the most important tool for a leader, manager or owner of a business? Hands down, it’s the ability to effectively communicate. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply say a thing to people—just once…and it would stick? Ah, but that’s just not real life.

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Petty Theft – Where Do You Draw the Line With These ‘Grey Areas’?

Ken Burgin

Ever seen staff help themselves to food, drink or even cash, and they seem to think it’s OK? You call it shrinkage, waste, ‘unders’, discrepancies or theft. What do they call it?

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 074: Upshow.TV with Matt Gibbs

Restaurant Technology Guys

Great conversation with founder and CMO Matt Gibbs about how to use your TV to your advantage in your restaurant. Be our guest! Want to be a guest on the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast? Email us!

Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets

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Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets for Food Service 8 Temps per Shift Food Temperature Log Food service hot and cold temperature log sheets are tedious yet essential in rounding out your culinary program.