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Culinary Cues

Success doesn’t happen on its own – you make it happen. Yes, as a cook you may wonder when great things will come your way and the answer is – probably never. You need to seek out the opportunities and prepare to thrive when one is in your sights – success doesn’t simply appear.

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How to Use Yelp For Salon Owners

Indoor Media

Though word of mouth remains a significant way to acquire new customers for businesses of all kinds, modern businesses require more. Today we’ll explore how salon owners specifically can harness Yelp and other contemporary advertising methods to drive customer acquisition.

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Four Ways Restaurant Owners Can Regain Guest’s Trust

Modern Restaurant Management

The world is slowly reopening. Restaurant owners are looking for creative ways to revamp the indoor dining experience with improved health and safety standards.

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WindRacer Wines

A Wine Story

WindRacer Wines. WindRacer wines is a delicious venture between two neighbors: Horse racing enthusiast Peggy Furth and Barbara Banke, Chairman & Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines. The women’s’ morning walks led to conversations about their love for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wine.

Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Use These Tequilas for Making Margaritas

Restaurant Clicks

In recent years, the liquor market has exploded with high-quality tequila at reasonable prices. With so many tequila options to choose from, it can leave margarita drinkers bewildered. . The margarita is also highly adaptable.

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What Should Restaurants Be Thinking About Regarding Benefit Strategies?

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from Trion Group. Please send questions to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia at Circumstances change rapidly in the restaurant sector.

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A Comprehensive Guide For Effective Restaurant Management

App Institute

If you have experience with restaurant management, you know the importance of providing great tasting food and an enjoyable customer experience. However, this is merely the start of what you need to know when you manage a restaurant.

Where to Eat at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)


Pretzel-coated chicken from Great Lakes Brewing Company | Official.

7 Church Marketing Strategies to Retain and Attract Members

App Institute

Do you think that marketing efforts are just a polite way of describing pushy advertising? Think again! Marketing is for far more than selling sauna suits and ab-exercisers. In fact, it can be the difference between a dwindling ministry and a thriving church community.



BROCKMANS GIN CLAIMS “BEST OF CLASS” PLATINUM AWARD AT 2021 SIP AWARDS - SIP Awards are Judged by Consumers. First Press Vol. 25 No. 06 @brockmans.gin @brockmansgin

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Changes in Consumer Habits: Looking Back Over the Last 12 Months of Retail

This large-scale North American survey explores changes in expectations over the last year. You’ll learn what consumers expect, how habits are solidifying, and where to focus to drive the greatest impact.

Our Favorite Rums for Mixing Mojitos

Restaurant Clicks

Mojito is one of the most exciting cocktails that you can enjoy during summer. Its strong, sweet, and sour taste is perfect for quenching thirst on hot summer days. Luckily, making the mojito drink at home is not complicated and expensive.

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Tingmomo Is a Tibetan Treat You Should Know. Here’s How to Make It.


Louiie Victa. The soft, fluffy steamed bun’s many iterations reflect the journeys of Tibetans in exile What comes to mind when you think of Tibetan cuisine? It probably depends on which part of the world you live in.

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10 Unique Food Blogs To Follow in 2021

Lady Boss Blogger

During this time of quarantine, we have sought comforts close to home. While some have taken up new hobbies, new fitness regimens, and even new jobs, I have found comfort in exploring new kinds of recipes and styles of food.

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The Best Free Design Tools to Create App & Online Graphics

App Institute

So you’ve decided to create an app for your business… great choice! You’ll soon be reaching out to a whole new audience as you put your business at the cutting edge of technology, but first, you need to develop it. You’ll undoubtedly want your app to look great and portray your company in the right.

Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.

Encore: Chef Enrique Olvera On Perfect Imperfection In The Kitchen

The Salt

NPR's Ailsa Chang revisits a cooking session and conversation with renowned chef Enrique Olvera. His cookbook is Tu Casa, Mi Casa: Mexican Recipes for the Home Cook

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Barbershop Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Today

App Institute

Are you a barber in need of marketing ideas to boost your business? You’ve come to the right place. The number of barbershops in the US decreased by 23 percent between 1992 and 2012.

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The Oddly Stylish Compost Bin That Got Me to Start Composting 


The Bamboozle compost bin. Composting smells were almost enough to put me off the whole endeavor, but this bin takes care of that (and it looks cute too) Like many an idealistic cook, I have stopped and started attempts to compost my food waste many times.