Fri.Mar 20, 2020

Trending Ways to Boost Profit Margins on the Dessert Menu


Boosting sales in your restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. By analyzing your profit margins with an integrated POS, and combining that knowledge with these tips, you’ll start to see profit margins boost in your restaurant. Add value, cut what doesn’t work, and use savvy marketing tips.

Growing Delivery & Takeout Channels at Your Restaurant

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While your first concern should be for the health and safety of yourself, staff, customers, and loved ones right now, it would be a lie to say you’re not allowed to be worried about your restaurant during COVID-19. As of this article’s publication, more than 20 U.S.

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For Restaurant Owners, Cybersecurity is a People Problem 

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If you’re like me, chances are you’ve probably ordered food online or through an app at least once in the last couple of weeks. Curbside pickup, takeout and delivery have become buzzwords in the past week.

Creative Ways to Weather This Storm

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Creative Ways to Weather This Storm. The restaurant and hospitality industry is especially hard-hit by COVID-19. What can be done to help?

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Preparing Your Bar or Restaurant for a COVID-19 Shutdown

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As we try to understand our day-to-day right now, we are in this with you and want to continually provide you with advice as we all navigate these uncharted waters, together.

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Welcome To The Team: 6 Expert Tips For Successful Onboarding


There are few words as exciting as, “Welcome to the team!” But just attracting employees to your business isn’t enough. To be successful, you need to retain them — and that starts right from day one with your onboarding process.

Re-Inventing Takeout As We Know It

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There's an opportunity here that a lot of restaurant owners aren't taking advantage of. An extremely large percentage of the population can't cook and an even larger segment of the population can't find food at their local grocery store.

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Basics of Business Interruption Insurance

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Forty percent of small businesses close their doors following a disaster and never reopen. Preparation means making sure you’re covered when the unexpected arises.

Is Your Brand Ready for the Sober Curious?


Event date: June 2, 2020 (All day). This year will continue to see a rise in adult premium soft drinks, considering that more than half of consumers partake in low & no alcohol drinks.

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Preventing Coronavirus Contamination in Restaurant Equipment

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been officially classified as a national crisis and many restaurant owners are scrambling to come up with a new-normal business model. Restaurants and bars have alwys had a duty to protect their customers and staff from infectious diseases – coronavirus or otherwise.

Take the Covid-19 Wine, Spirits, Beer: Industry Action Plan Survey.


Please spend 15 minutes to complete this survey to help us in navigating businesses and the industry. We are assembling information from beverage professionals across the globe, to share and discuss what we can do during this crisis.

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#OpenForDelivery: DoorDash Debuts Call-to-Action Campaign

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DoorDash launched #OpenForDelivery, an initiative aimed to let consumers know that restaurants are open, that delivery is safe, and that restaurants need patronage more than ever to weather COVID-19. The multi-platform campaign, which includes TV spots in the U.S.

How to Bounce Back with Takeaway and Deliveries


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Restructuring Your Commercial Lease in Times of Crisis

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Safe to say, the world as it is today is a vastly different place than it was when you first signed your commercial lease. Unforeseeable circumstances— sometimes referred to as ‘force majeure’ or ‘acts of god’— have a way of complicating business.

4 Things Your Customers Need to Hear Right Now


In uncertain times, it’s good to have a friend in the business. That’s why our team of industry veterans are putting together this series of tips, resources, and advice from around the restaurant world. It’s Cheetah’s mission to help you make it through the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond.