Tue.Oct 13, 2020

10 Best Tips to Increase Average Order Size at Your Restaurant


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Increasing average order size at your restaurant is crucial for improving your bottom line. Especially today, with the limit on seating capacity according to the new color coded reopening plan for California restaurants.


Culinary Cues

Numerous people have asked me, over the past few months, what I think about the future of restaurants in America. Of course, this is a question without scientific studies to back up an answer – this is pure speculation.

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Quality Matters: An Excerpt from ‘Around the Corner to Around the World’

Modern Restaurant Management

Robert Rosenberg served as chief executive officer of Dunkin Donuts from 1963 until his retirement in 1998, growing it from from 100 shops and $10 million in sales when he first became CEO, to 6500 outlets including Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shops and nearly $2.5

21+ Marketing Tips for Multifamily Property Managers in 2020


The multifamily market is becoming more and more competitive as the industry continues to grow and evolve. Every year brings new challenges to the table, and multifamily property managers have to adjust their marketing strategies to adapt to the constant changes.

Food, It Turns Out, Has Little to Do With Why I Love to Travel 


It’s the people that make a place — but these days, human interaction is hard to come by I used to love to travel.

The Case for Digital Disruption in Restaurants (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants have shifted their marketing messaging, channels, and more in the pandemic. They have also relied on digital solutions more than ever.

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20 Best Breweries in Indiana: A Hoosier’s Taproom Guide


Indiana is known for basketball, racing, tenderloins, covered bridges – and recently craft beer. Indiana’s craft beer scene has never been stronger and producing such innovation.

Using Toyota’s 8 Waste Control Methods in Your Restaurant or Cafe

Ken Burgin

Toyota built its world-class success by watching and controlling every step of the manufacturing process, especially waste. It’s very useful to apply the discipline of manufacturing to hospitality – we make things too! Use Toyota’s classification of 8 different types of waste, and discover new ways to cut costs and improve your bottom line. Over-Production: creating more of a product than is needed. The enthusiastic bar staff over-prepare fruit garnishes for the evening.

Waste 65

Bon Appétit Returns to YouTube With a Diverse Group of New Personalities


Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images.

2013 60

"Upcycling" Wine Bottles


20200904_134812.jpg. Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: Many wine bottles are too pretty to throw out. So, enjoy the wine and then get creative with the empty bottle! We all know that packaging is important when trying to get the attention of consumers.

2019 130


Planet Grape

Panelist Liz Thach: Gavi dei Gavi is indeed from higher quality vineyards, but is a designation that is only used by La Scolca. La Scolca is an artisanal winery, which pioneered modern, controlled vinification in stainless steel to preserve the subtle fruit of the Cortese grape.

2019 110

What is Caster Sugar?


Caster Sugar & How to Use It. A type of very finely ground sugar with a texture that lands between the granulated and powdered types, caster sugar goes is also called superfine sugar and baking sugar.

Singapore Air Offer to Eat on a Grounded Plane Sells Out Almost Immediately


Photo: Singapore Airlines. Plus, a second wave of pandemic hoarding, and more news to start your day People are desperate to go anywhere, even if it’s just a grounded airplane.

Halsey’s Deli Case Study: 40% of Orders Now Come via App

App Institute

Halsey’s Deli and Eatery has a history that goes back to 1854. With a track record of adapting to new times, the company recently decided it was time to invest in an app. This resulted in 400 downloads in just six weeks, and now 40% of all orders come through the app. Historic Business Looking.

Michelin Reverses Course, Won’t Issue California Star Ratings This Year


The French tire company’s restaurant guide will take a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic and wildfires [link

2020 74

Ditch Your Hyper-Specific Menu Plan. You Won’t Regret It.


Photo-illustration: Eater. Finding the happy medium between overplanning and underplanning involves a… new kind of plan When the pandemic started, I made a weekly menu and stuck to it with religious fervor. Every Monday we had the same pasta; every Thursday, the same pizza.

Everything We’ve Written About That’s on Sale for Amazon Prime Day


Watch this space for the best deals on cooking appliances and more Amazon Prime Day is here, and in typical Amazon fashion, it’s not just a day. This year, deals are running Tuesday and Wednesday, and sometimes only for a few hours on either day.

Tune In Now for a Conversation About Who Gets to Cook What


Andrea D’Agosto. Join a lively panel talk about representation in food today with some of the industry’s foremost voices [link

Food 53