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Feeling Anxious? Here’s Why Having A Glass Of Red Wine Could Be Good For You.


kelsey-knight-udj2tD3WKsY-unsplash copy.jpg. Author(s): Alicia Rennoll. Teaser: A compound found in red wine has been scientifically proven to lower one’s risk of certain health conditions and block the production of a hormone that can cause poor mental health.

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The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

I keep detailed coaching notes from every client I have had over the past 11 years as The Restaurant Coach™ Some of those stories make it into my books, speaking gigs, podcasts, or just as a solid warning to new clients about what not to do!

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Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

Perfect Daily Grind

China might be the fourth-largest country in the world and have the largest population on earth, but it has one of the world’s lowest coffee consumption rates, with citizens consuming an average of just one cup a year. .

How Your Restaurant Can Survive the Valentine’s Day Dinner Rush


Valentine’s Day is both a day to look forward to and a day to dread (as a restaurant manager, that is). Yes, more diners mean more income–which is always a good thing. But it also means more stress for your team as you try to deal with the Valentine’s Day dinner rush.

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Top 3 Essential KPIs for Ice Cream Shops


Any food service operator, including small- to medium-sized restaurants, need to measure some key performance indicators (KPIs). The dining industry is vast with many layers, and that makes it a fiercely competitive space.

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Why choosing the right POS system is a top priority


Setting up a business in the hospitality industry comes with a big checklist of things not to forget. In addition to your restaurant’s concept, location and menu, there are a few technical aspects you need to think about, as well. One which certainly cannot be overlooked is the POS system.

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How Web-Based Reporting Tools Empower Restaurant Owners to Make Better Business Decisions

Focus POS

As a restaurant owner or manager, you already know how important the decisions you make about your restaurant are to the overall success of your operations. However, are you making the best decisions, ones that will set you up for success, or are you unsure of how they will affect your restaurant?

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The Positives and Pitfalls of Third-Party Ordering 

Modern Restaurant Management

In 2018, Grubhub reported $5.1 billion in food sales demonstrating a 34 percent increase from the prior year, according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, Uber Eats expected to deliver $10 billion worth of food in 36 countries in 2019.

xtraCHEF Recipe Card: David Witt

Xtra Chef

Explain your role at xtraCHEF. At xtraCHEF, I develop new business relationships and strategies, while helping to guide/develop others to do the same. What did you do before you came xtraCHEF? Hospitality management system sales. I like xtraCHEF much better. What do you love about xtraCHEF?

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How to Get Repeat Customers at Your Restaurant


Repeat customers are so valuable. Not only do regular customers spread the word of your restaurant’s amazing food and service, but for your business, repeat customers are less expensive than new customers. After all, to reach new customers you need to spend time and money to market your restaurant.

8 Restaurants Serving Heart-Shaped Food on Valentine’s Day

Dot It

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone you love them than with food. Luckily for you, the following restaurants are serving up Valentine’s day food specials.

Business Owners Should Never Say This.

50 Mistakes

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Why Restaurant Owners Need SEO to Be Found Online in 2020

Next Restaurants

By Brandon Leibowitz, Contributor. Digital marketing has become universal with almost every business finding ways to use this to their advantage. And restaurants are no exception.