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Why Restaurants are Rapidly Embracing Contactless Payments – and What You Need to Do

Restaurant Technology Guys

The trend toward embracing contactless payments in restaurant technology already appeared unstoppable even before the onset of COVID-19. The post Why Restaurants are Rapidly Embracing Contactless Payments – and What You Need to Do appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Picking Up Curbside: How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Curbside Service and Why It’s Here to Stay

Modern Restaurant Management

How do we love thee, curbside pick-up? Let us count the ways. There’s the table-wedged-in-the-doorway approach, where one brave soul in full PPE hands off an order over a barricade of restaurant furniture.

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7 Tips for Maintaining PCI Compliance for Restaurants


New technology tools in the restaurant industry present new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations. However, this boom in technology also comes with security and hacking risks, especially in payment processing.

Restaurants Need to Open the Digital Door Wide (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

It's tech talk on this week's episode of The Main Course as host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia, speaks with Brad Duea , Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Revolution Technologies , about the role technology will play in restaurant industry recovery.

Reconnecting with Customers

Future Food

Image via The Street. Reconnecting with Customers Building Loyalty and Maximising Sales by leveraging unique Points of Difference (PODs).

Michelin Announces 2020 Stars for Guangzhou


Lingnan House, which debuts in the Michelin guide with one star | Lingnan House [official]. There’s a new two-star restaurant in the Chinese city Amid restaurant awards confusion elsewhere in the world, the Michelin guide carries on.

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10 Best WordPress Themes For Feminine Blogs

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If you’re thinking of starting a women’s blog, we’ve found the best WordPress themes for feminine blogs to get you started. Starting a blog is really a lot easier than seems nowadays. Don’t know much about coding? It’s not necessary.

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Trust Me, You Need a Pen Pal for Snacks


Vikramvisu /Shutterstock.

Semolina Flour Uses, Benefits & Substitutes


What is Semolina? To untrained ears, semolina may sound like an Italian dish – and the word is Italian, but you won’t find it on the menu paired with marinara and cheese. It has etymological roots in the Italian word semolino , which evolved from the Latin word for flour, simila. Though it may sound exotic, semolina is the coarse, pale yellow flour used to create pasta and other meals around the world. What is Semolina Made of?

DoorDash and Postmates Pay Out More Than $350,000 to Seattle Gig Workers Due to Hazard Pay Law


Both companies conducted voluntary audits around compliance with the new mandate [link

Welcome to the CandyBar blog!

Candy Bar

CandyBar is a customer engagement solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores, by the team at ReferralCandy. Check out the latest features we’ve been coming up with to help you delight your customers!) […]. The post Welcome to the CandyBar blog! appeared first on CandyBar.co SMB Tips & Tricks

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Bintimani Is a Pillar in Boston’s West African Dining Scene. Now It’s Facing Eviction.



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Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Climate and Agriculture?


Drew Angerer/Getty Images. The Democratic presidential candidate supports a zero-emissions goal for ag and wants to incentivize carbon markets, but his platform makes no mention of animal agriculture or organic farming This story was originally published on Civil Eats.

Fruit Salad Is the Low-Energy Meal of 2020


Ale02 /Shutterstock. We’re all tired of cooking. Just cut up some fruit and call it a day. It feels like the 4,000th day of March, and it’s 95 degrees out. I’m standing in line at my local grocery store, six feet away from the next person, slowly melting.

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Coca-Cola Continues to Flatten Topo Chico’s Sparkling Appeal With New Hard Seltzer


Photo: Coca-Cola. Plus, another look at the upcoming season of “The Great British Bake Off,” and more news to start your day Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is hitting U.S. shelves in the first half of 2021. Coca-Cola is gearing up to launch its first hard seltzer in the U.S., CNBC reports.

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Years-Long Mission Chinese Leadership Conflict Is Back in the Spotlight After New Allegations Surface